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As seen in CBS News NY, Daily Mail TV,  NY Times, Brit + Co., and the focus of a T-Mobile film short on black business owners.   Cecile's is an elegantly elevated skincare brand that focuses on improving skin through detoxifying, brightening, and helping to reduce hyperpigmentation naturally. . Research shows that products created for black and brown women have a higher level of toxins and endocrine disruptors, and Cecile's strives to provide luxury bathing luxuries and skin nutrition without harmful ingredients. 

VOTE for the BRIGHTENING FACIAL GRAINS in the inaugural Consumer Products Showcase contest. Our best-selling product is an exclusive Adzuki polish featuring a built-in Coconut and Clay Mask that targets acne, fades dark spots, and fights premature aging naturally without the use of harsh acids. 

Visit us in Booth 82 to get your complimentary skincare set while supplies last! Learn more about our plans!

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    Indie Skincare Brand Cecile’s Bath & Body Debuts on BLK + GRN

    Cecile’s truly clean skincare for melanin skin available on premier

     website for nontoxic skincare by and for Black Women

    NEW YORK CITY, January 10, 2023 – Cecile’s Bath & Body, an innovative, truly clean skincare care company that targets women of color, today announced that their hero SKUs are now available on BLK + GRN, the premier platform for clean beauty for and by women of color.

    After a months-long review process by black health experts, Cecile’s products debuted on the BLK + GRN platform and were welcomed among companies like Kreyol Essence, Mischo Beauty, The Honey Pot, and more incredible Black-Woman-owned and led companies.

    “I’m excited to bring Cecile’s three best-selling products to BLK + GRN and expose them to the elite beauty audience BLK + GRN attracts," said Granchamps. "It's important that products developed by entrepreneurial women of color are afforded a high level of attention and have the opportunity to enter the mainstream beauty conversation. BLK + GRN is one of the best at doing that.”

    Cecile’s line of founder-formulated and made skin care products are specifically designed for the challenges faced by women of color seeking luxury beauty solutions without the high level of toxins found in conventional products targeted towards women of color.

    BLK + GRN shares Cecile’s vision for bringing clean, non-toxic skincare to black women and they will carry Cecile's foundational skincare system which contains:

    • The Essential Elixir Hydrating Serum is made from five vegan oils and eight plant essences to create a light, silky blend designed to help treat hyperpigmentation, promote a bright complexion & combat acne.

    • Brightening Facial Grains is a gentle but powerful scrub that combines 100 percent vegan exfoliation with a moisturizing Coconut Milk & Clay mask to gently improve skin's texture, detoxify pores, and fight hyperpigmentation on melanin-rich skin.

    • The Detoxifying Charcoal Soap has a dedicated following for its rich, thick lather enriched with activated charcoal, olive oil, and organic shea butter for maximum cleansing ability and unmatched moisturizing power.

    Since 2018, BLK + GRN has curated a collection of quality, natural, nontoxic brands for consumers carefully chosen by Black health experts that uphold our ethos and share their mission of health, wellness & community cultivation. BLK + GRN provides an inclusive experience by normalizing access to non toxic products targeted at Black women while cultivating a lifestyle that promotes self-love and wellness.

    About Cecile’s Bath & Body:

    Cecile’s line of founder-formulated and made skin care products are specifically designed for the challenges faced by women of color seeking luxury beauty solutions without the high level of toxins found in conventional products targeted towards women of color.  Cecile’s full line of expertly formulated, raw, organic natural skincare and beauty products is produced in small batches from natural ingredients that work together to improve skin tone for a brighter, more even complexion.



    Contact:    Jackie Granchamps

    Phone: 551-200-4956

    Email: info@cecilesbathandbody.net       

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    Black-Owned Skincare Brand Cecile's Featured in T-Mobile Short

    Cecile’s Bath & Body (New York City, NY) - On 1/21/21, T-Mobile For Business released a short film featuring Black-owned skincare brand Cecile’s Bath & Body. As a part of their Magenta Edge initiative, they’re using original content to help small businesses thrive. Expanding on T-Mobile’s diversity and inclusion pledge they’re also shining the spotlight on Black-owned businesses such as Cecile’s Bath & Body. Founded by Jackie Granchamps in 2014, Cecile’s focuses on empowering women to live a cleaner, more authentic life through handcrafted organic products. In this short, Jackie shares her journey and business insights on customer relationships and the power of CRM technology.

