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Launched in 2015, Digitate is a leading SaaS-based, autonomous enterprise software provider, bringing agility, assurance, and resiliency to IT and business operations. 

Digitate's flagship product, ignio™, is an award-winning AIOps solution that reimagines the enterprise business landscape with its distinctive closed-loop approach. It combines context, insights, and intelligent automation to autonomously resolve and prevent issues across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. 

Our customers span multiple industries, including Fortune 500 companies and global enterprises that are leaders and innovators in retail. By unlocking the value of predictive and proactive IT and business operations, Digitate is empowering customers to innovate and manage workloads, increasing business velocity, and delivering superior end-user experiences.

 Press Releases

  • Total Economic Impact™ Study Finds Digitate ignio™ Platform Delivers 185% ROI and Brief Nine-Month Payback Period

    Analysis shows ignio™ delivers 90% reduction in downtime, mean-time-to-detect (MTTD) and mean-time-to-repair (MTTR)

    SANTA CLARA, Calif.-- Digitate, a leading provider of SaaS-based autonomous enterprise software for IT and business operations, today announced the results of a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study of Digitate’s flagship ignio™ platform. A commissioned analysis conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Digitate released in April 2022 found that companies using ignio™ — an end-to-end, AIOps platform that brings intelligent automation to IT and business operations — stand to recoup their investment after a mere nine-month payback period and ultimately achieve a return on investment (ROI) of 185%. Read the full report here.

    “These dramatic findings quantify the potential value of leveraging machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) for predictive and proactive IT and business operations as well as out-of-the-box use cases that Digitate has developed for our global client base,” said Rajiv Nayan, General Manager, Digitate. “The results demonstrate Digitate’s success in providing customers across a variety of industries with the tools they need to modernize their IT environments and increase business velocity.”

    A Forrester TEI report goes beyond normal run-of-the-mill statistical estimates of ROI, relying instead on a rigorous methodology and real-world considerations to create an extremely comprehensive and accurate assessment of a product’s true value. In evaluating ignio™, Forrester applied its proven, industry-standard framework for assessing benefits, costs, flexibility, and risks. The process included independent research, market due diligence, and extensive interviews with five Digitate customers.

    Beyond the 185% ROI and payback period, additional quantified benefits of ignio™ identified in the Forrester study include:

    · 90% reduction in monitored system downtime

    · 90+% reduction in mean-time-to-detect (MTTD) and mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) incidents

    · $6.61 million in Net Present Value (present future net cash flows, given an interest rate)

    · Improved IT operations team productivity and scaling, allowing for a 60% smaller headcount in pursuing future business expansion

    As organizations transition away from traditional in-house IT infrastructure to modern and agile IT systems, the volume of data being created can be overwhelming. This leaves IT teams struggling with numerous challenges, like infrastructure complexities and long delays in isolating and resolving IT issues. Digitate’s ignio™ autonomous enterprise software helps make this transition seamless by bringing adaptability, predictability, and simplification to IT and business operations — thereby ensuring organizations maximize business benefits from their IT investments.

    Significantly, Forrester’s client interviews were conducted before Digitate’s most recent release — Dragon, which expands the benefits of ignio™ with enhanced product functionalities and support for multi-cloud environments. The Dragon version, released in January 2022, allows enterprises at any stage of their digital journey to leverage automation, AI, and ML capabilities with SaaS-based, pre-packaged solutions across IT and business operations. The AIOps for multi-cloud support module intelligently detects cloud resources and access sprawl to eliminate unnecessary costs and security risks. It also minimizes IT policy compliance risks, with more than 5,500 out-of-the-box compliance controls. As such, the value reflected in Forrester’s TEI report on ignio™ is now further amplified by the release of the Dragon version.

    To learn more about Forrester’s evaluation, please view the full report here.


