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A leader in smart shopping cart solutions, HiCart Corporation is a platform for every retail company, and supplier of smart shopping cart technology. By seamlessly integrating AI technology for new retail industry, smart sensing algorithm, and deep learning, HiCart provides artiificial intelligence-powered samrt shopping cart enhancing customer experience and retailer efficiency.

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  • A smart shopping cart is initially designed and developed to improve customers’ shopping experience. While the smart shopping cart is still a new and fresh product, customers only know a little about the smart shopping cart.

    In this article, I will list 5 smart shopping cart functions that are important to customers.

    (1) Smart shopping cart displays items’ prices automatically.

    The smart shopping cart is equipped with a large touchscreen at the front, when customers scan an item’s bar code, the smart shopping cart displays the item’s price automatically. When customers scan another item, the smart shopping cart displays another item’s price accordingly. 

    When you shop in a supermarket, you couldn’t find some items’ prices. But using a smart shopping cart, the smart shopping cart helps you know every item’s price.

    The smart shopping cart also displays items’ detailed information, including items’ names, weight, etc.

    (2) Smart shopping cart supports customers checking out directly on the cart.

    The smart shopping cart was integrated with the supermarket ERP system as well as the payment system, customers could finish their payments directly on the smart shopping cart.

    In some supermarkets, we integrate the smart shopping cart system with a self-checkout machine, customers finish their shopping process on the smart cart, then the order will generate a QR code, customers could then finish the payment process on a self-checkout machine. It’s a very convenient way to finish the payment.

    (3) Smart shopping cart has a charging port that could support customers' charges for their mobile phones.

    The mobile phone has become a major tool in modern people’s life. People use mobile phones very frequently, especially young people.

    The smart shopping cart was designed to add a charging port, and customers could charge their mobile phones freely. This is a very convenient function for customers, especially for those who like to use mobile phones.

    (4) Smart shopping cart sends ready-to-use coupons to customers.

    As the smart shopping cart is connected to the supermarket ERP system, promotional information and coupons could be sent to customers via the smart shopping cart screen.

    As the smart shopping cart still has a data collection function, it can send coupons to precise customers based on customers’ shopping data it has collected. These coupons are all ready-to-use coupons, customers could use them immediately. These coupons will also stimulate customers to purchase more.

    (5) Smart shopping cart supports customers viewing their shopping costs all the time.

    When customers scan items’ bar codes one by one, the smart shopping cart displays items’ prices one by one, customers could also view the total cost of their shopping journey when they are shopping.

    This means customers could adjust their shopping budget freely.

  • The new version smart shopping cart has 3 distinct features.

    (1) This smart shopping cart has a larger volume and is still very light.

    Cheng Kun, CEO at HiCart, says that new smart shopping carts have a larger volume than the classic S600 model, and the weight is still very light. As it adopts one-piece plastic, this engineering plastic makes it easy for female customers to push a full-load smart shopping cart.

    On the one hand, in Europe and North America, consumers used to purchase more items in per transaction shopping, S600 model smart shopping cart couldn’t meet these customers’ needs. On the other hand, Covid-19 asked consumers to eliminate the frequency of visiting the supermarket, so customers are more likely to purchase more items in one shop.

    Under this circumstance, a larger volume of smart shopping carts is needed by customers.

    (2) This smart shopping cart has a coffee cup holder as well as a smartphone charging port.

    In Europe and America, many customers like drinking coffee in their daily life. Considering this requirement, S800 model smart shopping cart allocated a coffee cup holder on it. This enables customers to put their coffee cups on the coffee cup holder. This means customers could enjoy a cup of coffee while they are shopping using a smart shopping cart.

    The S800 model smart shopping cart also allocates a smartphone charging port, both wire, and wireless, which supports customers charging their mobile phones in the shopping process. Customers don’t need to worry that their mobile phones’ battery was used out.

    (3) The smart shopping cart adopts advanced technology and uses multiple algorithms.

    The smart shopping cart adopts artificial intelligence, computer vision, deep learning, and other advanced technologies in its smart shopping cart system.

    Take item recognition as an example, this smart shopping cart recognizes items based on a bar code scanner, artificial intelligence, weight sensor, and other multiple algorithms. The advantage of multiple algorithms is distinct, the smart shopping cart recognizes items more quickly, also, the loss prevention algorithms will be more sensitive.

    Mr. Cheng Kun said that the new version smart shopping cart, which has been available to customers in some stores in China, will also be deployed in the coming months . HiCart intends to deploy this version of smart shopping carts in Europe and America in the coming years to help transform the retail industry.

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  • Retailers adoption of smart shopping carts has so far been high , with more demand for skipping check out lines .Besides , the coronavirus is also a powerful force to boost demand for smart shopping cart project .It was surveyed that the Covid-19 has stimulated more retailers and customers focus on smart shopping cart project .

    But many retailers still know little about smart shopping cart project . So let’s make a deep introduction of a smart shopping cart project from perspective of HiCart Inc ,one of the pioneers in the smart cart and smart retail industry .

    In this article , I will introduce smart shopping cart project in details from 3 aspects , including ergonomic design ,fantastic features ,and promising advantages as a project .

    Ergonomic design

    The capacity of the HiCart S600 smart shopping cart is only 60 L ,it can bear load of 80 KG ,so it is very suitable for premium supermarket.

    The weight of the cart is only 14KG ,you can push it straightly or turn direction very easily .The angle of the handle is 45 degree ,which is comfortable for you to grasp.The bar code scanner is right under the tablet , which is very nature for you to scan bar codes .Besides , it has universal wheel ,which is very smooth and could avoid producing noise at the supermarket .

    To be honest , the HiCart S600 smart shopping cart is good-looking .

    Fantastic features

    The S600 smart shopping cart has some fantastic features ,it supports customers scan items’ bar codes and check out by themselves . This is a very good feature during the epidemic . It avoids you contacting with others also avoids long queues at the cash counter.

    It can also accompany you in the shopping process to supply you more help ,such as guiding you to shop , charging your mobile phones ,etc .

    A promising project with good ROI

    Amazon revealed a kind of smart shopping cart -Dash cart in 2020 ,which was just like a brick-and -mortar and also put a charge in retailer interest ,smart cart manufacturers said .

    Amazon Dash Cart also made another proof point to the retailers that the smart shopping cart project is a promising project .

    The smart shopping cart could send promotional information and coupons to you at appropriate time or occasion . For example ,if you buy some toothbrush , it will recommend to you some toothpaste .This will greatly increase per customer transaction and then boost sales revenue in the retail store .

    Another point that needs to be mentioned is that the smart shopping cart replaces the cashiers’ work ,so the labour cost in the store will go down .It was reported that labour cost has been a main cost source in retail industry in recent years ,especially for many countries , labour cost is very high year by year .

    That’s why we say the smart shopping cart project is a promising project with good ROI .


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  • S600 smart shopping carts could meet needs of medium to smallsupermarketsandboutiquesupermarketwithlightandhandyshopping carts with 40% weight off,comparing with traditionalshopping carts. More suitable and convenient for using in narrowspace and path. Enough basket volume of 65 liters for daily use.

  • S800 Model Smart Shopping Carts
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  • 120 liters super large volume for consumers. Simultaneouslyenjoying shopping and drinks with a coffee cup holder. Releasingpressureofcellphonepoweringoffforconsumerswhowantalongtimepurchase with a build-in charger. Prolonging longer shopping time andincreasing per customer transaction.