    Cecile’s Bath & Body was originally birthed by Jackie making body scrubs using fresh herbs for family and friends as holiday gifts. At the time, she was working in corporate marketing and began to suffer from unresolved headaches and eczema. This led her to shy away from conventional products as she built on her cultural plant knowledge and focus on traditional Haitian herbal remedies. On the philosophy behind Cecile’s Bath & Body, Jackie had this to say, “We're living in a society where we are eating things and putting substances on our bodies that we can't pronounce, and I want to change that.” In 2016, Cecile’s introduced the first on-demand, fully customizable blend bar, delivering bath salts, crèmes, and scrubs; aptly named ‘Mélanger.’

    As a result of the pandemic, Jackie was laid off from her corporate marketing role. However, she seized the opportunity to focus on Cecile’s. In July 2020, she was awarded a scholarship to Selfmade, an entrepreneurial program from the media company Brit + Co, where she was able to refine operations and marketing processes. As a solopreneur, Jackie is proud to have picked herself up and is grateful for the amazing opportunity with T-Mobile. Reflecting on the project, Jackie said, “I'm honored to have been asked by T-Mobile to share my journey as a solopreneur and be a voice for the passionate entrepreneurs building brands that are lean and nimble.” Cecile’s Bath & Body is on a mission to reeducate women on how to take care of themselves using skincare and self-care products in a way that feels natural.

    Link to T-Mobile short film on Cecile’s Bath & Body:


    More About Cecile's Bath & Body

    The core values of Cecile’s Bath & Body include authenticity, adventure, boldness, empowerment, and sustainability. Cecile’s creates luxurious and indulgent products for everyday use that help solve life’s most irritating skin issues. The most popular gift nearly every holiday season is the Premium Bathing Salts because the giver can't go wrong. It's an interactive process that leaves every customer delighted at the outcome. Clients have a consultation with Jackie so she can learn about their lifestyles and preferences, and then she creates a bathing blend or scrub built to their exact specifications. Clients choose from 6 different salts or sugar (including Black Lava, Dead Sea, or Pink Himalayan) and over 30 organic botanicals such as herbs, flowers, clays, or even coconut milk. She also crafts a custom fragrance for their blend based on the essential oils they resonate with. For Jackie, it's a super fun process and one of the best parts of the business.

    About The Founder

    If Jackie Granchamps had a superpower, it would be taking seemingly disconnected components and merging them into harmony. A career marketer, she is skilled in developing and executing strategic creative development, multichannel marketing, and communication for integrated campaigns. A natural storyteller with a strong aesthetic sense, she understands how to impact the big picture through the smallest details to present work that is beautiful, clear, and effective. Cecile's Bath & Body became the space where Jackie could express her elegant creative style, while also serving the growing need for ethical, clean skincare.

    Links / Social Media:

    1. Website: https://cecilesbathandbody.net
    2. IG: @cecilesbathandbody
    3. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CecilesBathandBody
    4. Brit+Co Feature: https://www.brit.co/woman-owned-small-businesses/
    5. Clubhouse: @CecilesBathBody
    6. The Lo-Down Feature: http://www.thelodownny.com/leslog/2020/12/retailers-aim-to-uplift-spirits-after-downtrodden-year.html

    Contact Info:

    Jackie Granchamps, Founder                                                   


  • For Immediate Release                                            Contact:    Jackie Granchamps


    Indie Clean Skincare Brand Cecile’s Bath and Body

    Competes to Win at 2023 NRF Big Show

    Cecile’s poised to expand production capacity and focus on customer acquisition in 2023 as top prize nabs $15,000 in the Consumer Products Showcase

    NEW YORK CITY, January 16, 2023 – Cecile’s Bath & Body, an innovative, black woman owned clean skincare company that targets women of color announced that founder Jackie Granchamps will be showcasing the best-selling Brightening Facial Grains at the prestigious NRF Big Show at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City on January 15-16.

    New in 2023, Cecile’s is part of the newly minted “Consumer Products Showcase” featuring over 80% BIPOC founded and led companies who will be competing for the most votes for a chance to win $15,000. The Consumer Product Showcase offers retail buyers and merchandisers the chance to meet with carefully selected small business owners to learn about their businesses and explore their products.

    Granchamps fastest selling item this year  - Brightening Facial Grains - in a groundbreaking new multipurpose products that attacks hyperpigmentation at its source for a brighter complexion and smoother skin without the use of harsh acids or chemicals harsh on sensitive skin. Gentle and safe enough for sensitive skin, the gluten-free scrub combines 100 percent vegan exfoliation with a Coconut Milk and Clay mask to gently fade hyperpigmentation on melanin skin. Visit Booth 82 to chat with Mrs. Granchamps and learn more about her sustainable, waterless skincare line that aligns beauty with purposeful ingredients.  

