Deeping Source Inc.

Korea (South)
  • Booth: 646

Deeping Source is bringing its software platform, THE SOURCE, to North America. With THE SOURCE, you can gain actionable data in real-time while using existing cameras, and you can protect the privacy of the public in a SNAP.

Unlike traditional analytic platforms, S.N.A.P. (Specialized Neural Anonymization Platform) allows the programs that make up THE SOURCE to, at the discretion of the user or the public being filmed by the user, to totally anonymize the individual without hampering the ability of A.I. to gather data points.

THE SOURCE by Deeping Source also provides a series of unique programs within the software platform. Gaze Tracking can be used to see where a person is looking on a street or on a shelf; Group Behavior Analysis can be used to evaluate the behavior of a group. Targeted Anonymization can be used to selectively remove a part of an image (the face, for example) while leaving the rest untouched.

THE SOURCE performs all of this in real-time and while using current infrastructure. While server side hardware is almost always required, the footprint of this is a fraction of the traditional need.