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Scannel was established to provide automation solutions using RFID technology in the fields of textile manufacturing, apparel retail, logistics, health care, etc. Our products and services can be used in various applications such as inventory control, asset tracking, supply chain management, production management, loss prevention, brand protection and many more.

We provide consultation, design, and OEM/ODM manufacturing of RFID products and systems to incorporate with IoT and Industry 4.0 concepts for our partners who wish to increase efficiency in the workplace while reducing unnecessary expenditures.

Our goal is to promote and educate people about RFID technology by creating user friendly, innovative, and effective products and services that will help our partners in achieving true automation process for every business activity.

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  • RU224 Next-Gen UHF RFID Reader
    • Production Management
    • Inventory Management
    • Logisitics
    • Asset Management
    • Access Control
    • Process Automation...

  • The RU224 Next-Gen UHF RFID Reader was developed using the best high performance hardware technology in order for users to quickly adapt with the fast-evolving technological advances in the age of IOT.

    • Built-in Micro-Computer for Stand-alone RFID Reader Applications
    • R2000 Chip for High-Performance UHF Scanning
    • Multiple Programming Language Support
    • Multiple Communication Protocol
    • 12V Power Output for GPIO Devices (E.g. Sensors, LED Lights, Etc.)
    • GPIO with Independent Control Capabilities allow users to control devices without using RF Chip

  • Multi-function UHF Desktop Reader
    • Production
    • Warehouse
    • Logistics
    • Distribution Center
    • Retail Stores
    • Others...

  • The TS50 is a low cost UHF RFID Reader with a fine-tuned antenna that makes the TS50 RFID Reader the Perfect Solution for your UHF RFID Desktop requirements.

    Read Mode
    Read in Keyboard Emulation mode for easy integration with your System (POS, PC, etc)

    Encode Mode
    Encode Tags in multiple ways such as EAN/ UPC format, file uploading, serial number.

    Analyze Mode
    Analyze UHF RFID Tags to retrieve the data inside such as

    • USB HID / Keyboard Emulation
    • Tag Data Analyzer
    • SGTIN Encoder
    • Encode with Serial Number
    • Multi-Region Support
    • Accurate Read Area
    • Plug & Play
    • ECO Power Saving

  • Barcode to EPC UHF Desktop Reader
    • Production
    • Warehouse
    • Logistics
    • Distribution Center
    • Retail Stores
    • Others...

  • TS100A is a versatile UHF RFID Desktop Reader and Encoder with a fine-tuned antenna providing an accurate reading area that can scan multiple RFID Tags and minimize misreads. The ultra-thin profile allows a flexible hardware installation using Flush Mounting, Under-Table Mounting, or on a Desktop. It operates in two modes, connected (w/ Computer) and stand-alone mode (plug & play).

    The TS100A easily inputs the RFID Tag data to your Software Sytem’s User Interface same as using a barcode scanner. This lowers the RFID implementation costs by avoiding additional customizations on your system’s software. The Keyboard Emulation features a multi-language support so you can input special characters.

    • Barcode to RFID Conversion
    • USB HID Keyboard Emulation
    • Loss Prevention
    • Password Protection
    • Encoding History Backup
    • Multi-Region Support
    • Accurate Read Area
    • Plug & Play
    • ECO Power Saving

  • UHF RFID Antenna Series
    • Retail
    • Library Management
    • Warehouse Management
    • Access Control
    • Logistics
    • Supply Chain...

  • Our antenna series provide high performance in the Ultra High Frequency bandwidth for various RFID applications. We offer Near-Field and Far-Field antennas designed for various applications. Scannel’s antennas are developed and fine-tuned by professional RF engineers to achieve great accuracy in all aspects of antenna performance.

    NFL Series:
    Suitabe for Near-Field applications such as POS Systems in Retail, Libraries, table-top solutions, or other applications with demand for close and accurate read range.

    FFP Series:
    Designed for Long Range applications such as gates and portals for ware- house management, asset management, access control, logistics, etc.

    • Wet & Dry Inlays
    • PVC Cards
    • High Temp. Laundry Tags
    • Anti-Metal Tags
    • EAS-type Tags
    • Customized Tags...

  • Scannel offers a wide variety of RFID Tags and Labels for various applications depending on your requirements. We also offer custom design and manufacturing services using ICs from the leading brands in the RFID industry.

    Our RFID tags and labels undergo a strict quality control and assurance to provide our clients with the best products. Our experience and state of the art equipment will provide you with the most suitable RFID tags and labels for your applications.