    About Digitate

    Digitate is a leading software provider bringing agility, assurance, and resiliency to IT and business operations. Digitate’s flagship product, ignio™, is an award-winning AIOps solution that reimagines the enterprise business landscape with its distinctive closed-loop approach. It combines context, insights, and intelligent automation to autonomously resolve and prevent issues. Our customers span multiple industries and include global enterprises that are leaders and innovators. To stay up to date on ignio™ news and learn how our clients across the globe have benefited from our innovative solutions, visit us at www.digitate.com and follow Digitate on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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  • IT Survey Finds Enterprises Identify Automation and Generative AI as Top Business Priorities

    Digitate report studies IT leaders’ automation goals and roadmaps, with 26% of companies planning a shift toward more autonomous operations in the next 5 years

    SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Digitate, a leading provider of SaaS-based enterprise software for IT and business operations, today released the results of its new study, “AI and Automation: Laying the Foundation for the Autonomous Enterprise” revealing that 90% of IT decision-makers plan to deploy more automation, including AI, in the next 12 months.

    More than one-quarter of respondents (26%) plan to implement machine-operated tasks that require limited human input or fully transition to autonomous systems in the next five years. That said, keeping humans in the loop will also remain critical, as 30% reported their organization will have an equal proportion of automation and human processing.

    “IT leaders have long known that AI-powered automation is essential for survival in a digitally driven economy. The research showed most companies realize this and are taking urgent action to increase investments in this area,” said Avi Bhagtani, CMO of Digitate. “The difference is that now enterprises are embracing AI and automation to improve business KPIs, and enhance employee productivity as well as customer satisfaction, thereby accelerating their path to the autonomous enterprise.

    The report evaluates how IT decision-makers are implementing automation in their organizations. It was conducted in conjunction with Sapio Research, and surveyed 601 IT decision-makers working in organizations with 1,000+ employees across the U.S.

    Additional top findings of the survey include:

    • IT complexity is a top internal challenge: Forty-four percent of respondents report the biggest internal challenge is growing IT complexity due to cloud migration and adoption. Most respondents (92%) reported they already have a multi-vendor cloud strategy or are planning to move to one. As a result, two-thirds of IT leaders plan to implement additional IT automation in the next 12 months (67%).
    • Automate or be left in the dust: Most organizations are focusing automation efforts first in the IT department (90%), with finance (89%) and customer support (89%) also planning to automate processes in the next 12 months. Enterprises report experimenting with different types of automation as well: 74% of organizations have experimented with generative AI, followed by workflow automation (68%) and AIOps (65%).
    • AI’s impact on the workforce: This speed to implement automation raises questions about the future of the workforce; when asked about top concerns for deploying automation in their organizations, one in four (26%) of IT leaders said that the main drawback to automation is the perception of workplace insecurity and job redundancy for employees. Paradoxically, 60% of the IT decision-makers stated that implementing automation in their organization led to both improved employee satisfaction and increased productivity.
    • Fears of cyberattacks weigh on executives’ minds: Over half (54%) of IT decision-makers see cybersecurity as the biggest external risk for their organization over the next 12 months, even more than the recession (36%). However, only 38% have deployed automation to address cybersecurity risks, while 49% of respondents plan to implement some form of automation within six months. 

    To view the full report, please visit here.

  • SAP User Survey Finds Customer Experience, User Productivity, and AI/ML as Top Priorities across Business and IT​

    SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Digitate, a leading provider of SaaS-based enterprise software for IT and business operations, today released a study conducted in partnership with ASUG, America’s largest network of SAP customers, partners, and professionals, probing the issues that are top-of-mind for SAP users. The results revealed that 90% of the SAP users experienced SAP application downtime. Furthermore, two-thirds of respondents report that they spent up to 25% of their daily time resolving these unpredictable issues.

    SAP dominates the enterprise resource planning (ERP) market and its ability to automate, optimize, and analyze a vast range of business functions makes it the first choice for many organizations. Yet SAP solutions can be complex and challenging to administer, particularly as users are being encouraged to migrate to SAP’s latest cloud-based S/4HANA platform. The survey, Evaluating Automation and SAP Transformations, polled SAP power users and administrators from more than 150 different organizations in North America spanning industries ranging from manufacturing to retail to utilities. The goal of the study was to better identify how they experience SAP operational transformations, business process redesign, and automation at their organizations.

    While internal downtime impacts were said to be experienced much more than external impacts, business user impacts due to SAP downtime were, unsurprisingly, the overriding concern for respondents, with 39% noting a direct impact on customers. Integration challenges were identified as the top contributor to unplanned downtime. In fact, almost all respondents (95%) reported facing integration issues, with data inconsistency representing the most widely experienced challenge.

