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Increff empowers brands, & retailers to optimize inventory across the web, marketplaces, & wholesale channels. 

Our cloud-based tech solutions allow omnichannel brands to automate inventory management, achieve distributed warehousing, & drive 100% inventory accuracy for faster order fulfilment. 

Our end-to-end merchandising solution helps brands with pre-season & in-season merchandising, & takes markdown decisions to enable sustainable & profitable business growth. 

With 150+ customers globally, including brands like Puma, Adidas, Bata, Levi’s, Gap, Mango, CK, Jack & Jones, Sephora, Amazon, etc., & a 300+ team, including merchandising experts & 100+ tech experts, we solve for 10+ retail verticals including Apparel, Footwear, Eyewear, Home Furnishing, Cosmetics & Skincare, Electronics, Agriculture, Health care, & many more. 

We have raised $12 million in series B and have expanded our presence globally with offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, Dubai, India, & Singapore. 

 Press Releases

    • TVS Capital Funds led the Series B round along with Premji Invest with participation from existing investors 021 Capital and 6 angle investors

    • Increff will utilize the funds mainly for two purposes:

      • Scaling the tech team

      • Strengthening Sales and marketing in international geographies, specifically in the US and Europe, as well as hiring fresh talent in these markets. 

    United States, 23 February 2022: Increff, a leading Indian Supply Chain SaaS innovator offering inventory optimization solutions for e-commerce, fashion, and retail brands has raised $12 million in its Series B funding round. TVS Capital Funds, Premji Invest, Binny Bansal’s 021 Capital, and 6 existing angels participated in this round. Focusing on expanding its global presence, Increff will utilize the funds for setting up offices and strengthening the local teams in the US and European region. Furthermore, the capital raised will be invested in adding visionary products, and services, to Increff’s portfolio for supply chain optimization.


    Increff offers a host of SaaS-based industry-agnostic merchandising solutions and smart warehousing solutions. As businesses around the globe begin to recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, brands are pinning their hopes on cutting-edge tech solutions to navigate through intense price pressures, inventory mismanagement issues, demand fulfillment challenges, etc. 


    Leveraging intelligent automation tools offered by Increff, brands, and retailers can easily adapt to the ever-changing consumer expectations through algorithm-based merchandise planning, pricing, allocation solutions, and achieve higher inventory accuracy & order fulfillment efficiency with warehousing solutions. Increff is well placed in solving the challenges of the customers for more than 10 retail verticals. Currently, they are market leaders in the fashion space in India and the Middle East and are seeing a growing clientele in the US and Europe. 


    Commenting on the same, Rajul Jain, CEO & Co-Founder said,We have been growing between 83% and 116 % YoY for the last 4 yrs (including Covid years). We are a  capital-efficient company and have every internal process in place to run a very large company. We are solving retailing challenges for global brands like Puma, adidas, Bata, Levi’s, Pepe, Celio, Gap, Benetton, Tommy Hilfiger, Mango, CK, Louis Philippe, Van Heusen, Jack & Jones, Namshi, Aramex, Sephora, Amazon, etc. Now our focus will be on growing fast, taking our technology product as well as our warehousing services to the US and Europe in a big way, and adding visionary products.” 


    Gaurav Sekhri, Principal, TVS Capital Funds said, “We are driven by innovative ideas and we support next-gen entrepreneurs. With the growth in e-commerce and disruptions in global supply chains, next-gen entrepreneurial ventures like Increff have demonstrated exceptional skill and grit in turning the tide in favor of brands with the use of the right technology solutions complemented with services. Increff’s technology solutions are unique and built to instill flexibility for rapid growth for brands across categories. Their mindset of developing the best software products, non-compromising approach towards customer experience with an eye on the future, make them stand out. Increff marks our first investment from our third fund in the Indian SaaS & technology space that the fund is increasingly focusing on. We are very excited to partner with Rajul, Anshuman, Romil, and the Increff team in their growth journey to become a global supply chain SaaS player. 


    Sailesh Tulshan, Founder - 021 Capital - For over 3 years we have been investment partners with Increff in their exciting journey to transform merchandising and create innovative solutions for global supply chains. They have built a strong team that has shown tremendous performance by growing product revenue 20X since then and expanded to markets outside of India with their visionary world-class products. We wish the team continued success.


