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Founded in 1974, and based in Monterey, CA, CyberData Corporation is a leading OEM design and manufacturing firm with over 47 years of experience. We make SIP-based paging, notification and two-way communication devices such as speakers and intercoms for retailers, schools, SMB & more, as well as POS (Point of Sale) connectivity solutions. 

We have three areas of development focus within CyberData:

- SIP Endpoints

- POS/Retail connectivity products & PoweredUSB Cables


We are here to share our decades of experience with you! CyberData offers FREE Design Services, so if you are needing assistance with a project, you can contact our Design Services team at or call us at 831-373-2601, ext 334.  

We also offer a Certification Program for Resellers, Installers & Service Providers. Email for more information.

 Press Releases

  • Monterey, CA – CyberData Corporation, developers of innovative SIP endpoints, is pleased to announce they have successfully completed integration certification with Regroup Mass Notification®, an industry leader in first-in-class mass communication solutions. The robust features of Regroup’s software can integrate and deliver notifications across a VoIP network by adding CyberData’s SIP Paging Server into the client’s overall solution.

    The SIP Paging Server and receiving devices such as SIP Speakers, Horns, and Strobes are configured to send and receive multicast, respectively. Once the SIP Paging Server is registered and configured to a VoIP phone with a DID, Regroup software users can dial the paging server directly.

    Any event – be it live or scheduled – is communicated in a variety of ways, using Regroup’s mobile cell phone and desktop applications. Because of the powerful nature of Regroup’s software features, those events can include severe weather warnings, active shooter alerts, health alerts, and more.

    “Regroup’s Mass Notification® software offers an incredible reservoir of features, and this integration demonstrates how our SIP endpoints can work with Regroup to deliver a cohesive unified communication solution. In addition to being able to communicate general and scheduled events, Regroup’s software offers customers the ability to add notifications for events such as safety drills, severe weather alerts, or local health warnings,” said Phil Lembo, President & CEO of CyberData.

    Mr. Lembo and the team at CyberData have been enthusiastic about this integration, with Lembo extolling the ease-of-use of Regroup’s software and what it can deliver to customers. He added, “The user interface is truly intuitive and coupled with CyberData’s SIP endpoints, offers a compelling easy-to-use solution that keeps both on-site and mobile workforces informed of general and critical events in their area.”

    As a leader in manufacturing SIP endpoints, CyberData focuses on delivering devices designed to integrate and operate seamlessly with a vast majority of VoIP systems including SBCs, Gateways, and on-premise and cloud-based phone systems. Regroup Mass Notification®, an industry-leader in providing communication solutions, was recently named by TMC as a 2022 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award winner. This successful integration ensures users of both CyberData’s SIP endpoints and Regroup Mass Notification can experience and rely on a notification solution that includes features that address and impact the security, health, and safety of any organization.

    Contact: Allyn Donigian
    Director of Marketing

    About CyberData
    Founded in 1974 and based in Monterey, California, CyberData Corporation is a leading OEM design and manufacturing firm with a focus on developing peripheral devices for VoIP phone systems. We build products that facilitate legacy migration to VoIP, IP equivalents to existing analog devices, and application specific endpoints that add new functionality. Our VoIP products, such as Paging Gateways, IP Speakers, and IP authentication devices are cost-effective and easy to manage solutions for VoIP phone systems.

    About Regroup Mass Notification
    Since 2006, Regroup Mass Notification has kept institutions safe, informed, and productive with its cloud-based mass notification platform. Regroup has helped institutions in higher education, healthcare, enterprise, government, and manufacturing solve their communications challenges with a system that is easy to use, robust and dependable. Regroup also provides a comprehensive Threat Intelligence Suite that helps organizations mitigate risks and identify trends in cyber, civil, and other threats.

    Learn More or call us 855-REGROUP

  • Monterey, CA – CyberData Corporation, developer of innovative SIP endpoints, announced the completion of testing and confirmed interop compatibility with Cisco Webex Calling. Registering CyberData’s SIP-enabled endpoints such as Speakers, Intercoms, Strobes and Ringers as third-party endpoints on Cisco Webex is seamless, enabling a network-wide notification solution.

    Cisco delivers innovative software-defined networking, cloud, and security solutions to help transform businesses worldwide. Webex by Cisco is the leading enterprise solution for video conferencing, online meetings, screen share, and webinars.  CyberData's Webex Calling Solutions focus on delivering high quality IP endpoints for key areas within large and small environments in public and private organizations with a need for paging, notification, two-way communication, and access control.

    “Webex Calling offers a complete, enterprise-level collaboration solution and integrating CyberData’s SIP endpoints ensures live paging, notification, and access control work seamlessly for Webex Calling customers across the Webex platform,” said Phil Lembo, President & CEO of CyberData. He continued, “Our Webex Calling solution is designed to expand and grow as the needs of the client expand and grow and we’re thrilled to be collaborating with Cisco to provide Webex Calling clients with so many options to ensure their organizations can effectively communicate across the platform.”

    CyberData’s Design Services team is available to provide guidance to Webex Calling clients about the best solution for their environment. For the Cisco channel, detailed information on CyberData’s Webex Calling solution is available and enabled globally on Cisco’s Control Hub. For detailed documentation or for more information on CyberData’s Webex Calling Solution please visit:

    Allyn Donigian
    Director of Marketing

    About CyberData
    Founded in 1974 and based in Monterey, California, CyberData Corporation is a leading OEM design and manufacturing firm with a focus on developing peripheral devices for VoIP phone systems. We build products that facilitate legacy migration to VoIP, IP equivalents to existing analog devices, and application specific endpoints that add new functionality. Our VoIP products, such as Paging Gateways, IP Speakers, and IP authentication devices are cost-effective and easy to manage solutions for VoIP phone systems.

