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FunkFlow is an End-to-End Software Solution for Automated Q-commerce Management.

Our digital platform handles all your key Q-Commerce processes from procurement to customer service. With an automated process, you’re free to reap the rewards of Q-commerce without logistics headaches.

  • Dark store logistics
  • Last mile delivery management
  • Data-driven individual customer knowledge
  • Real-time personalised product and pricing offers
  • Real-time in-app content marketing

We’ve made our modules individualised so they automatically grow with your business. The sky’s the limit!

Adding and changing SKU data is done with UI, and any platform updates happen fast and don’t affect your business.

Data-Driven Tools
All data is analysed through our AI to help you make better and more agile decisions, making your life easier and more profitable.

Enjoy peace of mind because of being protected from internal and external fraud attempts including marketing and write-offs.

Your consumers don’t want to wait for their goodies. You shouldn’t have to wait either. 

With FunkFlow you’re a one-stop shop for all your customers’ online food delivery needs.