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Sitecore delivers a digital experience platform that empowers the world’s smartest brands to build lifelong relationships with their customers. A highly decorated industry leader, Sitecore is the only company bringing together content, commerce, and data into one connected platform that delivers millions of digital experiences every day. Leading companies including American Express, ASOS, Carnival Cruise Lines, Kimberly-Clark, L’Oréal and Volvo Cars rely on Sitecore to provide more engaging, personalized experiences for their customers. Learn more at

 Press Releases

  • San Francisco, Oct. 7, 2021 - Sitecore®, the global leader in digital experience management software has been positioned as a Leader in The Forrester New Wave: Marketplace Development Platforms, Q4 2021 report by Forrester, a leading global market research company.  

    The Forrester report compares marketplace development platforms to help businesses take advantage of this emerging market to increase revenue, sharing that “More businesses are capturing new revenue from rolling out their first-generation marketplaces — and their enthusiasm is palpable."

    The report cites Sitecore’s “strong architecture and pricing and fee schedule capabilities,” and declared it “the best fit for franchise operations.” The report also noted, “Customers like its flexibility and how it’s improved its operational efficiency...”

    “At Sitecore, we are committed to innovate on top of the most flexible and customized platform available,” said CEO Steve Tzikakis. “In Sitecore® OrderCloud®, we saw an opportunity to incorporate best-of-breed, cloud-native headless commerce and order management as part of our digital experience platform. It’s an honor to be recognized as a leader in a future-looking evaluation like the Forrester New Wave.” 

    The Forrester New Wave: Marketplace Development Platforms Q4 2021 report evaluated the 14 most significant providers in the category, under its New Wave methodology for emerging markets.

    See the press release on

  • San Francisco, Nov. 16, 2021– The once-blinding shine of Black Friday is dimming for U.S. consumers as nearly one-third will not shop at all on that day. Of those planning to shop Black Friday, most intend to shop only online according to Sitecore’s Holiday Shopping Trends 2021 Report. This could be because 20% no longer believe the event offers good deals and the fact that the majority (71%) will have already started buying Christmas gifts by Black Friday. Only 11% said they will kick-off their holiday shopping during the event.

    “The role that Black Friday plays in the lead up to Christmas in the U.S. is waning. With brands fighting harder than ever to differentiate their offers, there must now be a bigger focus on providing online, personalized experiences that are unique to a brand, rather than just flash sales,” said Paige O’Neill, Sitecore CMO. “We know customer expectations have never been higher, and while there is still a place for deals, brands should focus on earning loyalty through an intimate understanding of buyer motivations. Personalized content, offers, and experiences will help create the relationships that are lasting and will increase sales.”

    Consumers don’t want to face the crowds or over-consume

    With 18 months of social distancing and rising infection numbers, it is no surprise that U.S. consumers cite avoiding crowds (58% of respondents) as one of the top three reasons to not shop on Black Friday. Only 17% plan to shop in person on Black Friday at national stores and just 10% plan to shop in person at local businesses.

    The fact that the event is now associated with over-consumption (30%) and is becoming outdated could also be hampering interest.

    Finally, shoppers have different priorities for Christmas this year. After suffering through the pandemic without much time with loved ones, many are ready to make up for lost time this holiday season. Nearly three-fourths (71%) say they would prefer experience-based gifts over “more stuff” and 63% want the gifts they do buy to mean something or have a story behind them, which may nudge them more toward local retailers versus “one-stop shops.”

    Online brands can still triumph on Black Friday

    The majority of those choosing to shop Black Friday this year will be online (43%), which offers brands an opportunity to meet customer expectations for both Black Friday-worthy deals and exceptional customer experiences.

    Consumers believe that deals offered on Black Friday are often no better than sales offered throughout the year. However, those choosing to shop on Black Friday will still be on the hunt for discounts and deals. When online shopping this holiday season, early discounts and deals were cited as the most important buying factor for 67% of survey respondents. The next most important was exclusive pre-sale deals for loyal customers, valued by nearly half of consumers (43%). These shoppers believe their loyalty means not having to wait in line for a 6 a.m. Black Friday deal; they feel their “spot” is saved because of their dedication to certain retailers.

    Personalization is key to true brand success, with the right product offered at the right time. Nearly one-third (30%) want personalized suggestions from their favorite brands this holiday season.

    Ethical gift giving is top of consumers’ minds

    Amazon may still rule the shopping scene, but U.S. consumers are more focused on shopping local and from independent retailers. Sixty percent of those surveyed said they’ll avoid big-box stores in deference to independent retailers, and slightly more (63%) are willing to pay more for locally made gifts.

    Young shoppers are especially interested in retailers that offer more Black- and minority-owner products and services (76%). Overall, two-thirds of all U.S. consumers want such products but only 28% see Black- and minority-owner products and services while shopping.

    Earlier this year Sitecore published insights relating to how this Christmas is make-or-break for brands and their showrooms, as well as how much U.S. consumers are looking forward to the holiday season. The full data is available in the Holiday Shopping Trends 2021 Report.

