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Emersya is an all-in-one 3D & AR product visualization and customization platform, which empowers retailers to leverage digital assets from product ideation to sales.

The platform offers a streamlined digital product development workflow that accelerates time to market, increases sustainability and automates the generation of production data & the creation of marketing content.

Brands can efficiently create, review, & approve their new product collections online & in real-time 3D, then use the same digital twins to create Interactive 3D & AR product experiences for eCommerce & Retail.

Consumer engagement skyrockets as customers can explore products from every angle, zoom-in closely on the details, simulate product features, visualize interior components & trigger exploded views.

The Emersya platform can also be used to create & manage unique product configurators and customization experiences. Consumers can switch among all available colors, materials & products options in real-time 3D, and even add custom text and images. Customers can instantly visualize their unique product in Augmented Reality.

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  • Collaborative Product Design & Merchandising
    Emersya makes product development more efficient, collaborative & sustainable with an online solution for creating, reviewing & approving new product collections in Interactive 3D & AR. Brands can automatically generate production data & marketing content...

  • Emersya's all-in-one online platform empowers brands, manufacturers & retailers to leverage their digital assets from product ideation to commercialization, thus creating value all the way along their products’ lifecycle.

    Emersya develops an easy-to-use, browser-based solution to create, share, review and validate product collections in Interactive 3D and AR. Designers can load their product models in our real-time 3D viewer and create different variants by applying colors, materials and graphics directly onto the different product parts.

    The Interactive 3D designs can be instantly shared with global multi-disciplinary teams for them to review, make comments, and discuss the adjustments to be made, all in real-time and through a user-friendly interface.

    Using Emersya's Collaborative Design solution helps make product design workflows more efficient and sustainable by reducing the need for physical samples. It also helps streamline the workflow of transversal teams and accelerates time to market as the platform can automatically generate production data and digital sales & marketing resources.

    Using the same digital twins created by the design team, the marketing team can generate photo-realistic renders for any product variant (from any angle) and create web-based Interactive 3D & AR product experiences for sell-in and B2C sales, online and in-store.

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  • Interactive 3D Omni-channel shopping experiences
    Emersya's Interactive 3D technology empowers consumers:
    - to explore products from every angle
    - zoom in on the details
    - enjoy immersive storytelling
    - try out product features in real-time
    - discover exploded views
    - switch seamlessly among colorways...

  • Today’s world is full of digital experiences trying to distract every consumer’s attention.
    Standing out from the crowd means offering customers a unique and personalized shopping experience that exceeds consumer expectations!

    How can you engage consumers whilst effectively transmitting your product's key selling points and technical or design specifications?

    With Emersya's Interactive 3D technology you can create consumer-led, product-centric shopping experiences that turn passive shoppers into active customers!

    The web-based 3D experiences can be embedded in any website and integrated with existing CMS, eCommerce, ERP and PIM / DAM systems. The same or different but complementary 3D experiences can be shared across a brand's retail network and offered online and in-store, on any device.

    Use cases:

    - Presenting technical products through exploded views and dynamic annotations
    - Empowering online customers to discover product features through real-time 3D animations
    - Driving consumer engagement through immersive shopping experiences
    - Enhancing in-store experiences with interactive & enriched digital content
    - Presenting the whole product range digitally in-store, to combat space / stock restrictions
    - Offering unique online shopping experiences for Direct-to-consumer
    - Developing a retailer’s market place offer (new product page features)


    Samsonite 3D & AR suitcase discovery:

    Vitra 3D office chair digital user instructions:

    Whirlpool home appliances feature simulation:

    Salomon 3D trail shoe story-telling:

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  • Interactive Augmented Reality experiences
    Emersya’s Interactive AR technology empowers consumers to visualize products in their own real or virtual environments. Customers can check a product’s size in context, visualize the different options available & try out or try-on products in real-time....

  • One of the limitations of online shopping is the inability to try-out products before you buy them. What if you could empower customers to not only try out your products online, but also to visualize them in their own home!

