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United States
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Esper enables retailers of all sizes with the software to remotely manage POS and mPOS systems, kiosks for self-checkout, store navigation, information, or line-busting, tablets for inventory management, and digital signage. With Esper, retailers can streamline operations and drive efficiency with device management features like remote control and debugging, precise telemetry, and drift management- all from a single pane of glass. Empower your workforce and captivate your retail customers.


  • Esper Foundation
    Esper Foundation is the leading commercial Android build for x86 and ARM hardware. Whether you're starting from bare metal or already managing an Android device fleet, Foundation is ready to meet you at your scale and your needs....

  • Foundation gives you the freedom to leverage the full power of Android’s massive hardware ecosystem by applying our modern DevOps approach to device management and operations.

    Truly touchless provisioning. System updates. Security patches. Virtual machines. Dual Boot. Fully remote access. This isn’t an executive wish list, it’s Esper Foundation. Our highly adaptable architecture and optional extended update support are unmatched. This is what a no-compromise device solution looks like.

  • Esper Architect
    Esper Architect is a single-pane-of-glass solution to modernize fleet management and allows for innovation. Architect takes care of the infrastructure so DevOps teams can focus on elevating core product functionality....

  • Esper Architect gives companies with mission-critical fleets scale, speed, confidence, and security. Focus on building delightful customer experiences with Esper’s trusted, purpose-built infrastructure. Remotely manage your entire fleet and applications in real time from a single pane of glass.

    Use Esper Architect’s powerful automations, cloud APIs, and DevOps toolchain to deploy core product updates reliably.

  • Esper Bridge
    Transform your dedicated fleet quickly, reliably, and securely with Esper Bridge. Global brands trust in Esper Bridge to provide the device management and infrastructure behind their customer experience....

  • Esper Bridge automates provisioning, configuring, deploying, and monitoring with our highly scalable platform. Unlike existing solutions, Esper was designed for dedicated device fleets from day one. Esper Bridge makes fleet transformation truly attainable, supporting Android devices running version 4.0 and above – all managed under a single pane of glass. Be it a kiosk, point of sale, or even custom hardware, Bridge is built to enable and scale it. It’s also secure: Esper is certified from ISO27001 to SOC-II.

    When reliability is paramount, you can trust in Esper Bridge. From a single pane of glass, remotely manage your entire fleet and applications in real-time.