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“How do we engage with our customers?”

This is the fundamental question that successful retailers need to ask themselves each and every day. If you don’t yet have an answer to this question or are not satisfied with your answer, stop by to hear how other successful retailers are doing it.

Engaging with your customers is more than sending them an email or text. It is knowing your customers and understanding their preferences. Learn how our integrated suite of solutions can help you better identify, understand and engage with your customers.

Accuvia Software Group is a software company that is passionate about helping retailers engage with their consumers. At the end of the day, our job is to help you answer the question specifically for your business.

How do you engage with your customers?


  • VIA|store
    Advanced store system platform including point of sale, mobile POS, and central office solutions...

  • VIA|store is an advanced, feature-rich POS platform that provides an advanced set of functions for the general retail environment. The VIA|store Suite includes both an advanced Windows-based POS application and full function iOS POS application that can be used in any combination to give you the most flexibility to operate your stores and grow with your business.

    The VIA|store solution is designed to be scalable and adaptable to handle the requirements of the business both today and in the future. Our advanced solution architecture gives you an option for cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid environment for rapid deployment to your stores with very low infrastructure and overhead.

    Our solution is installed in thousands of store locations throughout the US and Canada. Major retailers trust our solution to run their stores and service their customers.

  • VIA|central office
    An advanced solution for real-time in-store analytics and reporting...

  • Making business decisions is strongly tied to the analysis of the data and reports in an organization. Although data experts can easily make sense of technical metrics, it is generally difficult for decision-makers. VIA|central office is a solution to help close the gap between decision-makers and data analysis.

    VIA|central office is a cloud-based hub for all store operations, data, and insights. While it provides the organizations with real-time data and allows easy remote access, users can have personalized access to the data based on their roles and job function.

    All the store operation’s data such as POS, loyalty, marketing, traffic, OMS, eCommerce, finance, and inventory feed their data into this system. VIA|central office collects and investigates business data and converts it into dashboards, charts, and visualization to make trends in results easier to spot.

    This solution is a comprehensive tool that provides insights about customers, merchandise, store operation, and sales and is the single destination for users’ data information. This platform can run on organizations’ own servers or can be deployed in either a public or private cloud environment.

  • VIA|loyalty
    Enterprise loyalty solution including a cloud-based customer data platform with rewards engine...

  • VIA|loyalty is an advanced solution to deploy and maintain customer loyalty programs, and it is a comprehensive tool for organizations to build a strong relationship with their customers. Using this software solution, organizations can provide a convenient, personalized, relevant, and beneficial experience for their shoppers and increase their engagement.

    Our loyalty solution software is innovative and flexible to any organization’s business model. The focus is to create a relevant customer rewards/awards program to respond to the needs of an ever-changing customer base as well as helping marketers to forecast future customer behaviors better.