Paris,  Ile de France 
  • Booth: 848

Heuritech uses an AI-based visual recognition technology to predict fashion trends. This expertise has been developed mainly on social networks, which today represent the main place of expression for the modern consumer.

The analysis of our data and fashion experts, as well as our forecasts, are accessible in our platform which can offer fashion companies two scopes - market insights and product insights.

On the Market Insights platform, creative and analytical teams have access to key images, analyses, and forecasts of the fashion market. As such, Heuritech helps companies get inspired and be ready at the right moment when something is becoming desired or needed from a consumer perspective.

The Product Insights platform offers luxury and sports brands access to key information about their iconic product lines, from bags or shoes to accessories. They can thus assess the visibility and desirability of their products on social networks, measure their adoption by consumers and compare them with their main competitors.