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Forter is the Trust Platform for digital commerce. With Forter, enterprises generate more revenue and reduce losses to fraud and abuse by making accurate and real-time decisions about every digital interaction. Forter was founded on the insight that it’s not about what is being purchased, nor where, but who is behind the interaction. As a result, Forter continues to expand its global customer network— processing more than $250 billion in gross merchandise value per year.

Forter is entrusted by digital commerce leaders across industries, including Nordstrom, Sephora, Instacart, Adobe, Priceline, and more. These businesses are committed to ensuring that everyone who visits their sites gets the experience they deserve.

 Press Releases

  • In just four months, ChicMe reduced fraud-related payment refusals by more than 50% in key markets

    Forter, the Trust Platform for digital commerce, today announced that ChicMe, a leading online women’s fashion brand, selected Forter to support its global expansion by improving payment processing, reducing fraud and increasing order fulfillment efficiency. As a result of the partnership, the retailer has already reduced fraud-related payment refusals, increased payment transaction rates and significantly improved the manual review process for uncertain orders.

    ChicMe, a Geeko Tech fashion brand already popular in North America and Europe, experienced rapid growth throughout 2022 in Latin American markets such as Mexico and Brazil. Its mission is to consistently satisfy its customers by providing quality, on-trend fashion at affordable prices. The company aims to provide a user-friendly shopping experience that features hassle-free customer service, timely delivery and a product range that delights its customers.

    ChicMe decided to seek out a fraud prevention solution after encountering challenges with its payment and risk control processes in its emerging markets. An increase in fraudulent transactions in Latin America, for instance, directly impacted its profit margin and compromised its banking channels.

    According to Forter’s research, denying legitimate transactions can cause up to 75x more lost revenue for merchants than fraud. Known as “false declines,” these occurrences are more likely to hit new customers. New shoppers are 5-7x more likely to be declined by legacy fraud tools than returning customers. Forty percent of those shoppers who are falsely declined will then move on to purchase from a competitor instead. Knowing this risk, ChicMe quickly jumped into action to reverse these challenges, improve the user experience across all regions and ultimately set the entire business up for success.

    The brand selected Forter for its deep understanding of identity, accuracy in declaring legitimate transactions trustworthy, and use of automation to prevent fraud and improve the overall digital user experience – and ChicMe saw results almost instantly.

    “Customer satisfaction, experience and security are a key priority for us. Balancing these priorities with our plans for market expansion became a growing challenge,” said Li Feng, chief technology officer, Geeko Tech. “Working with Forter has empowered us to scale our business while maintaining superior customer experience and blocking fraud. In fact, we’ve already increased our payment success rate by 5 percent, and payment refusals due to fraud dropped by more than 50 percent – in only four months.”

    “Leading retailers like ChicMe understand that solving for fraud accurately and instantly with automation means they’re free to focus on driving business results, expanding into new markets and building lifetime customer value,” said Marcus Holm, chief revenue officer, Forter. “We’re thrilled to see the immediate impact ChicMe has had since partnering with Forter and we’re excited for what’s to come.”

    For more information about Forter’s work with the world’s leading brands, visit:

    About Geeko Tech

    Geeko Tech is a leading online marketplace for women’s fashion, which includes brands such as CHICME. Established in 2008, the company is based in Shanghai with branch offices in Guangzhou, Nanjing, Hong Kong, Hefei, Singapore, Europe and the United States. The Chicme brand was launched in 2014. Over the past seven years the business has expanded rapidly with solid growth in North America, Europe and Latin America (such as Mexico and Brazil).

    About Forter

    Forter is the Trust Platform for digital commerce. We make accurate, instant assessments of trustworthiness across every step of the buying journey. Our ability to isolate fraud and protect consumers is why Nordstrom, Sephora, Instacart, Adobe, Priceline and leaders across industries have trusted us to process more than $500 billion in transactions. Our deep understanding of identity and use of automation helps businesses prevent fraud, maximize revenue and deliver superior experiences for their consumers. Learn more at


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  • Trusted Policies
    Trusted Policies helps merchants identify and stop abuse at the source so you can protect your revenue while maintaining a quality brand experience for your genuine customers.

