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Constructor drives attractive product discovery moments in every channel across the entire shopper journey—from Search and Browse to Recommendations and Guided Selling. Built on latest search technology, the Deep Commerce Core learns from every customer interaction, optimizes against your priority ecommerce metrics, and empowers merchandising teams with controls and insights to drive unparalleled business outcomes. The secret sauce? Where others start with keywords, we start with the customer. Paired with modern vector search and large language models, our customers' successes speak for themselves: Backcountry achieved 8% lift in RPV above our nearest competitor and Bonobos saw 9% increase in search revenue over legacy tools. But don't take our word for it. Make us prove your success even before you sign. Test Constructor on your sites or apps with our Proof Schedule, a 4-week live A/B test using your real catalog and your real traffic. For free.


  • Commerce Search
    The evolution of Commerce Search: Real-time personalized search results that are both relevant and attractive to the individual shopper and lift conversion and business KPIs at the same time....

  • Amazing customer experiences and revenue outcome at the same time: Our modern search core starts with customer signals and blends them with AI-driven optimization against your business priorities - beyond conversion rate for you concrete eCommerce KPIs. Blazingly fast, in every language, in every channel - including mobile apps, voice search and instore moments. Smart Merchant Tools give the controls to infuse strategic merchandising decisons, while Constructor Core frees them from tedious manual labor so they can do creative work to uplevel your customer experience. Real-time personalization and optimization of Search, Autosuggest, Navigation, Filters, Product Category and Landing Pages - all learning from the same core so every interaction serves the products that make shoppers happy and contribute to your bottom line. Sephora generated US$40M more annual search revenue from one mobile app alone, Curtsy saw a 10% lift in search conversion rate over our nearest competitor.
  • Recommendations
    Present highly personalized, KPI-optimized recommendations that create better shopping experiences and drive more business value - in real time....

  • Constructor’s recommendations give you the power to optimize for your ecommerce KPI — unit sales, AOV, RPV, margins, and many more. Recommendations are constantly validated against observed click and conversion behavior to determine the right products to show users at the right time to guarantee increases in the outcomes that matter most. Be it recently viewed products, alternative products, complimentary products, bundling and user-featured products - Constructor powered recommendations work for your bottom line. Because Constructor recommendations are real-time personalizes with a deep understanding of your customers, you don’t just recommend the popular products - you recommend the right products. For every individual customer, even when they’re new and don’t have a lot of data. That is how Bonobos achieved a 92% increase in recommendations conversion.
  • Guided Selling Quizzes
    Stop guessing what customers want—ask them instead. With Constructor Quizzes, create interactive experiences that make online shopping effortless, based on data your customers actually want you to know....

  • Countless behavioral psychology studies have shown that when customers are faced with too many options, they get overwhelmed and buy less—or not at all. Guided Selling helps customers purchase with the confidence that they're buying the right product. It combines a proven immediate lift on bottom-line ecommerce KPIs with the long-term value of a customer-centric shopping experience, building trust and brand loyalty. Adding rich data on top of previously gathered intelligence, Quizzes contributes to Constructor's Deep Commerce Core to personalize and optimize shopping experiences across every channel. The result: deeper buyer insights, an optimized omnichannel strategy, and a self-sustaining engine for customer lifetime value. Did you know that you can also use Constructor Quizzes as a Clienteling solution to assist store associates in serving customers in store faster and better?