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imageHOLDERS design and build innovative business solutions, making technology more accessible for all.

Our interactive kiosks and device enclosures help companies drive revenue, improve efficiency and overcome sticking points in their user journey.

Our designs are sleek and intuitive, ensuring the technology enables and empowers both employees and consumers alike.

The imageHOLDERS team has created a culture that utilizes imagination to constantly move beyond their current vision to new unimagined horizons.

Improvement is iterative, through constructive scrutiny and innovative, abstract thinking.

ImageHOLDERS continually develops business relationships that go beyond the sum of its individual parts, working with suppliers and customers as partners.

imageHOLDERS has reimagined and simplified interactions, allowing billions to engage with technology in intuitive and exciting ways.


  • S-Series Wall mounted tablet enclosures
    The S-Series range is our wall-only mounted kiosk, housing a tablet in a sleek and stylish solution that fits tablets sized between 8 to 10.5”...

  • The S-Series range is our wall-only mounted kiosk, housing a tablet in a sleek and stylish solution that fits tablets sized between 8 to 10.5”. Designed to secure the tablet whilst sitting flush against either a glass surface or a wall. ​It allows for a quick and easy application in many locations that other kiosks  can't.​

    Typical use cases include managing meeting rooms, information points, time and attendance, POS catalogue, visitor management and check-in.​​

    The Slimline 10+ kiosk can integrate a device alongside the tablet to enable additional customer use cases. Devices compatible with the series include payment devices, scanners, NFC/RFID reader, magnetic card readers and biometric scanners.​​

    The S-series kiosks are available in black or white and are full brandable. The front bezel is brandable along with an optional branded backboard to increase user engagement.

  • H-Series - Kiosks
    The H-Series offers a range of tablet/screen enclosures. The series is hardware and software agnostic. It comes in 4 sizes designed to fit tablets & screens of that size from 10”, 12”, 15” and 22”....

  • The H-Series is the foundational product in our range, it is the tablet/screen enclosure that is compatible with all our other series, providing all benefits to cost effectively optimise your use case.  The series is hardware and software agnostic. It comes in 4 sizes designed to fit tablets & screens of that size from 10”, 12”, 15” and 22”. All four models are highly configurable to suit a wide range of components & peripheral devices. ​

    The H-series can be positioned in four ways: wall-mounted, table-mounted, table-top and floor-standing. There are 10 plus different ways of mounting the H-series in those positions including a swan neck, ISO mount, arrowhead base, square base, floor stand and more.​​

    The fully brandable solutions allow the front bezel to be branded along with the option of an accessory to provide a header panel to create maximum impact and ensure your branding or call to action is maximised. ​​

    The H-Series can accommodate multiple components in various positions around the screen from transactional solutions like payment devices, and card readers to fingerprint scanners, barcode scanners, cameras and more. We have designed our own range of USB hub’s to provide for additional expansions and optionality.

    The H-Series products are all highly secure with integrated locks and include cable management options as standard. ​With all our models being available in ADA & DDA compliant configurations

  • P-Series Podium Kiosks
    The P-Series is our flagship range, offering both practical and aesthetically pleasing self-service terminals. The range creates a versatile and sleek modular kiosk solution which has a minimal footprint, whilst optimizing user engagement.​...

  • The P-Series is our flagship range, an offering that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It represents our latest innovation in Kiosk design, where we worked closely with industry specialists and customers to create a versatile and sleek modular kiosk solution which has a minimal footprint, whilst optimising user engagement.​

    The P-series can be positioned in multiple ways including wall-mounted, table-mounted, table-top and floor-standing. It maintains our approach to modularity with the option of a portrait or landscape solution in a secure enclosure. Compatible with a wide range of  screen sizes including tablets, touch screens and VESA mounted options. ​

    Capable of accommodating multiple components in various positions around the screen from transactional solutions like payment devices, and card readers to fingerprint scanners, cameras and more. This series is well suited to any printing needs with the option of integrating either a receipt or label printer.  This allows for the series to be configured to service numerous user journeys including visitor management, self-service check-in, point of sale and information. It has already been proven to be highly applicable to retail, airlines, leisure, gambling and hospitality industries.

    The fully brandable solution allows the front bezel and the door to be branded along with the option of an accessory to provide a header panel to create maximum impact and ensure your branding or your call to action is maximised. ​​

    The P-Series is DDA & ADA compliant making this kiosk a perfect choice for any public space, with some options featuring an adjustable screen angle through a tilted collar, to further improve the user experience.

  • K-Series Pedestal Kiosks
    The K-Series of floor standing kiosks comes in two highly configurable models. The Integration Kiosk and the Graphic Kiosk. Both suit a wide range of tablet and screen models and sizes and can have a range of different peripheral devices fitted....

  • The K-Series of floor standing kiosks comes in two different models.  The Integration Kiosk and the Graphic Kiosk. Both models are highly configurable to suit a wide range of tablet and screen models and sizes and can have a range of different peripheral devices fitted.  Our integration kiosk is ideally suited to use cases with multiple integrations, whilst our graphic stand is ideal for environments with large branding needs.

    The integrated counter which is a signature feature of the series has been proven to create an ergonomic user experience and can increase customer dwell time.  

    It maintains our approach to modularity with the option of a portrait or landscape solution in a secure enclosure. Compatible with a wide range of screens and components, allowing you to configure the kiosk to suit many different applications and user journeys.  

    The fully brandable solutions allow the potential to create maximum impact and ensure your branding or call to action is maximised.  The K-Series offers the potential for a multitude of user-journeys across ample sectors including self-service POS, visitor management, and engaging information points. 

    The K-Series is available in a version that is DDA & ADA compliant making this kiosk a perfect choice for any public space, with some options featuring an adjustable screen angle through a tilted collar, to further improve the user experience. 

  • T-Series Pedestal Kiosks
    The T-Series offers a unique opportunity to integrate multiple touch screen terminals into a single free-standing pedestal unit....

  • The T-Series offers a unique opportunity to integrate multiple touch screen terminals into a single free-standing pedestal unit.  This approach makes the best use of the available space whilst offering the most potential engagement with the user. By utilising colours and finishes that complement the interior of the space the units become a more considered part of the environment. 

    Available with 1, 2, 3 or 4 screen enclosures, it maintains our approach to modularity with the option of a portrait or landscape kiosk screen in a secure enclosure, using key parts from our H-series. Compatible with a wide range of screen sizes. Capable of accommodating multiple components in various positions around each enclosure from transactional solutions like payment devices, and card readers to fingerprint scanners, cameras and more.

    The series has proven to be highly applicable in visitor management and POS based applications in gym, retail, hospitality and gambling sectors and often where there is a high volume of users and when space is at a premium. 

    Branding options are available including bezel and header panel branding. This creates an instant impact to your customer, ensuring your call to action is maximised.

    The T-Series is available in a range of laminate colours, finishes and standard sizes. Tailored shapes and colours are available and can be quoted upon request.  This kiosk is a perfect choice for any public space, with some optional features including an adjustable screen angle, to further improve the user experience.