    Using Emersya’s Augmented Reality technology and a device with an integrated camera, it is possible to project a virtual product into an online shopper's physical surroundings. The product is shown to scale (to the nearest mm!) and with the same photo-realism as in Emersya's Interactive 3D viewer. The experience takes place directly within the product page, ensuring a seamless online shopping experience.

    Emersya has also developed a virtual try-on experience for glasses and headwear. Online customers can visualize what products (such as glasses, hats, helmets etc.) would look like on themselves, directly on the brand's website.

    Use cases:

    - Empowering online customers to visualize products to scale in their own physical space
    - Allowing customers to try-out products in context before they buy online
    - Enabling online customers to virtually try on headwear in AR
    - Boosting consumer confidence and enhancing the online buyer journey
    - Building customer loyalty by increasing satisfaction
    - Reducing returns by helping customers make more informed purchases


    Samsonite suitcase discovery in AR:

    Campingaz BBQ Grill try out in AR:

    Bollé Brands sunglasses try-on in AR:

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  • Product Customization and Made-to-Order
    Emersya’s Interactive 3D technology empowers consumers to customize and configure products in real-time, add custom images, text & accessories, and visualize their final product in Augmented Reality....

  • According to recent consumer trends[1], shoppers are not only looking for unique, personalized experiences, but also the possibility to create personalized products.

    What better way to increase consumer-brand engagement than by offering customers the opportunity to co-create products with their favourite brands through an online product customizer!

    The Emersya Platform offers brands & retailers an easy, automatable process for setting up complex configurable products in 3D. Emersya facilitates the manufacturing of custom & personalized products at scale, by supplying the production files and offering an online order management system.

    Use cases:

    - Product personalization:
    Offering the possibility to personalize products or packaging with images, logos and/or custom text

    - Product customization:
    Empowering customers to co-create products their favourite brand by choosing the colors and materials for each customizable part (based on the options defined by the brand)

    - Product configuration:
    Allowing customers to configure the different components and choose from all available options to design a unique product

    These experiences can be used for:

    - Omni-channel consumer engagement through online customization and in-store pickup
    - Unique in-store product personalization experiences
    - Pure player online interactive product customization / configuration
    - Developing higher value products with a zero returns policy
    - Differentiating the Direct-to-consumer offer from the different retailers offers (options and prices can be customized by each retailer)
    - Moving towards a made-to-order production model to reduce dead stock, returns and waste.
    - Offering a customization experience for “digital only” products


    Vacheron Constantin – Watch strap customization (online & in-store)

    Vitra Eames Plastic Chair Configurator

    Victorinox – Online corporate gift customization with logo placement & editing

    KIKO Milano – In-store packing personalization

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    [1] Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2021/02/25/the-future-of-smb-retail-custom-and-personalized-products/

  • Virtual Photography at scale
    Emersya’s Virtual photography solution empowers brands to automate the generation of photo-realistic product images. It is possible to generate images for any product configuration, from any position, with any background & any lighting set up....

  • On average, online shoppers now expect to see 5-8 images and 3 videos per product where, back in 2016, consumers would be satisfied with 3 images and no video[1]. This means that for one product with 5 different colorways, a brand would need to create around 30 images!

    Brands using retailers and distributors are also faced with challenge of providing images that meet each retailer's specifications. Each retailer will often request product images taken from a specific set of angles in order to ensure their product pages remain uniform.

    Emersya’s Virtual photography solution provides an easy, automatable process for generating product images using digital twins: 3D models of the products with a high level of aesthetic fidelity. All the elements of a physical photo shoot are replaced with digital alternatives. The background, scenery and lighting are created digitally using 3D technology. It is even possible to create sets of viewpoints in order to automatically generate visuals for each new product.

    This enables brands to generate photo-realistic product images at a lower cost and with a transformative amount of flexibility, efficiency and scalability.

    The Emersya team's most recent innovation in this space uses artificial intelligence to apply a product onto photos of real people. This solution empowers brands to provide their customers with true-to-life previews of their products on a wider range of models, in different poses and with different body types and clothing styles. Customers can even upload a photo of themselves to a brand's website to to visualize themselves wearing different items of clothing.

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    [1] Source: https://www.emarketer.com/content/online-shoppers-expectations-for-visual-merchandising-rises-dramatically