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Brierley is transforming loyalty around the world, turning client challenges into successful and profitable loyalty program solutions. We bring together innovative thought leadership, unparalleled expertise, and advanced technologies to help brands win customers’ hearts and minds.

Brierley offers the full breadth of services to drive unprecedented loyalty success: program design, strategy, research, analytics, customer insights, creative, and digital solutions. In addition, Brierley’s intuitive platform — LoyaltyOnDemand® — empowers everything a loyalty program demands to engage customers across every channel and touchpoint. It represents a powerful evolution in loyalty technology, continuously evolving with new features to keep programs on the leading edge.

Experts you can count on. Solutions you can trust. Success you can measure.


  • FAST Track Consulting
    Get actionable results with Brierley’s Forward Analytics and Strategic Thinking, FAST Track Consulting. Take our quick and easy assessment and discover your company’s custom FAST Track at Booth 545, Expo Level 1....

  • Don't try to boil the ocean. Focus on attainable solutions that can be implemented for immediate results with FAST Track Consulting.

    Marry applied analytics with action-oriented strategic solutions by enlisting our thought leaders in limited engagements. Combine any of 22 distinct modules to gain detailed knowledge of your customer base and ensure you are on the most profitable track possible. 

  • Brierley Loyalty Quotient
    "Brierley has the most advanced emotional loyalty measurement tools in our study." - Forrester
    Come discover the right balance of rational & emotional loyalty you need from your customers at Booth 545, Expo Level 1....

  • Rational loyalty is fundamental to any program, yet serving the customer's basic rational needs is insufficient on its own.

    A successful program requires an ideal balance of rational and emotional loyalty. With Brierley's Loyalty Quotient you will discover the right balance and how to uniquely win the hearts and minds of the customers you want to attract.

  • LoyaltyOnDemand
    Brierley's newest generation of loyalty technology is more powerful and expansive than any other on the market today. Discover the technology platform you can't outgrow at Booth 545, Expo Level1....

  • LoyaltyOnDemand® delivers everything you need to execute your loyalty strategy and measure its success. For over fifteen years we’ve perfected our platform and designed it to be highly configurable, making it unique and robust for every client. Its capabilities and extensibility are far-reaching, always outperforming any competitor. It’s the Platform you can’t outgrow—always delivering seamless growth and proven loyalty results.

    Easy to Use: LoyaltyOnDemand has an expansive UI and uses robust user-based, loyalty user experiences, governed by role-based access control.

    Global Presence: We can reach any audience anywhere in the world. Our platform capabilities include multi-language support, multi-brand and multi-country programs.

    Seamless Upgrades: Our developers offer continuous improvements that occur seamlessly in the background. Your CTO will love you.

  • Customer Engagement
    Bringing brands to life; and life to brands. From co-creating involvement techniques to experience innovation, Brierley has the expertise and tools to drive customer engagement and growth. Swing by Booth 545, Expo Level 1....

  • We focus on the high growth potential found in the gap between discount programs and structured brand messaging. We believe in creating an always-on engagement engine that meets your prospects and customers on their schedule, in their moment. We move brands closer to the way consumers choose to interact with your brand and each other. Research shows that brands that use empathy, experiences, and engagement tools are up to 60% more profitable than those that are not.

    Inspired Innovation: We host ideation workshops about your brand’s emotional and rational drivers to help your brand create a roadmap for unique customer experiences.

    Excellent Execution: We lead brands through the process of building their engagement engine and bringing a brand to life through emotionally enriched customer engagements.