    About Sitecore’s Holiday Shopping Trends 2021 Report

    Sitecore commissioned Advanis to conduct a survey among consumers and digital marketers, reflecting the attitudes and priorities for this year’s Christmas season. The study polled 1,000 U.S. consumers and 400 U.S. marketers.

  • San Francisco, Oct. 5, 2021– Today, Sitecore®, the global leader in digital experience platform software, announces Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud – the first entirely cloud-native CMS offering the design flexibility, integration-friendliness, and authoring experience for business users to create and deliver personalized digital experiences. With this new addition to the Sitecore Digital Experience Platform (DXP), Sitecore offers the first SaaS offering of its kind that reimagines how content, experience orchestration, commerce and analytics support modern enterprises. The company also announces a range of new product updates that integrate recent acquisitions, and the launch of a subscription-based learning resource.

    The launch comes at a crucial time for brands looking to deepen customer engagement, maintain digital customers gained during the pandemic and elevate their digital presence. The new products and services, announced at Sitecore Symposium, solve the industry-wide challenge of marketing during ever-evolving consumer digital behaviors.

    Sitecore’s new SaaS DXP, which is available for customers from today in most regions globally, is built on a composable architecture, so end users can buy best-of-breed products or an integrated platform that scales to support high volume content, visitor, and data processing needs. The composable approach enables brands to capitalize on Sitecore’s 1,200+ strong partner ecosystem, extensive developer network, and deep-rooted expertise in helping enterprise businesses manage and enhance the customer experience across all industries and regions.

    This new direction for Sitecore confirms its ambitious growth plans announced earlier this year when the company secured a $1.2 billion investment – the largest-ever capital investment in the martech space, which spurred the acquisitions of BoxeverFour51Moosend and Reflektion.

    For the first time, brands can take a modular approach to achieving their digital experience goals as Sitecore has integrated its portfolio via a composable architecture in the cloud. Customers can now configure and connect products through APIs as needed to gain faster time to value and have the ability to flex their creativity to create differentiation in the market faster than the competition. With microservices-based, cloud-native technology, the option to scale up or down, and quickly change content across different channels is possible.

    Steve Tzikakis, Sitecore CEO said: “Today’s announcement confirms our ambition to disrupt the market and help brands stay ahead with cutting-edge technology. Our recent acquisitions have been fundamental to building the most advanced composable platform available today, something we see as the future of DXP. Customer expectations are everchanging, so it is essential brands are empowered to work in real-time, adapting experiences to keep up with the demand. We’re supporting them with the technology to make this possible. By bringing our portfolio together in the cloud, brands can achieve this and enjoy a truly integrated, flexible and scalable platform – delivering personalized experiences for their customers, whatever the channel.”

    Below you can find a list of updates to Sitecore’s offering:

    Sitecore Discover

    Following the acquisition of Reflektion in September, Sitecore Discover is the only solution on the market that integrates search with marketing and commerce capabilities.

    With 93% of all online experiences starting with search, this is an essential update empowering brands to offer end-to-end, personalized experiences using AI-powered technology that understands and predicts customer patterns, context, and needs.

    Sitecore Personalize

    Sitecore today announces its new SaaS Personalization Engine powered by technology from the company’s Boxever acquisition. Sitecore Personalize allows brands to experiment and be agile to customers’ evolving digital behaviors. The AI-based technology empowers digital leaders to deliver next-level, real-time experiences, optimize their conversion funnels, and engage customers with relevant content and offers.

    Sitecore Health Cloud

    Sitecore Health Cloud is an offering of Sitecore Experience Platform in Microsoft Azure that caters to the specific intricacies of the U.S. healthcare market. The technology, which is scheduled to be HIPAA ready in Spring 2022, will empower providers to offer engaging and personalized patient experiences using data, delivering great healthcare services in a secure and compliant manner.

    Sitecore Learning

    Sitecore also announces three new tiered learning subscriptions – Essentials, Professionals, and Advanced – to help more professionals across the industry become Sitecore certified. Created to meet the demand for education that matches the speed of Sitecore’s DXP updates and additions, the resource will enable users to learn about products from online courses and instructor-led tutorials. They will also allow professionals to learn about other Sitecore products, opening up possibilities to expand and enhance their capabilities, and address the challenge of siloed teams. To find out more about Sitecore’s learning resource visit:

    To find out more about latest product updates visit

  • Sitecore has a long-tenured relationship with Microsoft spanning two decades. Together, we’ve helped customers navigate the very early days of creating an initial web presence through to the current era of digital maturity, enabling organizations to deliver highly personalized experiences at scale. Today, we can reveal some exciting developments that highlight our successful collaboration and further extend our relationship, cementing our leadership in enabling customers to tap into the power of data and content to power digital experiences.

    We are thrilled to be recognized as Microsoft’s Global Retail and Consumer Goods Partner of the Year. Winning this award reflects the innovation and excellence we’ve delivered for customers utilizing Microsoft’s technology. Sitecore is one of over 4,400 partners across more than 100 countries that Microsoft works with, so this commendation as the premier partner in the retail sector is a significant achievement.

