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TO SIMPLIFY & ENRICH THE WAY WE CONNECT BRANDS, PRODUCTS, AND PEOPLE. That’s our mission. It’s challenging, but we believe it’s worthy work to rethink, transform, and unbound new value in the tools and experiences we encounter daily in our lives, both as marketers and consumers.

ALPHA is s mobile-first Connection Clienteling platform that simplifies and enriches the Sales Associate vs. Clients relationship. With ALPHA, sales associates extend a "Red Carpet" like shopping experience to their clients — a bespoke communication channel filled with product inspiration, client requests, style sessions, and one-click buy & try capabilities.

We were founded in 2021 between Florence and San Francisco to bring to all our partners and clients what we learned in the past 20+ years working in luxury, retail and digital.  ALPHA wants to remove the dry complexity, revalue the human touch and personal connections, and redefine what digital tools and experiences mean in luxury. We provide innovative tools and shopping services to keep Brand/SA + Clients engaged in inspiring conversations about products and style.

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  • The set of ALPHA mobile apps wants to amplify the human and emotional touch while shopping in-store or from home to keep sales associates and their clients engaged in an inspiring conversation about style, enhancing sales and client satisfaction.


    San Francisco, Ca, Dec 13, 2021. ALPHA, a company committed to rethinking and transforming the luxury retail industry with innovative digital experience, today launches CONNECTED CLIENTELING™. The set of apps helps the Sales Associate provide unmatched "red carpet" shopping experiences and new bespoke client services while learning all about their clients' styles and personalities.

    Founded in 2021 in between Florence and San Francisco, ALPHA is the brainchild of two veterans of the luxury industry: former Kering Executive Marcello Vignocchi and former Nike Executive Roberto Tagliabue. The company counts a world-class team of digital thinkers, business strategists, and creative makers committed to bringing premium innovative digital solutions in service of the new luxury market needs.

    “We’ve entered a new luxury era. Today’s clients are looking for a deep human, meaningful connection; an experience that is so much more than screens, data, and transactions.  Brands have to answer or bye-bye. Listen to client’s peculiarities, interpret their needs and desires, with inspiring and participative experiences — it is the new normal.” said Marcello  Vignocchi, Co- founder, ALPHA. “We asked. Are we ready? Tools like CRM, and traditional clienteling feel to belong to a past era, designed to aggressively hunt and squeeze the clients out of their data with very little in return. Online experiences are driven by convenience; they feel soulless, generic, and distant The perception is that all this tech is necessary but not loved.

    With CONNECTED CLIENTELING™ ALPHA wants to to simplify and enrich the way brand, product and people are connected, and answer the new luxury client.

    ALPHA launches with two Apps for Apple iPhone; one for the store — in the hands of client advisors and sales associates—  and one for their clients.

    ALPHA for SA brings a whole new set of clienting power in the hands of sales associates and personal shoppers: A super-easy way to register and connect with clients in-store; An intelligent dashboard to craft daily outreaches that feel personal and bespoke; A client book that carries a cross-brands always up-to-date profiles full of information about their client’s likes, dislikes, styles, and personalities; and dedicated chat rooms for inspiring one-on-one conversation about product and looks powered with service to book appointment or simply buy the suggestion in one click.

    ALPHA for clients is an exclusive invite to a red carpet of new exciting brand shopping experiences and services. With straightforward registration, conveniently from their phone, Clients can connect with their favorite Client Advisors. With ALPHA, they can reach out with styling requests and see their feed populated by ideas and proposal that fits their style, and instantly jump in chat rooms to further discuss size, colors, alternatives, and availability. ALPHA intelligently builds a crisp picture of their style and personality at every like, dislike, comment, etc.

    The benefits are clear and measurable on both fronts: Greater client satisfaction by being inspired, getting attention, getting true style advice, being recognized, and receiving a bespoke delightful experience. Better Customer lifetime value and sales for the Stores. 

    ALPHA is a Software as a Service company committed on developing innovative solutions for the  luxury retail market. Founded in 2021 between Florence and San Francisco ALPHA wants to remove the dry complexity, and revalue the human touch and personal connections, with a set of mobile apps that introduces CONNECTED CLIENTELING.

    Marcello Vignocchi - With more than 20 years’ experience first at Gucci and most recently at Kering, he built the digital retail innovation team and orchestrated all the pieces and partners to bring LUCE — one of the most revolutionary digital solutions on the market— to the hands of more than 16,000 sales associates, generating € 1,500,000,0000 in sales (2020) across all Kering's global stores. As Innovative Solution Director at Gucci, Marcello designed a new in-store experience for premium clients, enhancing store layout, blooming sales associates’ new competencies, and developing mobile solutions to empower store staff.

    Roberto Tagliabue - Digital technology native with a background in architecture, product design and brand communication. He has been at the forefront of helping brands accelerate, transform, and disrupt markets with innovative strategies and new transformative digital solutions, gaining invaluable experience during his time at Nike, where he led the digital innovation team and the ideation of the Nike+ platforms and the partnership with Apple to launch it on the market. In the most recent years he founded Awake, a digital creative firm focused on next-generation brand and retail experiences. Roberto and his team are focusing on pioneering advanced digital solutions for luxury brands— Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta — to create significant value while improving the shopping experience. Awake is the brain and design powerhouse behind LUCE.

    ALPHA is available on Apple Store