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Business France contributes to the development and success of French and foreign businesses wishing to expand abroad by supporting them throughout the lifetime of their projects, and is driven by an efficient, results-oriented working culture. Focused on creating value in France and across the world, Business France supports the international development of the French economy.

Our goal: to put in the groundwork and pull out all the stops to make international business development an opportunity for your company.

Business France with the help of French and International retailers and experts of the field have selected for this edition 40 gems of retail technologies to showcase their solutions at NRF. 

From customer experience, logistics, marketing, loyalty strategies, store management to marketplaces, our startups will be showcasing their innovation during NRF 2023 on our Pavilion run by Business France and La French Tech.

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  • Since 2017, Business France has enabled the most innovative French Retail Tech startups to participate in NRF, the world's largest trade show dedicated to retail. This year, 40 startups will represent France and are divided into five categories - Efficiency, Marketing, User Experience, Data and Web3. The tech companies all have in common an innovative nature and strong potential for commercial success.


    New York, November 2022 – Brought together by Business France, 40 French companies from the retail sector will exhibit at NRF Retail’s Big Show in New York (Javits Convention Center), January 15-17. Being present at the world's largest trade show dedicated to the retail sector is a unique opportunity for these innovative companies to meet with decision-makers, retailers and international brands to broaden their network. One of the keys to success Business France provides: personalized support before, during and after NRF to maximize their development on the American market.

    Business France brought 7 startups back in 2017. The agency supported about 30 startups in 2022 to reach a delegation of 40 in 2023! These tech startups were selected from around 50 applicants by a panel of experts for the innovative nature of their products, their ability to take full advantage of their presence at NRF, and their potential for commercial success.

    Visit the French Pavilion to discover all that French Tech has to offer in the retail sector!

    “Come and discover innovative retail solutions on the French Tech pavilion (Hall 1, booth 409). Different technologies will be displayed from consumer engagement, logistics, merchandising, sustainability, personalization, circular economy, web3, product visualization, omnichannel… and more!”

    Zoé Fermont – RetailTech & AdTech Project Manager at Business France


    The 2023 French delegation is sponsored by the French company SES-Imagotag, world leader in electronic labels and digital solutions for physical commerce, and by the French payment system Cartes Bancaires CB, a banking industry leader.


    In the Efficiency Category:

    “Let’s give eyes to sales location”

    Belive provides computer vision and AI solutions to improve core processes of the retail industry.

    “Reduce food waste and improve traceability”

    FoodMemo by CodaBene is an application that fosters both sustainability and profitability of food stores, by optimizing the expiry date management.

    “Smart algorithms to boost picking”

    Find&Order is a SaaS solution to increase picking capacity in stores and warehouses by up to +20%.

    “Make your Retail life easier”

    IWD is the only SaaS Platform to manage your entire merchandising cycle.

    “Control your in-store returns” is an after-sales SaaS solution that enables retailers to manage their omnichannel product returns into one single platform that connects all the reverse logistics stakeholders.

    “Deliveries that matter”

    “Improve profitability and productivity”

    Shopopop is a crowdshipping solution, accessible in urban as well as in rural areas, that gives everyone the chance to make the most out of their resources

    Smartway has created the first Food Waste Management System platform to optimize the end-of-life pathway for food products.

    “Your single Source-of-Truth for digital media assets to deliver Digital Experiences””

    “The High-Performance OMS”

    Scaleflex’s mission is to simplify the upload, storage, organization, transformation, optimization, publishing, and acceleration of all brand assets within an organization.

    Kbrw provides cloud-native SaaS solutions that help omnichannel retailers manage complex business processes, implement new operating models, orchestrate critical business processes, and deliver omnichannel customer promises.

    In the Marketing Category:

    Messaging platform for brands & retailers”

    Alcméon is a powerful hybrid SaaS solution that allows major B2C brands to interact efficiently and at scale with their customers on all the main social media networks & messaging apps.

    “Boost omnichannel sales”

    ARMIS has created the most accurate digital geotargeting technology on the market that works without using third-party cookies.

    “Leader in Drive-to-store”

    Locala’s powerful & complete suite of marketing tools to give complete control over where and when you reach your high-potential consumers and drive them in to buy.

    “Unlock hidden potential”

    Botify helps you uncover those missed opportunities and turn them into profitable business outcomes.