    About Cisco
    Cisco is the worldwide leader in technology that powers the Internet. Cisco inspires new possibilities by reimagining customer applications, securing data, transforming infrastructure, and empowering teams for a global and inclusive future.

  • March 2022 Monterey, CA – CyberData Corporation, celebrating its 48th year in business, announced today the release of a new SIP-enabled Indoor Intercom offering touch-free two-way communication and access control, all with a wave of the hand.

    CyberData’s SIP Hand Wave Indoor Intercom offers the ability to make a phone call and engage in a two-way conversation by simply waving your hand. The new Intercom is designed for interior spaces requiring an increased level of security such as within medical facilities and research laboratories, retail establishments, schools, and universities.

    CyberData leads the industry when it comes to developing and delivering quality SIP-enabled endpoints such as speakers and intercoms that utilize the VoIP network to facilitate two-way communication, paging, emergency notification and access control. With optimism for the new year, CyberData is focused on expanding their product line with new offerings to reflect the new functions and features required due to a global pandemic, such as distancing and touch-free communication. Following almost two years of successfully delivering product to customers in a tumultuous and uncertain environment, CyberData has utilized the time to develop new devices scheduled for release in 2022, and expand new programs, such as the Reseller & Installer Certification Program launched in late 2020.

    “We had a better-than-expected 2021, and that has allowed us to focus time and resources on some new releases and additional offerings,” stated Phil Lembo, President & CEO of CyberData. “We’ve heard from customers wanting Intercom options that reflect new health and safety protocols, and our new touch-free Intercom delivers the communication functionality they need, while adhering to stricter safety protocols around two-way communication and access control. Having a device that can allow for a conversation or provide notification of a visitor just by waving your hand, is pretty desirable for a host of environments,” he continued.

    A video-enabled version, the SIP h.264 Video Hand Wave Indoor Intercom, is scheduled for release in the spring and provides for h.264 video communication with a 72-degree field of view. Both Intercoms offer clear two-way audio, increasing the security of any VoIP installation.

    CyberData will begin shipping the SIP Hand Wave Indoor Intercom immediately, with the SIP h.264 Video Hand Wave Indoor Intercom following in April. For more information, please visit

    Allyn Donigian
    Director of Marketing

    About CyberData
    Founded in 1974 and based in Monterey, California, CyberData Corporation is a leading IP Endpoint design and manufacturing firm with a focus on developing peripheral devices for VoiP phone systems. They build products that facilitate legacy migration to VoiP, IP equivalents to existing analog devices, and application specific endpoints that add new functionality. Their VoiP products, such as IP Speakers, IP Horns, and IP intercoms, are cost-effective and easy to manage solutions for VoiP phone systems.


  • 011457 SIP IP66 Indoor/Outdoor Horn
    A powerful loud paging and ringing endpoint, perfect for retail environments.

  • Ensure emergency alerts, general notifications, and safety reminders are heard with the powerful 011457 IP66 Indoor/Outdoor Horn.

    Loaded with features such as page prioritization, ability to upload ring tones and 10 stored messages, and concurrent SIP and Multicast paging function, this device works perfectly in retail environments.

    SIP/Multicast and InformaCast-enabled options available!

  • 011146 SIP Paging Server with Bell Scheduler
    The SIP Paging Server with bell scheduler enables users, through a single SIP extension, to access up to 100 zones for paging and bell scheduling for VoIP phone systems....

  • The SIP Paging Server has a built-in bell scheduler that enables, through a secure web interface, scheduled bells and prerecorded messages to be sent to different multicast zones as well as to legacy analog paging systems.

    Perfect for retail, schools, universities, manufacturing or any environment where scheduled bells and zone paging are paramount.

  • 011394 SIP Speaker
    CyberData SIP Speaker is a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE 802.3af/802.3at) and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) public address indoor speaker that easily connects into existing local area networks with a single CAT5/CAT6 cable connection....

  • Perfect for Retail, Schools, SMB, Warehouse, Manufacturing, Medical/Healthcare and more, SIP speakers offer audio alerting:

    • Safety/Scheduled reminders
    • General announcements
    • Emergency notification
    Our PoE-powered SIP Speakers offer easy installation, and can be configured for live paging and ringing via two SIP entensions

  • 011186 SIP Outdoor Intercom
    The SIP Outdoor Intercom delivers two-way communication and secure access control for your VoIP phone system....

  • A convenient two-way communication and access control device for entrances that allows organizations to control who comes in and when.
    Simultaneous SIP and multicast and support for Outdoor Auxiliary Strobe Kit for IP65 outdoor visual notification.
    A simple access control device for doors, gates, etc, we offer multiple options such as:
    •RFID combo available
  • 011049 SIP Call Button
    The SIP Call Button is a reliable solution for a one-touch programmable call to an IP phone or page announcement. It can be mounted under a desk, on a wall, or in a discrete location....

  • CyberData’s indoor and outdoor SIP Call Buttons can be configured to play a stored audio message via Multicast to endpoints, while simultaneously placing an outbound SIP call to emergency services. In a Singlewire InformaCast environment, the SIP Call Button registers to the Cisco Call Manager as a third party SIP endpoint. When the Call Button is depressed it makes a call to the Cisco Call Manager and the Singlewire InformaCast software detects that call and initiates an event.