Silver Spring,  MD 
United States
  • Booth: 260

Escalate increases the retention of frontline retail workers.

We do this by providing frontline workers with weekly high-support asynchronous online training that leads to industry-recognized certifications and upward mobility. We increase equity and diversify the talent pool for middle-skill roles with employees that already know and love your company.

Escalate partners with companies to utilize their tuition support for employees to attract and retain entry-level talent in high demand, hard to fill, non-technical roles for one year. During this year, employees receive 500+ hours of training for roles in tech while working 30 hours/week in their non-technical jobs. In year two, the employees transition to on-the-job training in tech roles preparing them for full-time jobs in tech in 24 months. Our training is completely asynchronous, allowing for divergent schedules and geographies. It is cohort-based and includes both hard skills and behavioral skills. The training leads to industry-recognized credentials and is designed for non-technical employees to be able to move into full-time technical roles.