ICE Cobotics

Zeeland,  MI 
United States
  • Booth: 253

ICE Cobotics is a cleaning technology and solutions company working to improve wellbeing worldwide. We design and manufacture autonomous and non-autonomous floor cleaning equipment through our affordable, all-inclusive subscription, giving you access to real-time data and support from our service team. The result is greater efficiency, happier workers, and healthier environments.

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  • Cobi 18
    Compact Autonomous Floor Scrubber...

  • Cobi 18: Easy to Use and Designed for Small Spaces

    1. Easy-to-Use Compact Design 

    Due to its compact design, Cobi can fit down tight aisles and under tables, making it ideal for a variety of facilities. 

    2. Easy to Teach 

    With its simple UI (user interface), opportunity charging capabilities, and saved route maps, Cobi 18 can be easily programmed and deployed multiple times a day with the click of a button. 

    3. Easy to Operate 

    Intuitive UI (user interface) makes it easy for anyone to operate 

    • “One charge, one fill” for 90 to 120 minutes of scrubbing 
    • Compact and nimble, optimized for tighter spaces and “close to edge” cleaning 
    • Squeegee and optional dry mop attachment to help ensure dry floors 
    • Side brushes and a hopper help collect light debris 

    4. Easy to Maintain

    Minimal daily maintenance with a dual tank that is easy to empty, clean, and re-fill. 

    5. All-Inclusive Subscription

    The all-inclusive subscription allows customers an affordable and easy way to implement automation. There is no need to worry about a warranty, the subscription handles it all, starting at less than $20 a day. 


    • Low, fixed cost 
    • No additional or ongoing charges for software updates 
    • Service included 
    • Consumables included (very unusual for the market)   


    • Affordable entry into automation 
    • ROI is easy to calculate 
    • Avoids technology obsolescence  
    • Reduces downtime with simplistic service package 

    6. Advanced Navigation Technology

    Cobi 18’s advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) integrates data from a combination of different sensors to identify its surroundings and safely navigate around obstacles, even in challenging environments that include mirrors, glass, escalators, or bright sunlight. 

    7. Better Cleaning Management with Clean Score 

    ICE Cobotics’ i-SYNERGY Clean Score provides managers and end-users with an uncomplicated way to monitor, measure, and report cleaning performance across sites.   

    i-SYNERGY provides: 

    • Goal Setting Opportunities & Clean Score 
    • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports by Site 
    • Multi-Site Review  
    • Site Drill Down Review 
    • Individual Site Review 
    • Consumable Life  
    • Service Requests

    8. Sustainability Features

    Water Use- A mop and bucket typically use 6.5 gallons of water. Using Cobi 18 helps to reduce daily water usage by 60% per unit—this can be even more if Cobi replaces a 15+ gallon scrubbing machine. 

    Energy Use- Cobi runs on lithium-ion batteries which hold charges longer, last longer, and can be opportunity charged--all to reduce energy use and landfill impact.