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Delivery Solutions provides an orchestrated delivery experience that enables success for many leading omnichannel retail clients across multiple categories. With its vast last-mile ecosystem and best-in-class solutions for same-day delivery, curbside, in-store pickup, shipping, lockers, autonomous, drones, and enhanced post-purchase notifications, Delivery Solutions optimizes last-mile delivery with innovative fulfillment models that future-proof omnichannel strategies, enhance brands, and delight customers.

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  • Same Day Delivery
    Same-Day Delivery: The Next Evolutionary Step in Last-Mile Delivery...

  • Same-Day Delivery

    • Enhance the same-day delivery capabilities of your business to meet the rapidly changing demands of your customers.
    • Increase conversions with eligibility intelligence, delivery windows, and various fulfillment options.
    • Provide an excellent shipping experience with real-time delivery tracking, estimated time of delivery, and live chat.
    • Significantly reduce operational costs with delivery orchestration and service provider estimates.

    Gone are the days of having to visit a physical retail location, grocery store, or restaurant. Technology and consumer demands are reshaping last-mile delivery. A whopping 67% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. The convenience of online shopping coupled with fast delivery has consumers buying more from brands that offer same-day delivery and other fulfillment options.

    Turn your customers into brand evangelists and repeat buyers by providing experienced-driven orchestration and post-purchase notifications with Delivery Solutions!

    The evolution of same-day delivery has proven to be phenomenally successful!

    Why? Because the benefits of an industry-leading multi-provider SaaS fulfillment and delivery solution like what we offer significantly out weights the benefits of a single provider or no solution at all!

    • Increases delivery efficiencies
    • Provides real-time tracking
    • Accelerates repeat business
    • Boosts online sales
    • Builds brand loyalty
  • Curbside Delivery
    Join the Biggest Trend in Retail with Enhanced Curbside Delivery...

  • Curbside Delivery

    • Customers have the ability to select a convenient pickup time allowing stores real-time visibility for an efficient and seamless transaction.

    • Enhance your customers' pre and post-purchases with pickup reminders, location tracking, and live customer chat.

    • The most advanced curbside technology out there

    Kick your old methods to the curb, and adopt a superior experience that will delight your customers and increase store revenue.

    Online shoppers have grown to expect curbside pickup as an option, and over 50 percent of top retailers offer curbside services. It's time to meet shoppers where they want to be with cutting-edge technology that benefits your business and your customers.

    Once a novelty, now a necessity.

    Curbside delivery is here to stay, with 85 percent of consumers planning to continue or accelerate their shopping behaviors, like curbside delivery, that they adopted in the 2020 e-commerce revolution. Meet the increased demand with a solution that is easy to implement across multiple stores and locations.


    Partner with the only company that will future-proof your brand with a leading omnichannel strategy.

    Customers have spoken

    From avoiding the need to go into stores to wanting a time-saving, convenient alternative to home delivery, reports show that half of U.S. consumerschoose curbside pickup.

    85% of shoppers have increased curbside pickup shopping habits since the pandemic.

    15% annual growth is expected in the click and sales market through 2024.

    By 2024, the size of the U.S. click and collect market is projected to exceed 140 billion dollars.

    Elevate the Customer Curbside Experiences 

    " Your Order Is Ready For Pickup Will Be Music To Your Customers' Ears. "

    84 percent of consumers say that the speed of their curbside order is ‘very important,’ which means it’s very important to us.

    With Delivery Solutions, there is a way to give your customers what they want, when they want it. Real-time updates, pickup reminders and location tracking are just a few of the ways our technology creates a smooth, efficient process. 

    Delight your customers with

    • Real-time updates
    • Ability to delay pickup times by text or chat
    • Easy identification through vehicle descriptions
    • Direct access to support

    Support your business with

    • Reduced wait times
    • Geofencing technology
    • Auto tracking
    • Automatic ETA alerts
    • Two-way text and chat capabilities
    • Decreased support center calls
    • Increased store revenue

    Don’t just meet shoppers where they are. Get there first with the leading curbside delivery platform that offers seamless transactions.

  • In-Store Pickup
    Empower Your Customers with In-Store Pickup Services...

  • The perfect blend of modern-day online shopping with the comfort of local in-store pickup.

    The wait is over. Consumers are avoiding shipping costs and long delivery timelines with the convenience of in-store pickup. 

