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United States
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Walt Disney, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Fossil, Entrepreneur, Insomnia Cookies, Bay Alarm Medical, FreshDirect, Landmark Group, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, and Southwest Airlines are some of our clients, for which we have transformed businesses.


Brainvire is a Digital Enabler and an IT consultancy firm that has fueled Fortune 500 companies and startups. Brainvire is also a proud Odoo Gold Partner, Adobe Commerce Partner (Magento Partner), Microsoft Gold Partner, Salesforce Partner, SAP Gold Partner, and AWS Partner.


Our core expertise lies in Industry 4.0 technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and Blockchain.


Some of the applications built by us have been lauded by the United Nations, and many others have made headlines in the leading news dailies of the US like Forbes, Daily Herald, Yahoo Finance.


Brainvire has a global presence and is recognized as the Company of the Year, the Best eCommerce Development Companies, and Top Mobile App Developer.

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  • AuroCRM
    AuroCRM is a commerce CRM that provides a 360° perspective of the customer, allowing organizations to improve the customer journey....

  • AuroCRM is a Customer Relationship Management Tool for Commerce. This is a proprietary technology developed by Brainvire wire that allows digital transformation of any commerce business quickly and effectively.


    The products bridge the gap between the sales team, accounting team, and marketing team, thus allowing each employee to get a complete 360° view of the customer’s journey. 


    AuroCRM helps businesses build customer relationships by delivering custom user journeys for each customer.


    The tool encompasses features such as email marketing automation, analytics, after-sales customer service automation, Business Intelligence, and surveys to grow sales, reduce the sales cycle and deliver better results on small marketing budgets.


    It is highly customizable, supports voice-based assistance integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and can be easily integrated with APIs like Shopify, SAP, MailChimp, and many more. In a nutshell, it's a complete solution for better sales and customer experience for any commerce business.

  • ControlERP
    ControlERP is an omnichannel ERP solution targeting eCommerce, mCommerce, warehouse, and accounting solutions...

  • Control ERP brings out an omnichannel experience to enterprise’s resource planning. This product allows any business to get a broader view of their entire business supply chain. It is highly automated and reflects real-time data of inventory left versus products sold in each category.


    This product scales along with the customer’s business making it suitable for both small businesses and large enterprises. Added benefits include customer insights that are powered by AI, 3D inventory visibility, and management.


    Extended features of the product like accounting, product planning, sales, POS, invoice management help automate each workflow in individual segments and create a centralized dashboard using which any business owner can make quick decisions.


    Human Resources and Payroll management features of Control ERP further empower the HR department to actively manage the employees and take actionable steps to increase the productivity and quality of employee experience while working with the organization. 


    Control ERP implementation helps any enterprise get better returns on their investment as they can see all the changes taking place at any level through a centralized dashboard. Such live updates help them to swiftly drive the organization towards better performance and growth trajectory without losing track of time.

  • Ezlytix
    Get actionable insights using managed analytics as a solution through Ezlytix...

  • Ezlytix is a Cloud-based Business Intelligence tool that leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide managed Analytics solutions. Currently, when the market is dominated by high-cost-driven Business Analytics tools, Ezlytix is a powerful option for small and medium-sized businesses to get actionable insights about their business operations. The Cloud-based technology it adopts saves the cost of any small business over the installations and relieves them from the dependency of high-end computing power for smooth processing.


    Solutions like Sales and Margin Analytics, Retail Analytics, and Law Firm Analytics provide tailored intelligence for niche industries.


    Sales and Margin Analytics actively helps businesses determine how they can maximize their margins, top-selling products, manage customer relationships, user journey, and the products that are not generating sales at all. The AI-based recommendations systems help businesses reduce friction in their selling process and provide better returns on time and efforts invested.


    Law Firms Analytics is developed keeping in mind the requirements of any legal consultancy and is widely used. With our pre-built KPIs law firms can actively identify their position in the market, map and track their referral sources, optimize the billed hours by attorneys, determine attorney utilization rate, revenue per practice area, outstanding fees by clients, client retention rates and understand user interaction with the law firm’s website.


    Retail Analytics gives a complete view of customer journey and reduces friction around check-outs through better product recommendations to the customer while shopping. This tool allows data segmentation based on user KPI like user behavior, choices, products they interact with, and items purchased. The tool generates insights using data segmentation coupled with Machine Learning to send the right message at the right time during the customer’s life cycle to enhance sales.

  • eUnagi
    eUnagi is a content moderation tool that helps brands moderate content submitted in text, image, or video format through automation...

  • eUnagi is a cognitive intelligence tool that helps businesses save a lot of time, money, and human resources from content moderation and authentication applications. eUnagi uses revolutionary technologies like Robotic Process Automation, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain to deliver reliable content moderation solutions.


    eUnagi comprises tools like profanity tool, tagging tool, forensic tool that are utilized by various industries, pre-dominated by media, banking and finance, education, and automotive industries.


    Profanity tools help businesses remove obscene content from the materials published on their platforms by users. This tool can accurately moderate text, image as well as video-based content. This helps in protecting the brand’s authenticity and maintaining the credibility of any platform. It removes manual human intervention and saves a lot of money and resources.


    Tagging tools are highly accurate in identifying human faces, living objects, and pre-determined specified items. It helps in tagging multiple items and sorting or eliminating them from the content that it is scanning.


    With free and accessible image scanning and processing softwares, it is easier to forge any document or photo. eUnagi’s forensic tool can detect the most minute image forgery and even provides insights on the type as well as the extent of forgery for any content submitted for processing.

  • InKnowledge
    InKnowledge is a management tool developed for universities for streamlining their operations. Get a birds eye view of various channels with features like faculty profiles, eLearning compliance, grant management, conflict of interest, mentorship...

  • InKnowledge is a management tool developed for universities and colleges for streamlining and managing their operations. Features like faculty profiles, eLearning compliance, grant management, conflict of interest, mentorship, and tracking allow the management to take a 360° view of various channels and the current status of faculty, students, and live projects.


    Profiles help universities develop transparency and authenticity for their faculties. Each faculty profile has details about their experience, current projects, research work, and the latest information they wish to share. Students can directly reach out to relevant faculty without spending much time identifying which faculty suits the best for their requirements.


    eLearning compliance helps students keep track of approval status and expenditures incurred for the state authorization process in case of distance learning programs. Grant Management helps track proposals and award activities organized by the college, school, department, or a specific faculty. It provides real-time status of the research projects toiled by faculties and students.


    Conflict of interest helps review faculty's conflict of interest with each activity and automatically keeps management up-to-date regarding any task and changes in their disclosure. Mentor and Track feature provides a platform for faculty to mentor their students/trainees, set up independent development plans, and use a goal-based approach to monitor their progress. 

    This tool improves growth rate and assists students in achieving their career goals through strategic planning.