CordBrick LLC

Naples,  FL 
United States
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Phone charger cords falling behind your nightstand or cluttering up your desk? CordBrick is a new weighted phone cord holder & cord management device that solves multiple problems with one handy device. With ⅛ lb of steel inside and grippy silicone outside, CordBrick moves freely, and goes with your cord, because its wrapping & grabbing channels allows a user to wrap & contain [one or several] cords and, upon arrival, unwrap them untangled, creating a seamless transition between at-home use and cord management on-the-go - unlike any other device available. And, there's more: CordBrick has tons of handy uses WITH your phone, setting it further apart from the competition, and creating a totally new category of product: A Cord Multitool! CordBrick is useful for a variety of phone uses around charging stations, or wherever you want to use it! Once people try CordBrick, they wonder what they were doing before! With rust-proof steel and tear-proof & temperature tolerant silicone rubber, there's nothing to break or wear out, making CordBrick a permanent solution to your cord problems.