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FICO (NYSE: FICO) powers decisions that help people and businesses around the world prosper. Founded in 1956 and based in Bozeman, MT, FICO pioneered the development and application of the critical technologies behind decision management, including predictive analytics, AI/ML, business rules, and optimization. FICO holds over 200 US and foreign patents on solutions that enable companies to author, execute, manage, scale, and centralize decisioning processes across the business lifecycle. Clients and partners in industries as varied as retail, manufacturing, energy & utilities, financial services, government, telecommunications, insurance, and healthcare have applied FICO’s capabilities to increase profitability and customer satisfaction, identify fraud, personalize offers, breakdown data silos, and improve agility. Learn more at


  • FICO Platform
    FICO Platform provides a full suite of decision management authoring components.

  • FICO Platform enables organizations to make the best decisions possible by enabling firms to:

    • Ingest and explore data
    • Discover, execute and operationalize analytic insights
    • Create and deliver engaging web & mobile applications
    • Track and improve models & strategies

    FICO Platform provides an unmatched set of features and capabilities, including:

    • Rich, configurable user interfaces for browser and mobile
    • Management tools to generate insights, increase control and drive learning
    • Performance reporting through dashboards and reports
    • Seamless integration of new application functionality with FICO/partner solutions

  • FICO Fraud Protection & Compliance
    The world’s most comprehensive platform to fight financial crime...

  • Balancing fraud losses, regulatory requirements, and customer experience in a rapidly evolving digital landscape becomes even more challenging with rising criminal sophistication. Fortunately, FICO offers the world’s leading suite of fraud, compliance, and identity management solutions with layered controls across the customer lifecycle, tailored and tuned to your organization's needs. FICO’s integrated, cloud-ready technologies are:

    • Comprehensive - Providing fraud detection, financial crime compliance, and customer identity management solutions
    • Connected - Connecting your data to make context-relevant decisions across products and throughout the customer lifecycle
    • Platform-Enabled - Using the same data, systems, and interfaces to identify all types of financial crimes
    • Targeted - Optimizing to identify a wide array of criminal behavior with domain-driven machine learning
    • Effective - Chosen by more than 9,000 enterprise clients to stop fraud while preserving the customer experience
  • FICO Xpress Optimization
    Regardless of the industry you’re working within, FICO Xpress Optimization helps companies improve the speed and accuracy of critical decision-making for the world’s most common business problem types....

  • Solving large complex optimization problems can be the difference between success and failure in today's marketplace. FICO Xpress Optimization allows businesses to solve their toughest problems, faster. FICO’s deep portfolio of optimization options enables users to easily build, deploy and use optimization solutions that meet their needs. Standard capabilities include scalable high-performance solvers and algorithms, flexible modeling environments, rapid application development, comparative scenario analysis and reporting capabilities, for on-premises and cloud installations. With FICO Xpress Optimization, your firm will: 

    • Solve your most difficult business problems - FICO offers powerful and versatile optimization solutions and flexible language support to model more accurately and solve highly complex, real-world problems. FICO offers a complete set of industry leading optimization and modeling technologies to solve linear, mixed-integer, nonlinear or constraint programming types of problems at scale.
    • Rapidly configure and deploy applications - Data scientists and operations researchers can quickly deploy their analytic and optimization models written in Python or Xpress Mosel into fully-fledged business applications. UI development of interactive analytic applications is easily done via drag-and-drop.
    • Integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence - FICO Xpress Optimization is designed to integrate with existing and future machine learning tools. Proven integrations include: the entire Python and R ecosystem; MATLAB; model scores input as data; all PMML formats; callable “black-box” models.
    • Allow every type of user to utilize optimization - FICO offers optimization products, solutions, and services that allow every level of user to successfully apply optimization to solve business problems, including features and functionality for business users and analysts, solution developers, data scientists and operations research professionals.
  • FICO Customer Communication Services
    High-scale, low-cost individualized dialogues...