    “Users across the SAP landscape are looking for technology optimizations to reduce their challenges of scale, speed, and performance – and this is confirmed by the findings of the survey,” said Ugo Orsi, Chief Customer Officer at Digitate. “We have applied AI/ML and automation to SAP operations across the IT and business landscape and helped enable digital transformation across many of the major global enterprises.”

    Keys findings of the survey include:

    • Impacts of downtime
      • For the majority of respondents (66%), up to one quarter of their time is spent on unpredictable issues that affect SAP application downtime. Overwhelmingly, business user impacts are the top concern/impact due to downtime. Internal downtime impacts are experienced much more than external impacts, though 39% still noted direct impact to customers.
    • Leveraging SAP automation solutions
      • Leveraging SAP automation solutions represents uncertainty as almost half of respondents were unable to assess this at their organization. That said, when they were certain, the largest share (42%) feel their organizations are not leveraging solutions as much as they could. Overall, more openness and efforts to adapt new technology, back-end support, and automation across systems are needed to realize benefits.
    • Transforming SAP operations
      • Given the anticipation for automation to reduce the amount of time spent on manual patch upgrades, reducing manual processes is the top-ranked initiative needed to improve SAP operations.
      • Data analytics/dashboard insights and supply chain optimization are other leading technologies/initiatives needed. More than half also selected automation.
    • Usage of AI/ML and monitoring tools
      • Though just 15% are currently using AI/ML, 33% are considering it in the future.
      • The majority of respondents are using up to 20 tools to monitor different elements of their SAP systems.
    • Operational KPIs and ticket resolution
      • The KPI of resolving tickets without human intervention is still a distant goal for many; only 41% said they often met it. The largest share of respondents said 10% or less of tickets are resolved automatically. 29% had no tickets resolved automatically.

    It’s clear from the survey that automation and SAP S/4HANA are top-of-mind for customers. While some respondents are eager to move from their legacy systems to S/4 to take advantage of new capabilities/features, quite a few others must migrate their legacy systems to S/4HANA as a mandate. 

  • Innovation and Enhanced Functionality Drives AIOps Momentum for Digitate in 2023

    SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Digitate, a leading provider of SaaS-based autonomous enterprise software for IT and business operations, today reflected on a number of key achievement to date in 2023 that has driven sustained growth for the company through key innovations that further propels the autonomous enterprise forward. In the past fiscal year, Digitate has continuously focused on pushing the boundaries of its AIOps platform with enhanced capabilities that enable customers to intelligently automate IT and business operations that deliver multiple, tangible benefits.

    Analyst Acknowledgments

    • In 2023, Digitate received industry recognition for its enterprise-grade, comprehensive AIOps capabilities from several major analyst firms and user review organizations:
    • Digitate received significant praise in the Omdia Universe for AIOps 2023-24, being recommended as a Leader in the market. Digitate led in the security operations sub-category, scoring 90%, rated highly in the data management category with a score of 88%, and performed well in the analytics and modeling sub-category with a score of 84%.
    • GigaOm AIOps Radar for June 2023 classed Digitate as both a leader and a fast mover in terms of innovation and feature play.
    • Digitate was named to Constellation Research’s ShortList™ of 15 Solutions to Know in AIOps, determined by client inquiries, partner conversations, customer references, vendor selection projects, market share, and internal research.

    The ignio™ AIOps platform garnered eight leader badges and high marks as a leader from the leading review site G2, including leader in enterprise AIOps Platforms, as well as leaders in EMEA and Americas regional AIOps Platforms. Users cited the platform’s capabilities, rich out-of-the-box functionality, customizable nature, potential for expansion, and strong client support as major positives.

    “The team here at Digitate is committed to empowering existing and new customers to reimagine and transform their operation through AIOps and intelligent automation through the integration of AIOps to drive resiliency, agility, real business value, business confidence, and unmatched customer experiences,” said Rajiv Nayan, Vice President, Sales and Client Services Digitate. “The evolution of AIOps continues at pace, now economizing generative AI, the ongoing maturity of observability, and augmented and explainable intelligence. We are excited at the progress made this year, and 2024 holds a wealth of opportunities for Digitate, our partners, and customers.”

