Kenosha,  WI 
United States
  • Booth: 845

Cherry Americas provides world-leading computer input devices proven to meet POS Retail needs.  We offer a wide variety of configurations whether you need a simple durable keyboard for input, a number pad for accurate entry, or require secure access control.  CHERRY input devices are designed to handle your high-speed transactional input.  See us in booth 845 to discuss your needs and feel the difference a purposefully designed input device provides.


    THE CHERRY SPOS G86-62401EUADAA offers maximum space efficiency with uncompromised alphanumeric data entry....

  • This 14" compact keyboard with an integrated touchpad helps make the most of your space.  

    Key Benefits

    • Robust design
    • IP 54 Spill and dust resistant
    • Yelow status LEDs for improved visibility in artificial lighting
    • Numeric pad includes "00" for fast currency typing
    • Service life - 25 MILLION key operations
    • Laser inscribed key legends
    • 3 year warranty
    The CHERRY STREAM is the ideal keyboard for every assignment.
    It’s robust, reliable and durable. There’s quality in every detail: from above, from below and inside. The CHERRY STREAM uses scissor switches for the keys....

  • Key Features

    • Degree of protection: Spill resistant
    • Service life, standard key: > 10 million key operations
    • Number of Hotkeys: 10
    • Function Hotkey: Volume down, Sound on/off, Volume up, Previous title, Next title, Play/pause, Blocking the PC, Browser, E-Mail program, Calculator

    Ultra-flat wired keyboard with Mac layout and USB-C connection...

  • Key Benefits

    • Keyboard in chiclet design with Mac layout
    • 5.9 ft cable with USB-C connection
    • Quick access to 13 frequently used Mac functions
    • Compact and slim housing
    • Precise scissor mechanism for an ideal operating feeling
    • High weight due to integrated metal plate
    • Exceptional design with shimmering blue key frame
    • Durable key labels
    • Numeric keypad for convenient number input
    • Rubber feet for height adjustment for ergonomic writing
    The CHERRY LPOS is a full-sized multifunctional keyboard with enhanced 127 position key layout and touchpad....

  • Key Benefits

    • Full size keyboard with QWERTY layout
    • Enhanced US 131/127 Position key Layout
    • Robust Product Design with IP 54 Spill and Dust Resistant Key Field for Harsh Environments
    • Plug & Play Configuration for all Common POS Features
    • Unique Function Enhancement with ‘CHERRY Tools” Virtual Programming
    • Fully Programmable Keyboard with 42 Relegendable Keys for Easy Layout Configuration and Quick Function Calls
    • Option for Unlimited Programmability of all Keys up to 3 Layers Provides Convenient Data Access
    • ‘Moving of Key’ Allows for Easy Key Position Exchange Including Modifier Functions
    • Dual Insertion for Bi-directional Swipe of Magnetic Stripe Card
    • 127/131 Programmable Keys
    • Audible and Visual Indication of MSR Good Reads
    • Powerful ‘CHERRY Tools’ Configuration Software Allows for Quick Product Set Up and Configuration
    • Easy Configuration File Transfer with Window Explorer
    • Comprehensive UPOS Support for Windows and Linux Client-Server Architectures
    • Remote Network Installation with CHERRY Tools Activator
    • Touchpad Version Reducing Desktop Footprint while Ensure Easy Cursor Navigation
    • Yellow Status LED’s
    • Accessory Kit Available to Reconfigure Key Layout
  • CHERRY KC 1000 No Hot Keys
    Rock-solid CHERRY technology with an excellent price/performance ratio. Modern, flat design with gentle, quiet and durable wear-resistant keys....

  • Key Benefits

    • Flat, corded keyboard including cursor and number pad
    • Whisper keystroke keys with durable key lettering
    • Up to 10 million keystrokes
    • Plug & Play via USB connection