    “I’m excited to bring my best-selling products to the NRF Big Show in 2023,” said Granchamps. “The Consumer Products Showcase allows the opportunity for the products to shine and enter the mainstream retail conversation. We’re keen on building strong retail partnerships and expanding production to reach wider audiences with a product that is a one-step, zero-waste skincare solution.”

    Granchamps is the quintessential modern entrepreneur. Cecile’s, as well as Granchamps’ story, is a perfect example of the current global and national self-employment trend facilitated by the Internet and social media As Granchamps says, “It takes ten years to be an overnight success,” and she has the receipts. Her personal and business journey is so compelling, combining her personal touch and family legacy, T-Mobile produced a short video documentary about it just over a year ago.

    Watch the T-Mobile for Business mini-documentary about Cecile’s: https://youtu.be/DFWzMOLKBS4

    About Cecile’s Bath & Body:

    Featuring a full line of expertly formulated, raw, organic natural skin care and beauty products produced in small batches from natural ingredients that work together to improve skin tone for a brighter, more even complexion. Not just your everyday beauty commodities, Cecile’s line of founder-formulated and made skin care products are specifically designed for the challenges faced by women of color seeking luxury beauty solutions without the high level of toxins found in conventional products targeted towards women of color.



  • Brightening Facial Grains
    Gentle exfoliation. Built-in Clay mask. All in one bottle. The gentle soap-free brightening formula targets acne and hyperpigmentation at its source without harsh acids or plastic microbeads. Made for dry, melanin-rich, and sensitive skin....

  • Gentle exfoliation.  Built-in Clay mask.  All in one bottle.

    Brightening Facial Grains is a gentle soap-free cleanser that helps target acne and hyperpigmentation at its source. This 100% organic, raw vegan formula helps to keep skin blemish-free and pores clear of dirt and grime without the use of harsh acids or plastic microbeads. Japanese Adzuki beans and a blend of nourishing clays serve to detoxify, soften and reveal fresh skin on the face, neck, and lips.

    It's the perfect multi-purpose product for those with sensitive skin seeking to combat hyperpigmentation without harsh chemicals.  Adzuki beans contain a natural enzyme that helps balance melanin production in the skin leading to a brighter, more even skin tone.

    Key Ingredients:

    • Organic Coconut Milk delivers a direct dose of Vitamin C that helps brighten and naturally boosts collagen and maintain elasticity
    • Fuller’s Earth, French Green Clay, and Charcoal work together to suck toxins out of pores and improve the skin's surface
    • Organic Adzuki beans help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as the soap-free cleanser and exfoliator delivers vitamins and minerals directly to the skin 
  • Essential Elixir Hydrating Facial Serum
    5 Plant Oils. 8 Essential oils. One incredible serum.
    A deeply nourishing blend of Moringa, Macadamia Nut, and Rosehip Seed oils treats fine lines, stimulates collagen, fights acne at its source, and provides natural retinol and Vitamins C & E....

  • 5 Plant Oils. 8 Essential oils. One incredible serum.

    This is a spectacular blend that will leave your skin radiant and deeply hydrated. This light oil serum sinks in to treat fine lines as it naturally stimulates collagen production & a brighter complexion with Vitamins C & E. 

    Our exclusive blend of essential oils works together to promote cell turnover, stimulate collagen production, fight acne with antibacterial power and brighten skin naturally. Moisturing enough for dry/mature to oily and acne-prone skin to antibacterial properties. 

    Key Ingredients:

    • Superfood Moringa packs incredible vitamins and antioxidants into every drop for brighter, more nourished skin

    • Rosehip seed oil boosts collagen production and reduces inflammation

    • Macadamia mimics your skin's natural sebum and delivers high doses of vitamin E

     Packaged in a recyclable amber glass bottle with a dropper cap. 

  • Detoxifying Charcoal Soap
    This moisturizing formula helps soften skin, dissolve blackheads, and encourage cell turnover for a brighter, smoother complexion. Consumers love charcoal for its ability to cling to toxins and produce a glowing complexion – even with acne or rosacea....

  • Our #1 Best-Selling Product To Date

    Extremely effective against acne and rosacea, this soap acts fast to produce clearer, brighter skin and a glowing complexion due to charcoal's ability to cling to toxins.

    This moisturizing formula helps restore skin elasticity, dissolve unsightly blackheads, and encourage cell turnover for a brighter, smoother complexion. Lightly scented with Eucalyptus and Bergamot essential oils.

    Key Ingredients & Benefits:

    • Balances all skin types from oily, combination skin to mature skin with nourishing oils that are gentle enough for daily use
    • Organic Shea Butter and Castor Oil deeply nourish, moisturize and protect skin's deepest layers
    • Essential oils help increase cell turnover and regulate sebum production