    “Get notified“

    Thanks to Notify, get to see when your company is mentioned on various social media outlets and online.

    Develop your activity with new generation edges”

    Plebicom is a SaaS solution to offer cashback, track online and offline sales via bank data and tracked links.

    “One virtual marketer for every customer journey”

    SKOLEOM is the first e.content solution in the world, and a 4.0 marketing agency (predictive marketing, neural marketing

    behavioral and emotional marketing).

    “Gamification & personalization made easy”

    Untie Nots offers retailers and brands a promotional personalization platform using AI and Big Data to attract a larger share of their shoppers' spending.

    “The Unique responsive emails solution”

    Dartagnan is an email builder that allows your crm and marketing teams to build innovative and responsive emails in just a few minutes.

    In the Data Category:

    “Helping retailers and brands to update their marketing mix”

    Memory provides retailers & brands with a turnkey data analytics SaaS platform enabling them to optimize the monitoring of their business and their decisions in terms of assortment, promotions and merchandising.

    “Plug in to your audience”

    Quividi is the leading shopper engagement & content analytics platform for Digital Out-of-Home & Retail Media.

    “Pertinent competitive intelligence”

    Retail Shake offers retailers and brands a 360° vision of their competitive environment (to monitor prices, customer reviews, merchandising, geolocation of your products and stocks of your brand or those of your competitors.)

    “Welcome to the Era of predictive commerce”

    “The real potential of your data”                                 

    Verteego solution is an AI sales forecasting platform for reliable and automated decisions related to inventory, promotions, prices & assortment.

    YZR has created a solution that automatically normalizes textual data at scale.

    “Solutions that fit your needs”

    “Unlock your revenue potential

    with intelligent pricing”                                 

    Salsify helps brands and retailers in over 100 countries collaborate to win on the digital shelf.

    Pricemoov is a global provider of next-generation price management and optimization solutions that help companies power digital commerce.

    In the User Experience Category:

    “Give voice to your business”

    Ekoo is a SaaS solution that puts emotion in commerce through voice, it allows brands to tell the know-how behind their products and customers to leave voice reviews.

    “3D configurator for your E-Commerce”

    Haptic Media helps luxury brands and product manufacturers to increase their sales and margins by integrating and engaging their customers in the product design & supply chain.

    “The future is rental”

    SaaS and reverse logistics services for brands and retailers allowing the management of re-commerce: rental, subscription, trade-in and second hand sales.

    “Crypto-assets in your commerce is so easy”

    Payinnov enables merchants online and in-store to get paid in cryptocurrency through an easy to use SaaS platform to leverage their balance sheet, image and customer base.

    “Safe, secure and universal payment services”

    Paytweak is Europe's leading PayByLink fintech and the expert in secure omnichannel remote payments with direct connections to 500 banks and PSPs worldwide. 

    “Take control of your customer relationship in the post-sales universe”

    Pimster is a SaaS platform helping brands connect with their end users through digital user manuals.

    “Manage your online presence in an easy and centralized path”

    Sinfin™ is the Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that supports brands and retailers in supporting their omnichannel strategy.

    “Perfect Media on the web in real time”

    TwicPics deliver perfectly sized media, in real-time, on your websites and on your apps to help you optimize your users’ experience.

    “Virtual try-on personalized experiences for fashion e-commerce”

    Veesual is building the future of the fashion e-commerce experience with a Virtual Try-On solution.

    In the Web3 Category:

    “The shopping experience reivented”

    Graffiti is a fast and scalable innovative technology platform that helps brands and retailers improve their customers’ engagement in-store.

    “Your gateway to the metaverse” is a web3 platform for NFT commerce & Metaverse experience.

    “Turn every customer contact into a unique experience”

    Popmii is a SaaS platform that allows brands to create and deploy 3D content in a few clicks.

    “Improve retail sales through VR”

    Retail VR is a platform using 3D simulations meant to help brands and retailers to engage their clients in immersive showrooms "private metaverses”.

    “Revolutionize the way your personal data is monetized”

    MyEggo wants to develop a competitor of Amazon marketplace based on web 3 technologies: blockchain, NFT ... and compliant with usages in metavers.

    “Redefine the online and offline shopping experience”

    Wilkins Avenue AR helps some of the world's greatest brands unlock incredible metaverse experiences, both live and in-store.

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    Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and runs the VIE international internship program.