    With retail success increasingly dependent on digital channels, delivering a personalized omnichannel experience is critical to surviving the retail apocalypse. As a result, many brands including L’OréalPet Supplies Plus, and Subway have turned to Sitecore to harness insights across the customer journey to help drive up conversion rates and ensure a connected, engaging digital experience. Our shared vision with Microsoft is to enable retailers to navigate a digital-first world where the customer journey is multi-channel and complex and delivering personalized content at scale is vital.

    This award is further recognition of how we’re helping retail customers thrive by addressing their critical digital transformation challenges. We will continue to work with Microsoft to keep pushing the boundaries of innovation in pursuit of delivering compelling and profitable digital experiences.

    Expanding our relationship

    In addition to the award, Sitecore today announces an extension to our long-standing collaboration by integrating with Microsoft Dynamics 365. This integration will help customers unlock the full power of their data and content to revolutionize the customer experience.

    Sitecore has worked with Microsoft hosting our SaaS and PaaS offerings in the Azure cloud. Now, our rich content and personalized experience capabilities will be part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem. This integration will enable us to work with customers to solve more of the strategic challenges they face as they digitally transform and look to capitalize on the online experience.

    The integration of Dynamics 365 frictionless commerce solutions with Sitecore's world-class content tools brings together two trusted platforms built on the Microsoft cloud. The integration will provide users with one interface making it easier and quicker to manage content delivery into personalized commerce and digital properties.

    The сustomer advantage

    • Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers will soon have access to Sitecore’s innovative content and experience tools as they digitally transform. In turn, Sitecore customers will have an expanded range of data and commerce tools from Microsoft.
    • Rather than undertaking a complex and often time-consuming integration, customers will be able to connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce and the Sitecore Content Hub making it easy to deliver a personalized experience. This saves time and will drive up conversion rates.
    • The integration will allow customers to further unlock the insights from their data into experiences. The auto-personalization already in Sitecore AI ensures customers rely on predictive insights rather than guesswork to automate the operation and production of content. Sitecore’s integration with Dynamics 365 increases efficiency enabling users to connect with a broader audience, enhancing the overall customer experience.

    Stronger together

    As competition continues to intensify, the ability to deliver personalization at scale is the key to winning and retaining customers in a digital-first world. By expanding our collaboration with Microsoft, all our customers and partners will be able to thrive and future-proof their business. Find out more about how Sitecore and Microsoft are changing the digital experience landscape.


  • Sitecore OrderCloud
    Built as a cloud-based, API-first, headless ecommerce platform, Sitecore® OrderCloud® offers nearly limitless customizations and endless freedom for growth. Wherever your business needs to go tomorrow, you'll be ready to lead the way....

  • What should an enterprise look for when choosing a B2B ecommerce platform? The key is to choose a platform built with modern architectures such as APIs and microservices and with flexibility and extensibility at its core. Sitecore® OrderCloud® modernizes ecommerce and gives enterprises a future-proof way of building an ever-growing portfolio of new digital experiences. 

    Learn more at

  • Sitecore Discover
    Empower your commerce business by adding individualized search and merchandising capabilities. Deliver a 1:1 shopping experience with tailored search results and recommendations driven by AI in real time....

  • A new, advanced approach to search and merchandising

    • Deliver real-time search experiences tailored for individual visitors
    • Increase customer engagement to drive higher revenue
    • Provide frictionless customer journeys with personalized search results
    • Strengthen merchandising strategies with search analytics
    • Customize global and local search and merchandising rules

  • Sitecore CDP
    Transform marketing efforts into intelligent experiences that acquire, serve, and retain customers by using Sitecore CDP to capture, unify, and activate omnichannel customer data....

  • Sitecore CDP is a real-time Customer Data Platform. It creates a unified source of visitor and customer intelligence for your digital ecosystem. Sitecore CDP consumes and activates behavioral data from all channels including web, mobile, app, contact center and email. Behavioral data is blended with enterprise customer data to surface insights and power targeting, segmentation and audience delivery to your marketing, commerce and CX tech stack.
  • Sitecore Experience Platform
    Sitecore Experience Platform™ (XP) combines customer data, analytics, AI, and marketing automation capabilities to nurture customers throughout their journey with personalized content in real-time, across any channel....

  • Like most marketers, you have lots of data but wish you could do more with it to personalize each customer experience.The Sitecore Experience Platform provides comprehensive digital marketing tools, a holistic view of customer data, and machine learning-generated insights to personalize experiences across channels.

    It delivers these powerful capabilities:

    • Versatile digital marketing: Market-leading Sitecore XP provides the freedom, flexibility, and speed to engage customers
    • Rich data, smart insights: Collect and connect real-time customer data and interactions from omnichannel engagement, campaigns, and third-party systems for actionable insights
    • Omnichannel distribution: Reach today’s key channels plus the channels of tomorrow—like AR and IoT—with headless without losing personalization data
    • Seamless integrations with Sitecore Experience Commerce® and Sitecore Content Hub™, for control over the entire marketing lifecycle aligning with the entire customer lifecycle