    Provide the experience that your customers want while keeping them engaged with your brick-and-mortar store with the Delivery Solutions SaaS platform.

    The Availability of In-Store Pickup Makes a Difference

    Attract more shoppers to your store locations with the enticing services of in-store pickup. Offering a seamless pickup service matters, with 50 percent of consumers saying that they have decided where to shop online based on in-store pickup availability.

    Don’t send them somewhere else. Gain more customers with an optimized fulfillment process.

    Drive same-store sales and give shoppers the ability to opt-out of shipping costs with the leading in-store pickup platform.

    Shoppers are Adopting In-Store Pickup at Record Rates

    Why not eliminate your last-mile shipping expenses while offering your customers the ultimate convenience? In-store pickup is the win-win solution that shoppers gravitate towards.

    Cater to Your Customers and Gain a Competitive Edge with Efficient In-Store Pickup

    • 68% of U.S. consumers have made multiple click-and-collect purchases.

    • 48% of shoppers prefer in-store pickup to save on shipping costs.

    • 49% of consumers made additional purchases while picking up in-store items

    The best way to bring shoppers into your store is to meet them online

    Offer the best of both worlds with online shopping and efficient in-person pickup

    Serve customers with

    • Convenience of online shopping
    • Reduction in pickup times
    • Easy pickup rescheduling options
    • Live customer chat

    Drive your business with a strategy to

    • Optimize the fulfillment process
    • Enhance store operations
    • Drive incremental same-store sales
    • Increase revenue
    • Generate in-store foot traffic
    • Increase additional purchases

    Delight shoppers with the convenience, flexibility and efficiency of in-store pickup, where the popularity of e-commerce meets the familiarity of in-store visits.

  • Returns
    Returns Even Better...

  • Returns

    Returns are one of the most challenging aspects of having a digital storefront. It complicates the process for customers and businesses, causing unwanted friction in the customer experience. Regardless of the hassle of returning items, thee-commerce return rate still hovers around 20-30%.

    That’s why we created a delivery solution that makes your return process: even better. If you’re a retailer looking for reliable home pickup return methods, you’ve come to the right place.

    Here's everything you need to know about our new return feature.

    How our new returns solution works

    We've developed a reliable home pickup returns method that takes the stress out of returning items of all sizes. Our hosted online return portal allows customers to make returns and exchange products online. We automate the process and keep returns flowing so that it doesn't bog down your customer service team.

    Our Delivery Solutions orchestration engine is there to help drive return rules and methods in just a few simple clicks. As a retailer, you’ll have complete access to return-based notifications, tracking, and a suite of analytic tools to help you stay in the know.

    Our return feature is revolutionary and has the power to improve the customer experience. When returning big and bulky items, some customers have to wait up to two weeks for a company to pick up the items from their homes. This can cause unwanted stress for the consumer and negatively impact their relationship with your brand.

    With our solution, you can offer a seamless experience. We provide pickup windows similar to smart delivery windows offered in our outbound flow solution for higher-cost items such as electronics. Once the customer submits a return, we handle everything from dispatch to post-purchase and returns.

    The benefits of our SaaS Returns Platform

    Branded hosted portal

    Our hosted portal is easy to use and has a returns eligibility rule engine for enhanced flexibility and customization. With our returns method orchestration, customers can easily choose between home pickup, ship it back, keep the item, or return it store. Offering different return methods can provide retailers with cost savings and a better consumer experience.

    Returns tracking visibility

    We make it easy to track returns in-real time. This will help you connect with your customers, manage return policies and fees, and keep things moving in the right direction.

    Track data and analytics

    With our return analytics, you can find new ways to improve the customer return experience. Our data and insights provide you with the insider knowledge you need to improve your return strategy over time.

    Decrease return-related customer service calls

    Our solution helps you automate your return process. With automation, you'll see a decrease in customer service calls and an improvement in the overall customer experience. With fewer calls about returns, your customer service team will get time back in their day to focus on more crucial tasks and customer problems.

    A single solution for the end-to-end buyer journey

    At Delivery Solutions, we take care of it all. We're here to help you with in-store and curbside pickup, same-day delivery, shipping, and post-purchase. We've added returns into the mix to enhance your omnichannel strategy so you can improve the experience for your employees and your customer.

    Flexible orchestration rules

    Our solution makes it possible to set unique requirements and rules on eligibility, shipment, and disposition methods in the market. With this flexibility, you can build a custom return program.

