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StorIQ is a task management and retail operations platform. We bring together store communications, task management, visual merchandising compliance and store visits in one easy to use app.

With 2-way comms and task management, we provide a transformational level of visibility. By combining compliance reporting, organised photos, and a store visit app for Area Managers, StorIQ can increase productivity in stores, in your retail operations team and for your Area Managers.

Ultimately, we help our customers drive sales by improving in-store execution.


  • StorIQ *NEW* Activity Planning
    Close the loop between retail operations and workforce management. With innovative new tools to match labor to in-store tasks, you can feed accurate data into your labor planning and scheduling....

  • Join up your head office and store teams by coordinating activity planning across the business. Schedule and manage projects, trading plans and other operational activity – with the associated store level tasks and actions - to give store managers the visibility they need to manage their teams effectively.

    When you allocate store labor to your operational activity and task management workflow; you can quantity the cost of this activity, enabling you to accurately plan and track your labor budget through the year.  If you have a workforce management system, you can take it one stop further and integrate operational labor data from StorIQ, removing the guesswork and creating accurate, robust schedules that truly reflect store workload.

    StorIQ’s innovative real-time reporting tools make it easy to visualise the cost of your trading and operational activity – even across the largest store estates – giving you the information you need to take control of your in-store labor costs.

  • StorIQ: Retail Task Management
    StorIQ brings together a store’s tasks into one place and make it simple to prioritise their workload. Management teams know that everything that needs to be done is done – and problems can be easily followed up and resolved....

  • Whether it’s a product recall, a promotional launch or a follow up task from a district manager visit, you can keep track of task compliance in every store. Empower store teams with tools they need to prioritise workload, ask for help and receive feedback quickly and efficiently.

    By embedding two-way communication to and from stores, StorIQ gives store teams the power to create their own tasks, for colleagues or themselves. If something is broken in store or they need help, they can ask for support from central operations or a head office team, and they can track what’s been done.

    Get full visibility of tasking in your retail business for a more productive workforce. With StorIQ central teams have access to a wide range of compliance reporting and they can track completion rates and manage exceptions to drive productivity in store.

    We bring the detail together, driving retail productivity to save time, protect margin and reduce cost.

  • StorIQ Academy LMS: Mobile Learning & Engagement
    Transform the way you train your team with StorIQ Academy – a modern, intuitive retail LMS that will revolutionise the way you educate and engage your team....

  • Whether you’re onboarding new employees, embedding progression learning, or building out learning that is engaging and fun to complete, be confident your store teams have the learning and development tools they need to become better salespeople.

    The flexible format of StorIQ Academy means you can create visual, engaging courses and quizzes – quickly and easily. Assign courses to the relevant employee groups so users can only see the courses that are relevant to them.

    Automated user management keeps admin to a minimum and allows store managers to add new team members on their first day, so they can immediately begin training.

    Integrate social features and gamification by enabling employee progression journeys, awarding progress badges to users, and unlocking new learning content.

    All the training data integrates into StorIQ, so you can track and manage learning data alongside StorIQ’s powerful operations metrics.

    Save time, increase store & employee standards and reduce staff turnover.

  • StorIQ: Store Audits
    The StorIQ Audit app for District Managers makes it easy to plan and carry out store visits. Collate audit feedback in head office and get a detailed insight into operational metrics at store and field team level....

  • StorIQ brings together all the tools a district manager needs to complete a store visit in one easy to use app, with the ability to add tasks, upload photos of stores and follow up on feedback. Audit template set up is flexible, with different structures, weightings, and question styles to choose from.

    The StorIQ Audit app works alongside StorIQ’s store compliance tools. StorIQ checklists are a great way to support repeated checks across stores within a required timeframe, from opening and closing walkthroughs to health and safety checks.

    StorIQ reports on compliance and exceptions, so District Managers can be confident that stores are completing their checks and can quickly manage any exceptions.

    In-built predictive tasking and in-depth reporting helps drive field team productivity. For head office teams, store reviews are held in the system, making it easy to track activity and store performance.

  • StorIQ: Store Communications
    Send the right information to the right store, at the right time; with clear and targeted operational communications. StorIQ’s intuitive layout, and flexible set up means you can cascade information easily and effectively....

  • From company news to urgent actions, StorIQ handles all communications and presents them to stores in a smart and considered way – because retail’s not just about a list of tasks, it’s about context. Stores can easily find what they need, when they need it – rather than searching an intranet or asking you to clarify.

    Whether you’re looking to get your team excited about a new product launch, or want to instil your brand values, the StorIQ platform can help you engage and inspire your team. Post videos, create blog-style news updates and get feedback from your teams with surveys.

    Flexible, templated communications make it easier than ever to engage and inspire your teams.

    Set up structured two-way communication and photo sharing with the StorIQ communication tools to improve brand standards across your entire store portfolio, and gain a transformational level of visibility with StorIQ’s tools for visual merchandising execution and brand compliance.