  • Consumer abuse is on the rise and is estimated to cost retailers over $89 billion per year.* The most popular types of abuse span across different categories including returns abuse, coupon abuse and reseller abuse. The best way to address this problem is to identify and stop abusive behavior at the source. And that’s just what Forter’s Trusted Policies product does. 


    Our solution leverages our massive dataset of over a billion identities to spot patterns in abusive behavior and stop repeat abusers before they have a chance to incur damage to your revenue. Our flexible solution enables you to create custom policies that meet the unique needs of your business and also allows you to determine the appropriate treatment strategy so you can be sure you’re always delivering the right brand experience for your customers. 


    *Source: PYMNTS Beyond eCommerce Fraud Report, November 2021

  • Smart Payments
    Forter’s Smart Payments solution optimizes payment decisions to help merchants increase approvals, reduce false declines, minimize friction and shift chargeback liability to the issuing banks.

  • Forter’s comprehensive network of over a billion online identities means we have an unparalleled dataset and deep understanding of the holistic payment ecosystem. This rich dataset provides issuing banks with greater context that helps them make better decisions about who to trust and ultimately leads to higher authorization rates. We also leverage this deep knowledge to predict issuer behavior and route transactions in a way that will maximize their chance of success. 


    Forter’s Payment Optimization leverages 3DS intelligently to decide which transactions can be exempt and which require additional authentication through either standard 3DS or frictionless 3DS to maintain regulatory compliance, authorize more borderline transactions and shift the chargeback liability from the merchants. Ultimately, this means achieving the highest conversion rate and lowest chargeback rate for merchants.

  • Trusted Identities
    Forter’s Trusted Identities works to block the creation of fake customer accounts, and the takeover of legitimate customer accounts.

  • Like any other industry, eCommerce is ever changing. As more consumers begin shopping online, instances of new account fraud and account takeover (ATOs) are skyrocketing, causing irreparable damage to brands, hits to stock prices, and customer churn.


    Forter Trusted Identities leverages our Identity Graph, Network Effects & Decision Engine to offer ATO protection and new account verification. This ensures only legitimate customers are able to successfully log in and no one is able to create duplicate or fake accounts.

  • Trusted Conversions
    Forter’s Trusted Conversions works to provide maximize conversions while minimizing fraud risks at Checkout...

  • The fraud and payment ecosystem has become increasingly complex with fraudsters growing in sophistication and emerging regulations making it more and more challenging to find the right balance between maximizing conversions, minimizing chargebacks, and delivering a seamless customer experience.

    Forter Trusted Conversions leverages its deep understanding of online identities to accurately and instantly deliver an approve/decline decision at the point of checkout. Legitimate customers get the seamless experience they deserve while fraudsters are stopped in their tracks. Forter ensures you don’t over-rotate on fraud prevention, so you can increase conversion rate, lower chargeback rate, and eliminate false declines.
  • Smart Claims
    Forter’s Smart Claims provides key insights into chargeback claims with recommended next steps which enables merchants to streamline back office operations to resolve disputes intelligently and efficiently, improve win rates, and recover lost revenue.

  • Since Forter Fraud Management will stop up to 90% of all chargebacks, the chargebacks that do occur will largely be due to first-party fraud. What makes first-party fraud difficult to proactively stop is that it’s committed by legitimate customers, so it’s both random and unpredictable by nature. 


    Forter Smart Claims connects order and claims data across payment methods and processors to fight chargebacks. By improving visibility and consolidating data to all be in one place, Chargeback Recovery intelligently recommends which claims to represent and streamlines merchant operations to enhance operational efficiency.