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Based in Città di Castello, Italy, CMC Spa is a KKR Global Impact Fund Portfolio Company that designs, manufactures and supports the most innovative and disruptive technology for the  ecommerce and logistics industry. Founded in 1980, the company has always focused on strategies to retain customers becoming their sole supplier for technology, service, consumables and professional technical training. CMC has always been on track to timely respond to the ever-changing market requirements with creative design engineering and bespoke solutions. With the ecommerce surge reshaping the parcel industry, today CMC is helping retailers and 3PL to optimise their fulfilment process and deliver sustainable, strong, highly personalised and safe boxes through the much acclaimed and multi award winning CMC 3D right sizing packaging technology.  CMC is committed to a sustainable future, where both people and planet can thrive. Our ambition is to be the go-to partner for sustainable packaging solutions globally, and the enablers of a Zero Waste and Net Zero Carbon future.


  • CMC CartonWrap
    CMC CartonWrap 3D box-on-demand packaging system

  • CMC CartonWrap automated packaging system dynamically creates ready-to-ship boxes for the e-commerce fulfilment market.

    The system produces 1.000 custom boxes per hour for single and multi-line orders using continuous fanfold corrugate.

    This integrated solution is designed to help e-commerce and logistics companies improve productivity while optimising labour and shipping costs.

    CMC CartonWrap measures and then automatically forms a perfect size box around each order. This eliminates the need for void fillers and large amounts of different size boxes normally used.

    Product dimensions scanned in the induct are used to feed the precise length of material required for the box from fanfold feeder.

    The corrugated cardboard is processed by the creasing and dynamic cutting system creating a blank to be formed. The creasing and trimming system is controlled by multiaxes servo system that allows for both high precision and high speed.

    Box is then formed, product inserted and panels sealed with low impact hot melt glue.

    Prior to closing the upper flaps, it is possible to add additional documents, such as marketing materials, invoices, return instructions, etc. thanks to CMC’s best in class rotary feeders technology.

    System can be expanded to add CMC Packvertizing print system for logos, trademarks or any other information directly to the box, further allowing each box to be unique and enhancing the customer experience.

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  • CMC Genesys
    CMC GENESYS the next generation 3D box on demand machine...

  • CMC Genesys the only auto-packer that can be directly connected to a warehouse storage through the CMC Patented Vary-Tote system.

    Orders are automatically picked and consolidated in the CMC Vary-Tote which is directly conveyed to the Genesys auto packing system.

    CMC Genesys is the ultimate solution for packaging automation. By using plotter to cut and crease the exact box template, CMC Genesys creates a unique box structure that not only uses less cardboard than a standard Regular Slotted Cartons but also holds items in position removing the need for void fill. When the plotter cuts ad

    creases the flat blank, trimmings aren’t cut out and discarded, but folded inside the 4 edges of the box creating a containing barrier for multiple items.

    The end customer experience is enhanced through the box “easy open” and “resealable strip”, as the same box can also be used for returns.

    As any other CMC auto packing solutions, the machine dramatically saves labour costs and reduces freight/box volumes and cardboard consumption. Just in time

    consolidation in the Vary-Tote eliminates completely needless offline operations and allows to keep pace with the machine speed thus improving productivity.

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  • CMC PaperPro
    High-Tech e-Commerce mailer for shipping and returns...

  • CMC Paper-PRO represents the bridge between CMC’s 40 years wrapping tradition

    and the newest logistics technology. Designed to automate the fulfilment of single or multi products in cut-to-size, ready-to-ship paper bags, the system can process both Paper-PRO Kraft cardboard and CMC Paper-PRO bubble paper that offers the same robustness and protection as standard polybags or padded mailers.

    Orders are scanned for size so that each final bag is custom sized to the length and height of each consignment, thus reducing wrapping materials and volumes shipped. Once wrapped, bags are sealed with low impact hot melt glue to guarantee the highest sustainable results.

    Optionally the system can integrate a despatch note/invoice printing and inserting system, check weighers and different sortation options.

    The System is designed to easily integrate seamlessly into any customer WMS and WCS.

    With outputs 3600 bags/hour, CMC Paper-PRO is the optimal solutions for retailers

    and logistic companies to streamline the ecommerce bagging process and provides high performances in 24/7 fulfilment environments.

    • Reduced packaging cost wrapping ready to ship bags in a single workflow

    • Simplified inventory management: Paper-Pro eliminates inventory of multi-sized

    padded mailers

    • Less warehouse space required. Only Paper-PRO rolls to be stocked

    • Bag availability: no need to procure and stock mailers. They are created in real time

    • 1:1 wraps: bags can be personalised with different full colour printed logos and


    • Less Waste: bags are cut unique to each order length size

    • Sustainable: bags on demand reduce waste, excess and materials used

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  • CMC Smart Mailer
    CMC Smart Mailer compact continuous motion inserter....

  • The CMC SMART MAILER is a compact continuous motion inserter which allows running a wide range of products.

    The machine can feed either standard or non-standard products, by means of rotary feeders, shuttle feeders and hand feeding areas for non-standard products like CDs, cards or gimmicks, etc.

    Thanks to its modular configuration, CMC SMART MAILER can be customized to a wide range of products granting the highest integrity of data during the enveloping process with real-time product tracking controls, barcodes matching through optical readers or cameras, in line printing, selective feeding according to the barcode coming from a database, final daily report of all product runs sent to a company network system. All adjustments are fast and easy, ensuring correct and quick setting.

    The base configuration consists of one envelope feeder, a variable number of insert feeders and manual feeding stations. (the configuration changes according to the customer’s specific request).

    The machine is equipped with a by-pass for the automatic rejection of wrong envelopes.

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