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Bangalore,  Karnataka 
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Stylumia is an AI-powered Fashion Forecasting technology company enabling Fashion, Sports, Lifestyle & Home Brands and Retailers to predict product trends, predict demand, optimize price and promotions to grow revenue & profit, and reduce capital employed. We are a B2B SaaS platform eliminating guesswork from product decisions in the Fashion, Sports, Lifestyle & Home Brands, and Retailers globally to make the planet sustainable for the generations to come through Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and proprietary prediction models. Stylumia has over 100 clients from medium size to fortune 100 companies.

Stylumia has been recognized as one of the six circular change-makers by United Nations, H&M Innovations, and Intellicap for making a significant contribution to sustainability.


  • Consumer Intelligence Tool (CIT)
    World's most accurate AI-driven Consumer Intelligence Tool for fashion forecasting for consumer-right assortment planning....

  • Busting The Myth Behind Fashion Forecasting

    Fashion forecasting is led by expert opinion and subjective market research for years, uses supply data instead of demand data. Stylumia’s Consumer Intelligence Tool (CIT) analyses consumer demand data using proprietary AI-powered Demand Sensing™ algorithms. We look at availability, sales velocity, and clustering at the color size level.

    We analyze millions of consumer reviews to define consumer likes and dislikes. We cover brands, retailers, and runways, relevant to our partner brand and prepare a customized fashion forecast. The tool maps new product introductions, pricing and discount movement, market positioning, promotional offers, and daily information on bestsellers and laggards across the competition. Consumer Intelligence Tool can instantly determine consumer buying behavior across markets, geographical regions, fashion retailers/brands, categories, and styles/colors – enabled by our Demand Science™ engine.

  • Apollo
    Stylumia's Apollo is the world's 1st hyper-accurate true demand planning tool with advanced predictive analytics using proprietary ML models....

  • Predict True Demand And Get It Right Every Time

    Prevailing demand planning methods are supply-focused (what’s in the market already). They are conventional consumer research-based models or at best, analyses of textual attributes. Stylumia's Apollo predicts consumer demand trends using award-winning AI and ML Demand Science™ predictive analytics.

    Predict relative consumer demand potential at the prototype stage itself to choose relevant styles for future yet-to-be-launched ranges. Get accurate True Demand™ insights on the 'next big' market trends, with an easy-to-use dashboard that can be customized.

    Optimize pricing, promotions, and inventory. Maximize sales velocity, revenue, and profit. No style is a poor performer if bought in the right quantity at the right time. Predict absolute price demand at various levels of distribution channels geographically. Avoid over-buy (inventory leftovers) and under-buy (lost sales opportunities).

    Apollo has demonstrated a best in the class increase in forecast accuracy of anywhere between 20% and 40% from the current baseline with our clients. This effect creates an opportunity to double your profits.

  • Store.Y
    Stylumia's Store.Y delivers the right products & quantity through hyper-localized distribution planning using a proprietary consumer taste model....

  • Get Your Store Inventory Allocation Hyper-Localized

    Distribution planning and inventory optimization using existing solutions aren't enough because they fall short in sensing consumer taste and demand trends at a local level. Using visual intelligence, Stylumia'a Store.Y optimizes inventory into hyper-localized assortments based on future demand, segmented at city/store level.

    True Demand™ driven distribution planning predicts demand even for unseen new products and optimizes product allocation in one go. Intelligent inventory allocation and inventory optimization reduce unsold inventory. Demand mapping and assortment planning can be done dynamically. Replace sold-out styles with new ones through Store.Y's advanced inventory optimization feature, maximizing revenue and minimizing lost sales. With a proprietary visual intelligence algorithm, confidently make inventory allocation decisions at the city-store level.

    Inventory optimization is 10X faster through Store.Y.

  • Fashion Intelligence Tool (FIT)
    Stylumia's fashion intelligence tool is a unique fashion analytics solution, easy to use & very actionable, from designers to store managers....

  • Re-Invent Fashion BI

    Existing retail and fashion analytics solutions use spreadsheets as the primary interaction method. Stylumia Fashion Intelligence Tool (FIT), uses computer vision and a simple, intuitive, & visual dashboard to analyze in-season and postseason performance.

    Fashion Intelligence Tool forecasts each style's performance using AI and ML avoiding under-stock and over-stock situations.

    Analyze trends and assortment gaps at the SKU level across different distribution channels. Create an ideal assortment for category, brand, sub-brand, class, & subclass. Measure actual sales revenue, margin performance, sell-through, rate of sale, etc using FIT retail analytics. Implement localized markdown strategies, re-order fast-sellers, replace sold-out styles with similar ones, redistribute or proactively promote slow movers.

    FIT Analyzes historical sales data and combined with market intelligence, creates recommendations as part of buying brief for the coming season.

  • ImaGenie
    Stylumia's ImaGenie is an advanced predictive analytics capability that applies AI ethically to generate design shortlists using a simplified and gamified dashboard that produces create winning ideas with 2X winning probability....

  • Create Winning Ideas With 2X Winning Probability

    Stylumia's ImaGenie is to fashion design what the digital camera and image-filters were to photography, the most innovative game-changing developments in an industry which only saw incremental improvements for decades.

    It is the world’s most accurate predictive design tool, which processes and analyses millions of images and textual attributes of fashion styles across runways, fashion websites, and e-commerce to generate winning designs. ImaGenie is an advanced predictive analytics capability that applies artificial intelligence ethically to generate design shortlists using a simplified and gamified dashboard that produces winning permutations and combinations of design ideas curated to a particular brand/ designer DNA. A fashion designer’s ability to quickly create trend-relevant storyboards and mood boards, determine which design concepts to pursue, and be stimulated by Imagenie’s creations will change the way we look at creation and design in the future.