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Suzhou,  Jiangsu 
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After 25 years of steady development, Ribao Technology has registered trademarks globally. Today, we are proud to serve customers over 55 markets and became a long-term supplier to top 50 banks around the world.

Our products include bill counter, bill sorter, coin counter, coin sorter , coin deposit machine,money detector and other cash handling products.

Continuously seeking for common development with cooperators, Ribao Technology insists on sharing, empowering and supporting market interests to provide continuous protection to our distributors. For 25 years, we've been working with our cooperators both online and offline to reach higher brand value and expanded market.

Our commitment has taken us to a leading manufacturer of cash handling equipment.


  • Mixed value counter BC-55
    The BC-55 is the most intelligent and reliable multi-currency banknote counter that applies two CIS and runs on the Linux system. It supports over 102 currencies....

    • ✅Powerful Function with Excellent performance: Mixed denomination Bill counter machine count and calculate 32 max different currencies at one time count. A breakdown of money counting details including Currency,quantity,value and Amount will be displayed. Serial number of banknotes can be recorded, printed out or output to computer for further tracking.
    • ✅Bank Grade Counterfeit Detection and Authentication: Compared with common UV MG sensor detection, BC-55 applied atest image processing technology and premium althorithm. One pair of high resolution CIS(contact image sensor) scan and detect 2 sides of each counted bill like human eyes, no headache about superdollar, protect your business from loss and provide you with a smooth counting experience.
    • ✅Improved Efficiency with Superior Speed: 3.5 inch Touch screen, User friendly interface, multi-language operation menu help you Plug and play the counter. Classical front loading feeding system, premium friction rubber roller produced in United States, no matter brand new or worn or slight ripped and damaged banknotes can be counted smoothly. The whole passage can be opened completely to do daily clean.
    • ✅Various working modes to satisfy various demand:Mixed money counter boosts your efficiency on cash processing job with following functions: Mixed denomination counting, Multi Currency counting, Auto Currency Recogniza, SDC(manual sorting based on first denomination or currency), CNT(1500pcs/min), ADD, BATCH, Perfect for convenience store, gas station, bank branch, foreign exchange bereau, Jewelry Shop .etc
  • Multi Currency Banknote Counter BC-40
    Value counter with one CIS, support 4 currencies, Auto recognition, multi-currency mix counting...

    • ✅⌈WORKING MODE⌋: Mixed denomination counting(MIX)/single denomination counting(SDC)/Auto Recognition/ Multi-currency mixed counting/ Piece counting/ Batch/ Accumulation. In MIX counting mode, all denominations can be read and counted. Quantity and amount will show at the same time.
    • ✅⌈SMOOTH COUNTING⌋: Classic feeding system, high-quality friction nudge rubber roller produced in the United States, ensure smooth counting for different quality notes, no matter brand new or street quality. ⌈EASY DAILY CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE⌋: Open the passage from the rear side to clean the sensors and remove the jammed notes.
    • ✅ ⌈RELIABLE COUNTERFEIT DETECTION⌋: With UV, Magnetic sensor, Infrared sensor , and CIS, BC-40 provides the most cost-effective solution to protect your business and ensures your efficiency.
    • ✅ ⌈ COMPACT SIZE AND PORTABLE ⌋: 3.5'' TFT touch screen on the front panel with a user-friendly interface. Supports value counting and counterfeit detection for USD, EURO, Canadian dollar, and Mexican peso at the time.
  • Money counter BC-35
    Piece counter with UV MG...

    • ✅ ⌈ HIGH QUALITY & COST-EFFECTIVE ⌋: BC-35 Adopt high-quality feed roller rubber made in the United States, which has a good effect in banknotes feeding; silicon button is comfortable in use and not easy to broke
    • ✅ ⌈ ACCURATE&EFFICIENT&SMOOTH ⌋: Mature classic mechanical platform design, good adaptability to new or worn banknotes, stable and smooth in counting; Large hopper capacity which can hold about 500 banknotes at a time, improve the counting efficiency; 3 speeds are available, Counts 900/1200/1500 bills/min. The running noise is less than 75db, establish a quiet banknote counting environment
    • ✅ ⌈ EASY TO OPERATE AND MAINTAIN ⌋: 3.5inch segment LCD display, which displays amount, quantity, and error code clearly; The whole passage can be opened from the rear side and the degree of opening is close to 90 degrees, which is convenient for internal cleaning and maintenance.
    • ✅ ⌈ THOUGHTFUL DESIGN ⌋: Can be connected with PC, external display, or POS printer optional, convenient for users to output recorded.
  • 6+1 pockets Heavy Duty Coin Sorter CS-600B
    6+1 pockets, mainly sort coins by diameter, no counterfeit detection...

    • Countable coins: Coins diameter within 14-31mm, thickness within 4mm
    • Counting speed: Approx.400-600pcs/min depend on various size of coins counted with low noise. Hopper capacity: approx. 600 coins
    • Easy operation: User friendly interface makes it easy to use even with little or no training
    • Heavy duty: This machine is built to last. Its steel construction makes the machine very heavy duty and robust.
    • Counting Accurately and easy maintenaince: Tile sorting rail makes the counting and sorting very accurate, and it is also very easy for cleaning and maintenance.
  • High speed heavy duty coin counter HCS3300
    High speed heavy duty coin counter with extended hopper...

    • 【 Counting Mode and Counting speed】 There are three counting modes: Continuous Counting Mode, Batch Mode, Accumulation Mode. 2300 coins/min (for coins with a diameter of 15mm and thickness of 1mm)
    • 【 Hopper Capacity】 3600 coins without the hopper extender installed, 12000 coins with the hopper extender installed.
    • 【 User-friendly Key Panel and Easy Maintenance】 The key panel is very easy for customer operation in batch, accumulation counting mode. The front panel can be completely opened to remove any jammed coins and clean the machine.
    • 【 Easy to use】Hang the connector to the coin machines; put paper roller into the tube and put the tube inside the connector, you can then run the machine to start the counting and sorting