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Invafresh is transforming fresh food retail operations with the only centralized platform solution designed specifically for the perimeter store. Currently implemented in over 25,000 stores across 15 countries, our Fresh Retail Platform has a proven record of helping grocery retailers navigate the unpredictability of Fresh. 

Driven by real-time data analytics and enhanced by artificial intelligence and machine learning, our cloud-based Fresh Retail Platform allows grocery retailers to optimize demand forecasting, merchandising, replenishment, and compliancy and sustainability for all their Fresh operations. 

Through providing actionable data and decision support tools needed to reduce food waste, optimize store processes, and improve operating margins, Invafresh helps grocery retailers deliver the freshest experience possible for their customers. 

 Press Releases

  • Invafresh, the industry leading fresh grocery platform, today announced it is now working with Weis Markets to streamline its fresh food operations for its 198 stores.  This collaboration includes the development of demand forecasting, in-store production planning, food traceability, recipe management and cut test management across all Fresh departments.

    Consumers are increasingly demanding fresh food from grocers and grocers have responded with greater availability of fresher produce and prepared foods. This trend helped drive an increase in sales during the pandemic, but increased costs. This increased demand along with labor shortages and competition has spurred food retailers to automate certain processes by implementing fresh-native technology.

    “Our Invafresh collaboration will help us automate processes, such as ordering, production and inventory management, so that we are meeting customers’ expectations with the freshest foods while also more accurately predicting demand. We expect this platform to reduce food waste and improve efficiencies."

    Bob Gleeson, SVP Merchandising and Marketing at Weis Markets

    Invafresh will help upgrade the Company’s entire fresh food operations lifecycle – from purchase to prepared food production planning, giving them visibility and quality control over stores to maximize freshness and deliver a consistent consumer experience. The Invafresh Fresh Retail Platform uses AI and machine learning to streamline fresh food operations and reduce waste, making in-store operations more efficient and helping to deliver an amazing experience for grocery shoppers.

    “We are pleased to be extending our relationship with Weis Markets, a customer who has used our scale management solution for many years. We are now focused on helping Weis to optimize their Fresh store operations, from Deli to Bakery, Produce to Meat, and everything in between, to ensure the freshest and highest quality products are available at the right levels when the consumer wants it,” said Tim Spencer, President & Chief Executive Officer at Invafresh. “Our fresh-native platform helps grocery retailers deliver on their customer promise of quality and consistency while keeping margins in check and achieving their food sustainability goals in Fresh.”

    About Weis Markets, Inc. 

    Founded in 1912, Weis Markets, Inc currently employs approximately 23,000 associates across more than 200 stores in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, West Virginia, Virginia, and Delaware. Based in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, they have a long-standing history of supporting their communities and local growers. 

    About Invafresh

    For more than 30 years, Invafresh has been the leader in enabling fresh food retailers to create extraordinary store operations performance and a differentiated consumer experience. Invafresh is deployed in more than 25,000 grocery stores spanning a global reach of 15 countries and empowers them with omnichannel demand forecasting, merchandising, replenishment, and sustainability and compliance. Learn more at

  • Invafresh, the market leader of Freshology for the fresh food retail industry, is helping grocery retail customers optimize operations to meet changing consumer behavior and combat rising food costs by balancing demand with supply and availability, to provide the freshest products.

    The award winning Invafresh Fresh Food Retail Platform enables grocery stores to process and manage demand forecasting for all processes across fresh food retail merchandising, replenishment, and compliancy and sustainability. The core of the platform is the Invafresh Intelligent Forecasting Engine that integrates vast amounts of operational data into machine learning algorithms and works as a single source of truth for decision making and operations across all points of the customer experience – demand, production, availability, and delivery – as a result, grocers achieve 3% increase in labor efficiency, 30% reduction in food waste and 100% fresher product.

    Invafresh is here to inspire the world to Think Forward and Think Fresh. Our vision is to prioritize fresh item management technology solutions that help shape the future of fresh food retailing for a fresher, healthier, safer, and sustainable operations.

     Coborn’s Realizes Real-Time Visibility with Invafresh

    “We are continually impressed by the Invafresh team, the platform’s fresh-native capabilities, the customer-driven delivery model and track record of successfully delivering top quartile business and financial results across a range of national, regional and local food retailers in North America. The Invafresh platform enables our store associates to focus on high-value consumer shopping experiences. As we digitize store operational processes, we are confident with the real-time visibility to a perpetual inventory for every store sales floor and backroom that all grocery retailers need to drive the best decisions for profitability and sustainability,” said Troy Vosburgh, VP of Operations at Coborn’s.

     Price Chopper Achieves Effective Shrink Management Invafresh

    “Invafresh has helped Price Chopper to produce the correct amounts of product to meet our customer demand while reducing our exposure to excess shrink. We are working on enhancements within Invafresh that will further our effort in exceeding our customer’s expectations for delivering fresh products while limiting the spoilage that ends up in the landfill,” stated Patrick Iannotti, Director of Retail Operations at Price Chopper.

    Roche Bros. Optimizes Operating Costs with Invafresh

    “The result is a financial inventory solution that will save us hundreds of hours in labor per year. Furthermore, Invafresh is fully integrated with our financial software to allow our finance department to quickly review and approve the latest period count. What used to take us days is now completed in hours,” said Artie Kroese, Store Manager at Roche Bros. Supermarket.

