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United States
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Ichor is a management consulting firm like no other. We ensure that business strategies work as well in the real world as they do in theory. Corporate plans too often falter when businesses don’t understand affected communities and constituencies. We can help. Whether clients face mergers, acquisitions, location changes, labor issues, or new ventures, we help them anticipate obstacles through deep and bespoke analysis. That means working with management, stakeholders, employees, and local communities to facilitate seamless execution of business objectives.

Our consultants come from diverse backgrounds, including government — from the White House to town halls — as well as NGOs, nonprofits, and press rooms. With feet on the ground in more than 70 US cities, we have the pulse of markets and people alike.Working with Fortune 1000 companies and other high-profile organizations, Ichor has particular expertise when serving highly regulated industries and those most affected by activism.


  • Planning & Alignment
    Market Prioritization, Project Management, and Training...

  • Market Prioritization: Our expertise in policy, politics, corporate strategy, and community engagement helps clients assess existing assets, initiatives, and priorities to select the most critical projects and achieve the best results.

    Project Management: Information is the key to any project. Working across departments, we communicate with stakeholders and government entities to facilitate the best outcomes.

    Training: Community engagement creates a solid foundation to ensure faster integration when a new project is introduced. We train client teams to develop and execute targeted community outreach.

  • Analytics & Research
    GIS, Local Market Research, Metrics & Reporting, Peer Benchmarking, and Stakeholder Mapping...

  • GIS: Using geographic information systems, we plot public and industry data against location references, finding meaningful patterns in public and industry data to provide one-of- akind insights to our clients.

    Local Market Research: Our proprietary tools focus on community voices and case studies to provide a clear picture of demographic, geographic, socioeconomic, and industry landscapes.

    Metrics & Reporting: Neighborhoods’ unique personalities are important. We help clients deploy complex strategies across diverse geographies, focusing on underserved communities and finding trusted, influential voices to drive solutions.

    Peer Benchmarking: We evaluate peer businesses, with a specific focus on how they engage communities, address challenges, and respond to evolving stakeholder demands.

    Stakeholder Mapping: Neighborhoods’ unique personalities are important. We help clients deploy complex strategies across diverse geographies, focusing on underserved communities and finding trusted, influential voices to drive solutions.

  • Strategic Communications
    Editorial Services and Thought Leadership...

  • Editorial Services: We write, produce, and place effective editorial content. Well-distributed outreach builds trust in communities that are otherwise left invisible. We also ensure that content is amplified on social media, reaching the widest distribution possible.

    Thought Leadership: Senior leaders must be visible and insightful, particularly at key moments in strategic engagement. Before investing time in writing or speaking, we craft plans that maximize their effect and help clients lead with the mind.

  • Engagement
    Community Dialogue, Community & Employee Engagement, Planning, and Talent Pipelines...

  • Community Dialogues: From small group and one-on-one discussions with key influencers to conversations among organizations and leaders in critical neighborhoods, Ichor drives dialogues that help clients understand community needs and identify partnership opportunities.

    Community & Employee Engagement: We help clients build relationships with employees and organizations working to serve women and minority professionals. Our proven internal engagement methods identify needs and risks among workforces, including those associated with safety and retention rates.

    Planning: Our Community Relations Advisors collaborate with local thought leaders to explore each project’s specific challenges. Located in over 70 major metropolitan areas across the United States, we help roll out strategies that resonate in communities on the ground.

    Talent Pipelines: When it comes to talent recruitment and retention – especially for diverse, inclusive talent pools – the more you know, the better you can act and plan. We help you assess your current programs and develop new ones as needed.