Axonify Inc

Waterloo,  ON 
  • Booth: 1227

Axonify is a modern training and communications solution for frontline employees that actually works. Why does it work so well? Because the experience is fun, fast, personalized and designed to make critical information stick. And employees love it—83% of users log in 2-3 times a week, which translates into meaningful behavior change that drives business results. More than 200 customers in 155+ countries around the world, including Walmart, Kroger, Levi's, Bloomingdale’s and Merck, trust Axonify to fuel their people's performance to keep pace with their business.


  • Axonify Train
    The fastest way to train your frontline team

  • The traditional corporate LMS will never be an effective way to train your frontline employees. So, we’ve taken out the parts that you don’t need and custom-built a streamlined solution that fits into their workflow. Axonify Train is an LMS that cuts through the noise to quickly onboard your frontline teams with must-have knowledge that gets them contributing faster and providing excellent customer experiences. And since they feel well supported from day one, they’re more likely to stay with you longer.

  • Axonify Reinforce
    Build the most confident, high-performing frontline team with continuous learning that sticks...

  • Axonify Reinforce teaches your people the top things you need them to know, using focused, bite-sized bursts of information and other techniques proven by science to make learning memorable. Sustain frontline knowledge and confidence with spaced repetition and personalized microlearning content that helps your team remember what they need to know, from onboarding and beyond.
  • Axonify Communicate
    The most personalized, engaging and collaborative way to communicate with your frontline...

  • Your business flows through your frontline employees. They set the pace of productivity, follow safety protocols and send your customers off smiling. Enabling communication between your frontline and HQ equips you with insights to build a united workforce of highly engaged employees who work together to bring your brand promises to life in the most delightful ways.