Vayyar Imaging

  • Booth: 565

Vayyar, the global leader in 4D imaging radar, provides solutions that redefine brick-and-mortar retail from the ground up.

Our sensors map and track people and products, presenting actionable data on customizable dashboards for real-time performance monitoring and decision-making to increase sales and efficiency. Think Google Analytics and heatmaps for the real world!

We combine shopper engagement and inventory data to prevent missed sales, improve the supply chain and increase share of wallet for leading store networks and household name brands.

Our sensors offer uniquely high-resolution data and an ultra-wide field of view for maximum coverage in all conditions. The camera-free platform collects no personally identifying information, maintaining privacy at all times.

From identifying hot and cold zones and optimizing conversion funnels to enhancing product placement and testing promotions, Vayyar Retail generates insights that drive peak profitability. Know more. Sell more.