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Dayrize is a climate tech company providing rapid, accurate, and holistic impact assessments of consumer products.

Our multi-award winning technology assesses the environmental and social impact of products even when supply chain data is missing or fragmented.

Measured across 5 dimensions of sustainability we help retailers and brands gain real-time impact data and deeper visibility throughout the supply chain.

Unlike current assessment tools the Dayrize technology generates detailed impact reports at scale and speed making it highly relevant for extensive and complex product portfolios.

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    Dayrize Future Proofs Retailers’ Business by Providing ESG-Compliant Climate Impact Assessment

    Dayrize climate technology offers major big box retailers transparency into the planetary impact of their own and third-party CPG products within the framework of upcoming and current global ESG regulations

    AMSTERDAM and NEW YORK CITY  – Dayrize, a climate tech company that provides rapid, accurate and holistic impact assessments of consumer products within the framework of global ESG regulations, will showcase its environmental impact assessment technology at NRF 2023 from January 15 - 17, 2023, at booth 760. Dayrize offers the most-advanced automated impact measurement technology on the market, which gives retailers and manufacturers impact transparency throughout the entire supply chain for CPG products from sectors such as apparel, health & beauty, home, lifestyle, recreation and more. View a short video of Dayrize here.

    Dayrize currently works with major big box retailers in the U.S. and U.K. to assess the climate impact of retailers’ own store brand products as well as items by third-party manufacturers. Most companies struggle to measure the impact of their products due to a lack of data through their supply chain and the cost of existing measurement solutions. The Dayrize technology evaluates the environmental footprint of a product even when supply chain data is missing or fragmented. Dayrize’s industry-first impact assessment offers an accessible and scalable solution for companies with large and complex product assortments and does this within the framework of global regulatory compliance.

    The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced stricter ESG rules in March 2022 and the European Parliament will adopt even more stringent regulations for EU companies and any company doing substantial business in the EU taking effect in January 2024. As a result, retailers need to be able to adhere to significantly more stringent reporting standards. Dayrize has the ability to help retailers measure the environmental impact of thousands of product items at scale, enabling retailers to future proof their business against the complex landscape of current and impending ESG legislation.

    “Retailers face increased scrutiny for their climate impact and have a responsibility to faithfully report on how they meet ESG standards in various markets,” said Dayrize CEO and co-founder Austin Simms. “Currently, retailers’ sustainability and procurement departments can only rely on the data provided by producers. Dayrize offers real vetted data and transparency that enables retailers to accurately report, and just as importantly, tackle sustainability challenges where it matters most. The response to Dayrize has been amazing and we have exceeded our annual sales targets by more than 50%. Our ambitious goal is to bring impact transparency to every consumer product in the world.”

    How Dayrize Works and Dayrize Scoring Methodology.

    Dayrize’s environmental impact assessment technology uses complex algorithms combined with geospatial mapping to assess the environmental impact of any consumer product. The complex scoring system aggregates the information for each product into a simple score out of 100 called the Dayrize Score. The Dayrize Score evaluates five key factors across the entire product cycle — from raw material extraction to disposal — to provide a holistic assessment of sustainability performance:

    • Circularity: How well an individual product minimizes waste by reusing and recycling resources to create a closed loop system.
    • Climate Impact: How greenhouse gas intensive the production of the product has been.
    • Ecosystem Impact: What the impact of the product is on biodiversity and water depletion.
    • Livelihoods and Wellbeing: How each product impacts the health and wellbeing of the people involved in creating it.
    • Purpose: How meaningful a product’s purpose is by looking at the value that it provides, and the potential it has to be an accelerator for good.

    Dayrize uses 31 databases — including 14 proprietary ones — to gain insights into the environmental impact of all kinds of products, including consumer packaged goods and apparel. Dayrize’s standard reporting provides one simple language for measuring and reporting sustainability to both internal and external stakeholders, and allows companies to set and measure progress against sustainability targets. Retailers access their scores in a live dashboard where it is easy to compare and benchmark product types for impact hotspots, as well as find meaningful insights into how they can reduce impact throughout a product’s lifecycle.

    Developed by a renowned team of scientists with a passion for tackling global sustainability challenges and advancing a circular economy, the scoring methodology for Dayrize is continuously and extensively peer reviewed by a team of 80+ industrial ecologists and sustainability experts.

    Contact to set up a press meeting prior to or during NRF, or visit to learn more. Access the Dayrize media kit here.

    About Dayrize

    Dayrize is a climate tech company that provides environmental and social impact transparency to bring global consumption within planetary boundaries. Dayrize believes companies can create real change with the right information. Our world-first proprietary technology is the only technology that rapidly, accurately and holistically assesses the environmental and social impact of individual consumer products at scale. By measuring the impact of consumer products, Dayrize empowers businesses to reduce their environmental footprint.

    Founded in 2020, Dayrize is a privately held company headquartered in Amsterdam. For more information, visit Dayrize on social media LinkedIn,  YouTube or online at

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    Product impact assessments...

  • Identify the true impact of your products and set targets for impact reduction with internal teams and external suppliers.

    Assess the impact for new products for benchmarking before starting manufacturing.

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    Impact Reports
    Each product receives detailed impact report across the 5 dimensions of sustainability.


  • Detailed breakdown of your product’s impact

    Actionable insights to drive business decisionsBenchmark comparisons with industry products

    Breakdown of impact between product and packaging

    Downloadable reports for integration with internal tools

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  • Management reports provide an overview of impact across your entire range of products. Filter reports by product category, product range, brand or sustainability dimension.

    Easily compare impact across your range of products and identify hotspots to assist in allocating resources. Set and manage impact KPI’s for your product teams.