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Tellermate is the leading provider and inventor of weight-based money counting devices. Our products range from count-by-weight money counters to enterprise cash management solutions. For over 40 years, we've increased the profitability of businesses by optimizing their cash handling procedures and minimizing associated costs. Our cash counters are in major retailers in 30 countries, and an ROI can be achieved in as little as 6 weeks. Our LiveDrawer solution takes our count-by-weight technology to the next level by adding unmatched visibility to cash management. We work with businesses to first understand their unique cash management needs and then create a solution that best fits their organization, current infrastructure and cash use. Visit Tellermate to learn how you repurpose 30 minutes each day when it comes to counting cash. 

 Press Releases

  • It's common knowledge at this point that global supply chains are struggling to keep up with demand. Retailers are struggling to keep shelves stocked, restaurants are struggling to get food delivered to serve their patrons, and good luck buying a new car or computer!

    If you ask anyone in the know, this has been a long time coming. Federal regulation on truck drivers, combined with market pressures driving salaries down to unnattractive levels has led to the shortage of haulers, even before the pandemic. After scaling back operations during the pandemic, scaling back up in such a short space of time is proving to be quite the challenge.

    The team has worked tirelessly to ensure that have been able to service all of our customers consistently throughout the last 18 months while the supply chain has been pressured. To date, we've been able to continue operating with minimal impact to lead times, but a string of significant orders and long lead-times on certain electrical components has put this under strain. Having worked with our legacy client base and our strong forecast for 2022 and beyond, although lead times are now stretched, we can say with confidence that we won't have any issues meeting the growing needs of our customers. This has been made possible by the hard work of our operations team, and by our commitment to building all of our hardware in-house.

    If you are having difficulties with your current supplier of cash counting equipment, get in touch to see how we can help.


  • T-iX
    Count your cash in under 60 seconds with a Tellermate T-iX...

  • Would you like to save 1 hour a day, in every one of your stores?

    What impact would that have on your bottom line?

    You can do this and more with the Tellermate T-iX!

    The Tellermate T-iX is a simple, fast and accurate cash counting device. It can be used to count both cash and coins using our patented count-by-weight technology. The T-iX comes in a variety of models, tailored to clients needs - Keypads, printers and ethernet connectivity are just some of the additional features you can opt for.

  • Touch
    The most advanced cash counter in the world!...

  • The Tellermate Touch uses the same count by weight technology as our T-iX range, but the touch comes with a 7 inch touchscreen interface and a whole suite of connectivity options.

    Connectivity is important because you can eliminate the risk of any user errors, reduce paper usage and your carbon footprint, and benefit the wider business as well as frontline staff.

    The Touch can connect via ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to a variety of peripherals including recyclers, smart safes, back office PCs and more. It can also send data directly to our cloud application, Touch Viewer, which can feed data directly into your back office systems via a simple API.

    If you need enterprise features and want to futureproof cash handling across your business, then the Tellermate Touch is exactly the solution for you.

  • LiveDrawer
    Never count your cash again!...

  • Eliminate manual cash counting tasks by using a self-counting intelligent cash drawer!

    Tellermate's LiveDrawer is designed to fit into existing furniture to replace traditonal cash drawer, and improves efficiency while eliminating shrink. It does this by automatically counting the cash in the drawer, in real-time, and reconciles after every transaction. This means that there's no need to cash up for shift changes, closing, etc... This typically saves 90 minutes per store, per day.

    The solution reduces cash loss at the point of sale by 98% just by virtue of it being a deterrant, but due to the real-time data feed, you can pin-point cashier errors or theft in seconds. Exception-based reporting and customised dashboards through our LiveDrawer Manager software, enable you to monitor those at a region, store and even cashier level. Furthermore the software gives you a real-time view of the cash moving through your stores, enabling finance teams to have a minute by minute view of cashflow. The denomination breakdown also allows optimisation of CIT processes too!

    If you would like to investigate next generation cash solutions, come and explore LiveDrawer.

  • LiveSafe
    A compact smart safe that sits at the point of sale....

  • LiveSafe is a compact smart safe that sits at the point of sale. 

    It will validate, secure and count any bills inserted into the reader in just a single second. Approved by central banks in a variety of countries, the note reader analyses over 4.8million data points so you can be secure in knowing that no fraudulent notes will be accepted. 

    Securing the cash immediately also removes any risk of internal theft as once the cash is secured inside the safe, it requires no further interaction until banking. The user keys also create an audit trail so that anybody who puts money into, and removes money from a safe, will be logged making investigations quick and easy. Furthermore the robust metal casing and durable mounting hardware minimises the risk of external theft as well.

    Combine all of the security features, with the operational efficiencies derived from closing the loop in the cash cycle instore, makes LiveSafe a valuable proposition for any retailer.