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STRATACACHE delivers full in-store digital solutions and exceptional customer experiences, helping retailers increase engagement and solve challenges. Using our full scope of in-house hardware, software and services, we're creating smarter stores, helping retailers improve efficiency and deliver personalization. Our in-store digital solutions make product discovery, checkout and pickup simple, impactful and relevant for every customer. Using mature, proven technology, including smart sensors, AI, computer visualization and data, we partner with you to create ways that make the most out of customers’ time spent in the store in areas such as BOPIS, in-aisle and checkout solutions and pick up/dwell time smart signage. Our in-store analytics solutions uses sensor technology to deliver a data-driven view of the customers in-store journey enabling retailers to pinpoint impactful changes that will drive consumer actions and increase sales.


  • Walkbase TREQ
    The Walkbase TREQ platform is a powerful tool that captures and analyses data from all customer interactions under one comprehensive solution....

  • The Walkbase TREQ platform consists of four modules, each to measure a specific customer movement to tell a complete story.  The four components are Occupancy, Queue Analytics, Merchandising and Traffic. Numbers alone do not tell the whole story.  To gain real insights, the data must be presented in a meaningful way, which includes multiple data points and metrics to clearly show tangible ways you can make impactful changes.
  • LINQ Smart Shelf Edge Display Solutions
    Elevate the in-aisle and end cap engagement with Smart Shelf digital displays and improve the pick-up experience with Smart Pick-up using scanning and sensor technology to clearly communicate with the customer throughout the process....

  • Featuring full HD or 4K resolution and up to 500 nits brightness, the displays attract attention from practically every viewing position. Designed for continuous commercial use, the displays can be powered by DC or Power over Ethernet (PoE), eliminating the need for battery power. Optional accessories include a camera, barcode scanner, or mobile sensor to deliver personalized experiences. LINQ all-in-one shelf edge delivers digital signage content that captures the attention of customers and creates a memorable experience across a wide variety of use cases in retail, grocery, and additional consumer facing digital signage markets in a variety of interactive experiences.

  • Assisted Selling Kiosk (ASK)
    STRATACACHE’s Assisted Selling Kiosk (ASK) is an interactive fixture that engages with the shopper in a personalized, interactive experience at the point of purchase....

  • The wait for a store employee to answer questions about a product is coming to an end. Assisted Selling Kiosk (ASK) is a smart fixture with the ability to educate and entertain the customer including access to physical or virtual associates to answer product questions on demand. The reality facing many stores today is that there aren’t enough employees staffed to be able to answer every question in a timely manner, which creates a poor customer experience.  ASK utilizes multiple technologies such as touch screen shelf edge displays, barcode scanners, weight sensors, peer-to-peer video chat capabilities for personalized engagements with the customer to influence the decision making process. 
  • LINQ Tablets
    LINQ all-in-one intelligent tablets combine powerful performance with a slim form factor from 11.6” to 55” to deliver powerful interactive digital experiences....

  • Durable and designed to withstand continuous commercial use, the all-in-one tablets are ideal for fixed applications such as digital signage, self-service kiosks and interactive guided selling solutions. Deliver highly personalized experiences in any active, high volume environment. Equipped with a front-facing camera and integrated sensors, the screens enable consumer detection and identify demographics, allowing you to tailor digital experiences to your current audience. An integrated, robust content management platform rounds out the LINQ full solution, providing media scheduling and application, content and device management across diverse locations.
  • Digital Signage
    STRATACACHE provides a full suite of digital signage services that allow you to create, manage and display digital content across multiple locations and networks....

  • STRATACACHE offers comprehensive digital signage solutions that includes hardware, software and managed services. The goal is to help you build strong customer experiences indoor and outdoor with digital merchandising strategies that are attention-grabbing, reliable and scalable. They are durable and rugged, built for 24/7 operation in any environment and modular in design for quick servicing and maintenance.  Digital signage can be enhanced with sensor technology for smarter signage and predictive monitoring, providing analytics and data about your customers and their actions so you can create dynamic campaigns and personalized messages that will build brand loyalty.