    Atul Gupta, Partner, Premji Invest- Increff is a fast-growing Saas company that is enabling brands to go Omni-channel using their innovative products. We are excited to partner with them in their journey of helping retail and e-commerce brands create a value-driven impact on millions of shoppers globally


    About Increff

    Increff helps fashion brands & retailers optimize inventory and improve sales velocity by 2 to 3x via Increff WMS and Merchandising platforms. Backed by Binny Bansal, Sequoia, 021 Capital, TVS Capital, Premji Invest, and others. Increff solves retailing challenges for global brands like Puma, adidas, Bata, Levi’s, Pepe, Celio, Gap, Benetton, Tommy Hilfiger, Mango, CK, Louis Philippe, Van Heusen, Jack & Jones, Namshi, Aramex, Sephora, Amazon, etc.
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  • A module of the smart Increff Merchandising Software, this algorithm-driven SaaS solution will help brands and retailers realize their true demand potential across offline & online sales channels.

    India, 12th December 2022: Increff is one of the leading data and technology companies, offering omnichannel inventory optimization and supply chain management solutions to e-commerce, fashion, and retail brands. They recently announced the launch of their algorithm-driven Business Intelligence & Online Analytics tool for complete business analysis, at ZERO cost. As part of the Increff Merchandising Software, this tool is easily accessible by registering on Increff’s website and provides in-depth analysis to accurately plan inventory for offline & online retailers, merchandisers, and D2C brands

    The Indian retail sector is getting increasingly interconnected and diverse with each passing year. It has been burgeoning since the start of 2022 and is expected to grow to US$ 1,407 billion by 2026*. To tap this goldmine of an opportunity, retail brands are on a constant hunt for expert decision-making tools to help them with advanced analytics for inventory management. Omnichannel retailers can now utilize the potential of business intelligence and online analytics at zero cost, to perform in-depth data analysis and generate quick actionable insights for profitable and sustainable retailing.

    Commenting on the launch, Anushman Agarwal, Co-founder, and COO of Increff, said, “To keep up with the dynamic industry trends and customer demand, modern retailers require digitized supply chains and predictive analytics to evaluate product performance and maximize sales. With Increff Merchandising Software, Business Intelligence, and Online Analytics tools, brands and retailers can reimagine merchandise planning, buying, and allocation to experience consistent business growth, at no cost.”

    Business Intelligence helps analyze offline and online sales, thus providing comprehensive insights into business performance. Additionally, it provides an overview of the brand’s inventory performance on the website, in-store, and in terms of stocks. Whereas in Online Analytics, brands can review online sales across marketplaces and the company website, to determine the performance of the available styles and categories. It helps brands make informed decisions on the website layout and promotional activities to maximize e-commerce sales. Users can simply upload data on the platform and the smart tool will run the analysis to present comprehensive insights in a short time.

    Using the complete suite of Increff Merchandising Software, end-to-end inventory planning, buying, and allocation solution, brands have achieved a 20-25% increase in revenue, a 4-5% improvement in the bottom line, a ~12% reduction in logistics costs, and ~28% improvement in ROS. It aims to increase efficiency and accuracy in determining the items to be stocked, their exact quantities, and the right price points to minimize excess production and maximize revenue generation. Retailers can easily request a quick demo of this software by registering here -LINK


    *Kearney Report - Value e-commerce: the next big leap in India’s retail market

    About Increff

    Increff helps fashion brands & retailers optimize inventory and improve sales velocity by 2 to 3x via Assure and Iris platforms. Backed by Binny Bansal, Sequoia, and 021 Capital, Increff serves the likes of Aramex, Namshi, hummel, GAP, GANT, Landmark group, Lenskart, Puma, Celio, Pepe Jeans, Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, Vero Moda, Wincanton, Mango, Blackberry's, Amazon among others. For more information, visit


  • Omni Software
    A combination of Warehouse Management (WMS), Store Fulfillment (O2O, Offline to Online), & Order Management (OMS) platforms for inventory optimization across retail, wholesale, web, & marketplace sales channels....

