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causaLens is the pioneer of Causal AI—a giant leap in machine intelligence.

causaLens builds Causal AI-powered products that are trusted by leading organizations across a wide range of industries. Our Causal AI Platform empowers all types of users to make superior decisions - through either an API or an intuitive user interface. causaLens is creating a world in which humans leverage trustworthy AI to solve the greatest challenges in the economy, society and healthcare.


  • decisionOS
    decisionOS is an operating system that transforms raw data into trusted decision making workflows powered by Causal AI, the only technology that can reason and make choices like humans do....

  • Leveraging Causal AI, a paradigm shift in AI, decisionOS helps enterprises make better decisions backed by data and domain experts’ knowledge.

    Current, correlation-based, techniques can’t reason like humans do - focusing on predicting variables using statistical relationships hence struggling to gain the trust of decision makers. This leads to decisions based upon insights from black box systems which are not actionable and cannot be trusted.


    Conversely, Causal AI understands cause-and-effect relationships allowing decision makers to quantify the effect certain actions have and empowers them to intervene in processes and control the resultant outcome. A cause-effect understanding of the drivers of business KPIs is necessary in order to design interventions which optimize for outcomes. Furthermore, Causal AI makes explicit the relationships upon which it bases recommendations, allowing for spurious correlations and biases to be eliminated. 

    decisionOS is the go-to solution for enterprises to transform raw data to trusted decision making workflows, using the following key capabilities:
    1. Causal AI: Identify cause and effect relationships within data, and build powerful causal models using this knowledge. Models can then be plugged into Decision Intelligence Engines to go beyond predictions, allowing for business scenarios to be explored, and root cause analysis to be conducted, amongst others.

    2. decisionApp Building: Packages to deliver intuitive, interactive, high performance, web applications to business users. The app building framework is focused on delivering actionable recommendations, to move enterprise decision making beyond basic insights.

    3. Enterprise connectivity: Fetch and unify data as well as write back decisions to/from operational systems.
    4. DecisionOps: Record & monitor decision making performance. Allowing for the quantified impact of decisions on key business KPIs to be calculated, as well as the trustworthiness of decision workflows to be tracked.