Deeyook Location Technologies LTD

Tel Aviv,  6744252 
  • Booth: 460

Deeyook offers precise location as a service through its patented wireless-based firmware solution that is self-learning, ubiquitous, ultra-precise (~10 cm), passive and low power, allowing absolute indoor and outdoor position determination.

Deeyook’s patented angle-measurement technology won first place at the HiStart Innovation Forum by Toga Networks. It also won 1st place at the 2021 Ruhr Summit Corporate Challenge pitch. 

The solution is enabled by a new absolute measurement location sensor in firmware, which is based on patented direction ascertainment technology. The mobile unit sensor is at the core of a cloud-based, Machine Learning positioning solution that passively utilizes the direction data from over a billion existing APs and base stations and operates everywhere worldwide infrastructure-free.  

The firmware can be installed in any WIFI/4G/5G radio access technology, and it works by measuring angles of wireless transmissions. Deeyook's ultra-precise location as a service can be used to track every box, asset, or employee both indoors and outdoors without environmental interference.