  • This cloud-based solution has robust integrations with web portals (Magento, Shopify, etc.) & marketplaces (amazon, Walmart, etc.). It enables 100% inventory visibility across channels & facilitates order routing & splitting between retail stores & distribution centres to enable faster fulfilment from any location. Real-time (< 15 sec) inventory order sync prevents excess order cancellations due to overbuying. Other significant benefits include 

    • 100% scan-based first-time-right operations
    • 99.9% accuracy with no audit or cycle count requirement
    • 99.9% order fulfilment accuracy within the promise to-ship time
    • Quick employee training (in just 5 mins) for higher productivity from day 1 & ease of multitasking 
    • Less dependency on skilled labour with no decision-making required by labour

  • Warehouse Management System
    World’s simplest & most accurate, cloud-hosted WMS, designed for D2C brands, retailers, & third-party logistic providers....

  • It streamlines receiving inventory, put-way activities, & picking & packing of orders with inventory serialization for 100% First-time-right operations. Increff WMS boosts Warehouse efficiency by

    • 100% digitized operations & reducing dependency on skilled labour
    • Lowers manpower costs by 20-25%
    • Easy & fast employee training (< 5 minutes) for higher productivity from day 1 & ease of multi-tasking 
    • 99.9% of order fulfilment within the promise-to-ship time.
    • Easy implementation & quick deployment to get started in less than 7 days.

    With strong OMS + channel integrations, it provides:

    • A single view of inventory across all online & offline sales channels
    • Real-time inventory & order sync
    • Robust integrations with web portals & marketplaces; Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Big Commerce, Shopping Cart, Squarespace, WooCommerce, etc. 
    • Rule-based order routing & splitting for faster fulfilment

  • O2O (Offline to Online) Software
    A single-view, omnichannel order management system for offline stores to expose 100% inventory to online sales channels, for greater visibility & sales....

    • Simple to use UI/UX with ~5 mins of training time 
    • Lower delivery time to 1-2 days
    • 100% accurate order fulfilment with features like image-based picking
    • Prioritize orders according to the promise-to-ship date, & single/ combo, to prevent delivery breaches and improve ranking on sales channels. 
    • Rescan & remove cancelled orders, that are yet to be dispatched, to avoid unnecessary shipments. 

    Strong OMS & channel integrations provide:

    • Real-time inventory & order sync
    • Robust integrations for web portals & marketplaces; Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Big Commerce, Shopping Cart, Squarespace, WooCommerce, etc. 
    • Order fulfilment efficiency with the rule-based order routing & splitting feature to facilitate order fulfilment from the optimum location. 
    • Auto & manual order hopping capabilities.

  • Merchandising Software
    Reimagine merchandise planning, buying, and allocation with intelligent algorithm-driven end-to-end merchandising software....

  • Assortment Planning: Consider factors like seasonality, local demographic, product attributes, discounting, etc. to identify top sellers and slow movers. Personalize assortment at every store based on genuine demand for options, depth, and size ratios.


    Allocation and Replenishment: Allocate inventory, as per demand, and improve the frequency of replenishments through our ARS solution. Experience consistent revenue uplifts by reducing size cuts. replenishing fast-selling styles, and optimizing overstocking and understocking within stores through inter-store transfers  


    Extract actionable insights with business intelligence and online analytics.

    What can you expect:

    • 1.5x increase in inventory turns
    • 4-5% improvements in the bottom line and margins
    • 15% growth in full-price sell-through
    • 10% savings in logistics
    • 20% cutback in inventory holding
  • Order Management System (OMS)
    Implement algorithm-driven decision-making in order management to guarantee faster fulfillment from the most optimum location....

  • Prioritize and manage orders through a single order window for complete control with 100% transparency and real-time visibility.


    Create fulfilment clusters and intelligently route and split orders to minimize the number of shipments and expedite delivery. Enable automatic, or manual, order hopping capabilities to fulfil orders from the next most suitable location, in case they cannot be fulfilled from the first location. 


    Expand storefront with robust marketplace integrations for web portals and marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Big Commerce, Shopping Cart. Squarespace, Rakuten, WooCommerce, etc. Our strong tech support prevents downtimes and loss in sales opportunities to help brands achieve:

    • Real time (<15 secs) inventory order sync
    • Higher revenue
    • Reduction in the number of shipments and delivery distance
    • Lower logistics costs