  • Whether the aim is to complete an onboarding process, send a notification, collect a payment, or verify a suspicious transaction, FICO Customer Communication Services increases probability of success. This intelligent omni-channel digital communication manager helps you abide by customer channel preferences and schedule specific types of contacts for when data shows consumers are most likely to be receptive. With no limit to the number of cases Customer Communication Services can handle per hour, your contact strategies are no longer dependent on labor capacity and work shift schedules.

    With Customer Communication Services, you can expand communication coverage without increasing FTEs. Reduce delinquencies by providing predelinquency reminders, information, and assistance to all customers with a tendency to miss payments or whose credit risk is rising. Catch additional fraud by verifying a larger number of suspicious transactions, not just those with the highest fraud scores.

    • Go all the way to omni. Customer Communication Services is more than a dialer or SMS option. It manages two-way dialogues across any mix of email, SMS, mobile apps, IVR, online sites/portals, and virtual or human agents. Data and outcomes from each action automatically affect subsequent actions scheduled for other channels.
    • Minimize friction. In surveys, a majority of consumers say they prefer self-service, virtual agent, and other auto-resolution communications because they’re fast, easy, convenient, and private. And the proof is in the results: A bank tested self-service fraud checks with 2.6 million customers—80% of whom responded within five minutes. A collections operation using self-service achieved a 79% pay or promise rate, with 69% conversion from promise to pay. Customer Communication Services also increases ease and reduces friction by accepting e-signatures and enabling consumers to submit supporting documents from mobile devices.
    • React faster to change. Respond faster to economic and social disruptions, changing regulatory requirements, market conditions, and consumer behavioral trends. Modify communication strategies, rules, workflows, and scripts without assistance from IT.
    • Try more, learn more. Conduct controlled experiments with different timed sequences across channels. Because Customer Communication Services is omni-channel, you don’t have to piece together data from different systems to see how well strategies are working and compare results.
    • Up-level contact strategy intelligence. Customer Communication Services has its own rules-based logic for controlling communication workflows and and adjusting contact strategies for client exclusions, channel windows, and customer permissions and preferences. It also returns detailed interaction and outcome data to host systems, where you can use it, for example, to improve risk-based segmentation or enable fraud detection models to adapt faster to changing behavior and emerging fraud schemes. Analyze the data with predictive analytics, machine learning, and mathematical optimization to make collection strategies even smarter.
    • Know you’re compliant. A configurable compliance framework enforces regulatory rules specific to use case, account characteristics, geography, and legal jurisdiction. This includes Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) requirements, as well as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rights of access, rectification, erasure, and more. Customer Communication Services also creates an audit trail for efficient reporting.
  • FICO Decision Modeler
    FICO Decision Modeler enables business users to author, test, and optimize decision logic that delivers higher profitability, lower personnel development costs, and the flexibility to rapidly iterate and adapt to current and future business climates....

  • FICO Decision Modeler brings the power of FICO Blaze Advisor decision rules management system to the cloud. It comes with the same core decisioning capabilities and technologies as Blaze Advisor but is completely designed and architected with a cloud-first, platform-enabled guiding principle from the very beginning. Now, on top of world’s leading-edge decision rules management system and rules engine, you can take full advantage of FICO Platform to gain enterprise-grade capabilities such as connected and centralized decisioning, continuous decision governance and self-improving, high availability, stringent security, flexible scalability, universal accessibility, five-9s reliability all from the cloud. With FICO Decision Modeler, your business users can only become more empowered, your analytic investments more rapidly monetized, your cross-business-line collaborations more enterprise ready, your business operations more agile and proactive, the decisions your organization makes more accurate, ethical, explainable, and your regulatory compliance level more ensured.

    With FICO Decision Modeler, your organization wil:

    • Empower business users to create, maintain and control business policies and procedures
    • Integrate analytics for rapid deployment of predictive models and scores
    • Automate high-volume operational decisions quickly and effectively to improve business agility
    • Enable collaboration to operationalize and institutionalize your decision strategies
    • Connect decisions to transform, automate and build stronger engagement
    • Improve the precision of decision-making with greater transparency and stronger management of decision structure