HCB Battery Co., Ltd.

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HCB Battery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004. As a leading primary lithium battery manufacturer and solution provider in China, HCB remains dedicated to leading the R&D and manufacturing of various types of primary lithium batteries.

With every improvement that is made, HCB continues to pursue perfection. Technological development & innovation are of great importance to HCB. We have been focusing on providing reliable primary lithium battery & services to the customers worldwide for more than 18years.


  • 3V 3000mAh CP505050 Lithium Pouch Battery For Alar
    There are many different models available and the customers can order what models they need;
    More than 15 million pieces Soft Pack Li-MnO2 Battery are made and sold by HCB until now;

  • High Energy Density
    The specific energy density of each battery is 391Wh/kg, more than 50% higher than steel shell lithium battery
    under the condition of the same weight
    Wide Operating Temperature Range
    The battery with a strong adaptability to temperature can be in work between -40℃ ~ +60℃
    Long Shelf Life
    The battery self-discharge less than 2% per year at room temperature
  • CP502440 1200mAh Li-MnO2 Pouch Cell for ESL
    High Voltage
    The rated voltage of each battery is 3.0V
    High Energy Density
    Wide Operating Temperature Range
    We provide a wide operating temperature range, from -40℃ to +60℃

  • Nominal Capacity:1200mAh
    Battery discharged at continuous current 1mA until voltage reaches cut-off voltage 2.0V at ambient
    temperature 23±2℃
    Nominal Voltage:3.0 V
    Maximum Continuous Current:300mA
    Battery with minimum 50% rated capacity discharged at ambient temperature 23±2℃
    Maximum Pulse Discharge Current
    Battery with minimum 50% rated capacity discharged at max pulse for 3 seconds after 27seconds
    break. Ambient temperature 23±2℃
    Storage Condition
    Temperature ≤ 30℃
    Humidity ≤ 75%RH
    Operating Temperature
    -40℃ to +60℃
    Battery Dimension
    See drawing on pag
    Max Weight:9.0g
    Self-discharge Rate:2%
    Max self-discharged rate at ambient temperature 23±2℃
    Shelf Life:10 years
    Ambient temperature 23±2℃