    Enhanced Functionality and Generative AI Drive Innovation

    Late March saw a major advance for the flagship ignio™ AIOps suite with the launch of the latest release, Eagle, empowering organizations with enhanced autonomous operations, advanced observability, explainable AI, and cloud management for increased agility. It tackles business challenges through better risk management, intelligent patching, and streamlined change management. Eagle enhances user experience with customizable dashboards, proactive health checks, and centralized control for faster issue resolution and improved visibility.

    Further strengthening its AI offering, in August Digitate augmented ignio™ with the addition of new generative AI capabilities designed to support the acceleration of automation for organizations through unique features such as a context-aware knowledge accelerator and integrated AI-powered assistant. Leveraging large language models (LLMs) to extract information from multiple sources, ignio™ develops a deep understanding of each organization’s unique environment. This context-aware approach optimizes automation through tailored, efficient solutions, enhancing enterprise agility, resiliency, and innovation. The integration of generative AI elevates the user experience with AI Assist—an intelligent conversation engine providing plain language explanations, resolutions, and continuous improvement insights. This seamless human-machine interaction understands language, captures context, and facilitates data-driven decision-making with confidence and ease.


  • ignio™ AIOps
    An AI and machine learning-powered platform that combines enterprise IT context, insights, and intelligent automation to deliver resilient, agile, and autonomous IT operations across hybrid and multi-cloud environments....

  • ignio™ AIOps is an AI and machine learning-powered software that combines enterprise IT context, insights, and intelligent automation to deliver resilient, agile, and autonomous IT operations across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. ignio™ detects issues, analyzes probable root causes, and triages and resolves incidents, thus closing the loop and eliminating repetitive manual processes. It also predicts events and prescribes proactive actions to prevent them. ignio™ AIOps enhances overall IT productivity by reducing alerts, tickets, MTTD​, MTTR, and similar metrics.

    Retailers can face business losses due to disrupted supply chains, in-store operation glitches, payment failures, and e-commerce outages, resulting in poor customer experiences. ignio™ AIOps mitigates these enterprise IT risks and helps retailers with uninterrupted operations. Digitate has implemented automation with AI for 900 of the drugstore chain Walgreens' SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). Learn more about how ignio™ was essential to Walgreen's operational transformation here

  • ignio™ AI.ERPOps
    An insights-driven product for autonomous SAP operations, improving business outcomes by detecting anomalies, providing analysis with recommendations, and performing actions to heal problems....

  • ignio™AI. ERPOps is an insight-driven product for autonomous SAP operations, catering to both SAP technical and functional domains. It improves business outcomes by detecting anomalies from normal behavioral patterns and providing analysis with recommendations. Further, it operates proactively by identifying future issues and constraints through SAP ERP-wide health checks, improving resilience. It enables accurate, on-time financial reporting, sales forecasting, billing, and shipping, which makes your enterprise more intelligent and agile. 

    For industries like retail and utilities that rely heavily on SAP, ignio™AI. ERPOps helps achieve uninterrupted business operations through end-to-end automation for incidents and service requests in SAP across the enterprise. One of the world’s largest independent power producers, ENGIE, approached Digitate for help to digitally transform its customer billing and payment process. Read how Digitate improved operations, lowered costs, and enhanced customer satisfaction and retention for ENGIE here.  

  • Digitate Business Health Monitoring for Retail
    An AI-based diagnosis solution that ensures smooth retail store operations and high-quality customer experience....

  • Retailers need end-to-end visibility of the issues impacting business. Digitate Business Health Monitoring is bringing a paradigm shift in retail technology operations, making them business-centric rather than IT-centric. The solution automatically detects and solves anomalies in the business transaction data flowing through multiple applications, middleware, and platforms. It also helps provide root cause analysis for anomalies and offers transaction data trends and analysis. Find out more about how Business Health Monitoring helped a large American supercenter chain minimize its revenue losses due to disruption in warehouse operations here.  

  • ignio™ AI.Workload Management
    An AI-driven tool for proactive workload operations that ensures efficient, agile, on-time completion of batch jobs....

  • ignio™ AI.Workload Management autonomously monitors the entire batch ecosystem for hidden anomalies, predicts batch failures, analyzes the impact on downstream SLAs, and provides early notifications to stakeholders to take proactive actions. Additionally, it reduces false alerts, diagnoses failures, takes corrective actions, and provides intelligent recommendations for fixes, enabling a closed-loop, end-to-end approach to workload management.