    Quicker returns, no matter the size

    We eliminate the hassle that comes with shipping big and bulky returns. We have strategic partnerships with courier services like UPS, Roadie, and Coyote to provide a flexible, stress-free solution for your team, which is not currently found in the market anywhere else.

    Enhanced window pickup for returns

    If you enjoy the smart window pickup for returns with our outbound journey, you'll be happy to know we're now offering it with our returns. Through our same-day delivery partners and providers, we are about to provide smart window pickups for returns. This feature is particularly beneficial for bulky items, electronics, or high-value items.

  • Post Purchase
    ‘Add to Cart’ is only the beginning....

  • Post Purchase

    From the moment a customer clicks ‘add to cart’ until the package is delivered to their doorstep, Delivery Solutions is behind the scenes of your brand, keeping consumers fully in the know. 

    Don’t leave shoppers wondering and waiting.

    Where’s my order? 
    When will my items be delivered? 
    How will I know when it arrives?

    Answer your customers’ questions before they even have a chance to ask. Communication is key, and it’s time to unlock more loyal, satisfied shoppers with the power of post-purchase services.

    Keep your brand at the forefront 100% of the time

    With full white-labeling services, your customers will communicate with your brand and your brand only. Don’t confuse them with text or email updates with the Delivery Solutions logo. Keep your brand’s image, logo and voice, front and center and let us take care of the rest.

    Let us do the work, while your brand gets the recognition.

    • Offer customized text, chat, and email messages
    • Send personalized notifications via the shopper’s preferred communication method
    • Keep Delivery Solutions as the behind-the-scenes power of your branded communications
    • Eliminate confusion by allowing only your logo to be visible
    • Recommend hot products in delivery updates to drive new revenue

    You don’t want shoppers to abandon their carts. 

    They don’t want you to abandon their orders.

    The customer experience doesn’t end at checkout. With Delivery Solutions, you can offer an efficient end-to-end solution so that your brand shines from purchase to delivery. Just because the order shipped doesn’t mean the job is done. Let our team take over with an automated system that engages customers until their package is safely delivered.

    Send Notifications Not Spam

    The last thing your customers want is an inbox full of notifications. Create efficient communications that won’t be ignored with Delivery Solutions’ cutting-edge customer profiles.

    • Eliminate multiple customer-facing order numbers
    • Get automated package grouping, so three orders can be tracked in one spot
    • Create a space for customers to view all orders at once
    • Send single notifications
    • Avoid sending unwanted messages that end up in the junk folder

    ‘Add to Cart’ is only the beginning. 

    Don’t Disappear Before Customer’s Packages are Delivered. Keep your customers in the loop on their order status with efficient updates to build brand loyalty and strengthen relationships.

    Build Trust: Ensure accurate delivery estimates, and build customer confidence in your brand by promptly delivering items when you say you will.

    Communicate Efficiently: Meet customers where they are by sending updates across SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, email, and more.

    Create Loyalty: Offer full transparency with intelligent messaging, from ‘order assigned’ to ‘order delivered.’

  • Shipping
    Reliable Delivery Estimates and Stress-Free Shipping...

  • Reliable Delivery Estimates and Stress-Free Shipping

    Set delivery expectations that customers can count on with the leaders in e-commerce delivery orchestration.

    Eliminate unnecessary steps and unwanted stress with a streamlined shipping process.

    Let customers know exactly when their products will arrive with transparency and automated communication.

    93% of consumers want to stay informed throughout the delivery process.

    51% of shoppers want real-time visibility into the status of their orders.

    • Manage high volumes of shipments across multiple carriers.
    • Provide accurate price estimates for each carrier.
    • Orchestrate and track delivery drivers.

    Get the advantage of partnering with major carriers to offer your customers the best possible shipping rates. Delivery Solutions’ cutting-edge software coordinates everything from number of orders to delivery distance to provide the most efficient customer experience.

    Your brand stays in the spotlight while Delivery Solutions drives the orchestration. 

    Major carriers deliver your products to customers, and your brand remains front and center to build loyalty and convert shoppers into customers.

    The end-to-end delivery solution from package pickup to doorstep delivery.

    • Access to 40+ delivery providers through a one-time integration
    • Easy to add new delivery providers
    • Maintain uniform shipping labels regardless of multiple carriers
    • Optimize warehouse operations

    We provide reliable shipping with same-day delivery offerings.