     Invafresh Committed to Being Best in Fresh

    “Fresh food is the only way to build trust and loyalty in the competitive grocery market, especially with today’s digitally driven experiential consumer. Our fresh-native platform helps our customers with merchandising and replenishment across their grocery banners to ensure fresh products of the highest quality are in-stock at the right levels across their fresh assortments and offerings,” said Tim Spencer, President and Chief Executive Officer at Invafresh. “We are committed to being the best in Fresh and are excited to partner with our customers to help them be the best in Fresh too.”

    About Invafresh

    For more than 30 years, the heritage of Invafresh enabled fresh food retailers to create extraordinary store operations performance and differentiated consumer experiences. As the leader of Freshology, Invafresh is deployed in more than 25,000 grocery stores spanning a global reach of 15 countries to provide software platforms for omnichannel demand forecasting, merchandising, replenishment, and sustainability and compliancy. We are FreshologistsTM building Freshology on the mission to empower food retailers with the #1 platform for fresh food retail operations and accelerate the transition to fresher demand and supply. Learn more at

    Think forward. Think fresh.


  • Invafresh Demand Forecasting
    A Fresh-centric AI enhanced forecast engine that understands future demand and considers the unique elements of fresh movement from time sensitivity, short shelf-life, promotional and seasonal activity, and cannibalization....

  • A Fresh-centric AI enhanced forecast engine that understands future demand and considers the unique elements of fresh movement from time sensitivity, short shelf-life, promotional and seasonal activity, and cannibalization. Machine learning connects hundreds of demand data points to forecast and optimize fresh. 


    • Accurate Demand to Increase Sales 

    Unlock Fresh-centric, active, and frequent demand forecasting that uses changing contextual factors multiple times a day from corporate to store, to improve in-stock position and increase sales. 

    • Reduce Food Waste to Lower Operating Costs 

    A built-in, just-in-time model for fresh food fulfillment to reduce over and under buying decisions that lead to lost margins and excess food waste. 

    • Single Unified Source of Truth Delivering Fewer Errors 

    Intelligent forecast engine works as a single source of truth for decisioning and operations across all points of customer experience – demand, production, availability, and delivery. 

    • Optimize Fresh Demand and Supply 

    Manage demand forecasting across fresh food retail in merchandising, replenishment, compliancy, and sustainability to optimize and match demand and supply. 

  • Invafresh Recipe Management
    Centrally managed your recipe database solution to optimize product cost and quality control.


  • Make your recipes count and boost your bottom line with the Invafresh Recipe Management. Easily manage complex recipes, maintain conversion rates for Fresh Ordering and integrate seamlessly with Production Planning while generating regulatory compliant nutrition labels. 


    • Enhance Operational Efficiency 

    Save time with centralized preparation worksheets and eliminate guesswork with accurate ingredient replenishment recommendations. 

    • Reduce Fresh Food Waste 

    Order what is needed to meet demand and reduce excess backroom inventory. 

    • Improve Food Safety 

    Esha Genesis R&D Food Formulation & Labeling Software integration enables compliant nutrition labels. 

    • Improve Recipe Cost Management 

    Account for production based on food, labor, packaging cost and the recipe yield. 

  • Invafresh Scale Management
    Scale Management provides retailers with central control over all in-store labeling devices and supports most makes and models of scales and printers – meaning retailers have flexibility in choosing the equipment that best suits their stores....

  • Seamlessly manage and distribute item level data and efficiently manage regulatory and compliance information throughout your entire network of production scales, labelling equipment, and printers. 


    • Reliable Data 

    Achieve 100% price and data integrity across all weighing and labeling devices to reduce lost revenue. 

    • Reduce Equipment Costs 

    Drive and easily manage an open system, multi-vendor network of scales, weighing and labeling equipment to lower equipment costs. 

    • Faster Repair Response Time 

    Minimize scale down time and maximize data integrity to improve in-store employee and consumer satisfaction. 

    • Reduce Theft 

    Easily access and manage scale data remotely to prevent in-store price overrides on scales which helps to eliminate losses due to theft. 

  • Invafresh Inventory Management
    The solution manages all perpetual inventory movement including markdowns, production, conversions & cycle counts powered by an AI-enhanced forecasting engine that provides actionable demand predictions to enable grocery retailers to maximize freshness....

  • Make informed decisions and facilitate perpetual inventory with centralized, real-time visibility of fresh inventory. 


    • Reduce Labor Hours Required for In-Store Financial Counts 

    Utilize labor in an efficient manner to schedule and perform accurate counts for in-store items, backroom, coolers, freezers, sales floor, and complete necessary financial reporting. 

    • Improve Accuracy of Counts 

    Empower employees to review and adjust counts as required and approve from main portal in the back office or tablet to reduce errors and avoid manual processes. 

    • Standardize and Automate Inventory Reporting 

    Follow public corporation financial reporting guidelines to standardize and automate inventory reports and enable corporate, district, and store management to monitor and see the state of any store from a store-centric corporate portal. 

    • Increase In-Stock of Fresh Items 

    Reduce the number of stock-outs and overstocks to lower overall inventory costs with alerting to track, measure, and alert on out of stocks for fresh retail and backroom items. 


  • Food Waste Reduction
    Our Food Waste Reduction module provides the ability to capture and report on all forms of known shrink at a product, store and/or date level.


  • Accurate fresh-centric data capture to identify systematic known loss and tackle excess shrink with just-in-time production processes.