Imin Technology Pte Ltd

Singapore,  Singapore 
  • Booth: 1737

iMin integrate thoughtfully designed hardware solutions together with the latest IoT, AI, and cloud upgrades to help companies of all sizes become more effective and productive. iMin develop and provide a wide range of intelligent commercial hardware solutions which can help companies run more efficiently and seamlessly. We established ourselves in Singapore in 2018 and are rapidly expanding our operations globally to help the lives of merchants everywhere. Our founder and CEO, Hu Ai Min, is a veteran in the electronics industry, with almost 20 years of experience under his belt, while exploring the world, he noticed that there was an underserved market of merchants in developing countries. Nothing is more important to us than satisfying and solving customer needs and pain points, and we will work consistently to solve not only existing problems, but anticipate future needs as well. As technology advances, standards constantly get higher. We wish to always be on the top of the curve by providing exemplary and innovative solutions to surpass user expectations. We will help our merchants along every step of the way - by providing them more possibilities.


  • Swift 1 [Mobile POS]
    The perfect mobile POS companion to have in your arsenal. For any business, anywhere in the world. With speed at your fingertips, watch your business become more efficient and seamless with Swift 1’s various forms....

  • The Swift 1 is designed for convenience, functionality, and style. A lightweight and portable device that can be used independently to manage reservations, print orders, settle payments and more.

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  • Swan 1 [Desktop POS]
    The Swan 1 is a high-performance and multi-functional desktop POS. It can be easily connected to external devices like cash drawers to create a hassle-free check-out experience for your customers....

  • Swan 1 is the minimalistic and elegant piece of hardware is designed to blend into any display space. With its unique secondary screen, the Swan 1 will prove to be an asset to merchants globally.

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  • Falcon 1 [Tablet POS]
    The Falcon 1 is a new generation all-in-one POS device. With high touchscreen responsiveness, speed, and performance, it represents the future of POS devices that have high functionality....

  • A wholesome solution to your business’s POS problems. The Falcon 1 is designed with an all-in-one philosophy that encompasses an 80mm Seiko thermal printer, NFC payment (supports SoftPOS) and a 15% increase in CPU performance. Bid your clutter of devices good bye and welcome an elegant countertop display. 

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