Wisesense Ltd.

Tel Aviv, 
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About WiseSense

WiseSense is an innovative technology company, developing active technology and real-time platform, visualizing valueable business assets for retail, logistics and mobility verticals.


  • Re-Sense solution
    Re-Sense is WiseSense's holistic solution for fashion retail and e-commerce, empowered by an innovative patented Wise-Tag & Release active technology

  • The solution supports: Automatic Live location inventory visibility, Secured Self-shopping, In-store analytics and enhanced e-commerce functionality.

    Solution Features:

    • Controlled Wise-tag release upon payment  
    • Try now – Buy now 
    • Stor-e-tailing 
    • Try @ Home & Pay 
    • Reserve for Me 
    • Self BOPIS 
    • Sense Best Offer 
    • Find me in store 
    • Real time loss alert 
    • In-Store AdSpend analytics 


    • Increase sales 
    • Reduce customer waiting time, cart abandonment, loss & operating costs 
    • Item journey and shelf time analytics 
    • Improve inventory accuracy and security 
    • Optimize store space & e-commerce operational 
    • Enhance omnichannel performance by utilizing real-time item visibility      

    Our technological innovation differentiation

    Unlike existing solutions in the market today, WiseSense’s secured Wise-tags contains connected Active sensing technology, where every item transaction is automatically registered

    Our Smart mechanism controls the release of item tags, so only paid items can be opened, this enables a real Self-Shopping experience and Self-checkout (SCO) using a mobile app or SCO stations without compromising on security.

    No more counting or even periodically scanning items with handled terminal – our Wise-Tags will actively communication their item availability for real-time UpToDate inventory visibility

    Re-sense solution Components: 

    • Wise-tags for in-store & online shopping
    • ID based Re-usable & Long-lasting tags
    • Smart Self-checkout stations
    • Mobile application integration
    • Smart Shelf with product information
    • Online software platform for In-store customer behaviour and e-commerce analysis
    • Enrollment & automatic disenrollment smart surface
    • Easy integration to 3rd party business applications and existing Security systems