Ivanti Wavelink

South Jordan,  UT 
United States
  • Booth: 3538

At Wavelink, the Supply Chain division of Ivanti, we’re transforming the task worker experience for enhanced productivity. The world’s leading organizations trust our mobile enterprise platform to help them achieve operational excellence in the most business-critical environments, and deliver on KPIs with proven workflow automation, specialized mobile device management, and easily-deployed IIoT solutions. 


  • Velocity
    Ivanti Velocity optimizes telnet and web applications for mobile deployments, but also helps operations gain operational insights, integrate peripheral technologies and deploy automation – without changing your existing enterprise systems....

  • Velocity brings your existing telnet ad web applications to a new generation of Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices. You control the pace for a successful deployment, wth rapid app migration and modernization tools. Workers accomplish more each shift with intuitive navigation optimized for today’s touchscreen devices. Avoid the cost, risk and effort associated with app migration, and preserve the investments you’ve already made to optimize your enterprise infrastructure and systems. Maximize the investment in next generation mobile devices, while protecting the future of your mobility business. Our Velocity platform brings renewed power to your existing retail, WMS, ERP and other host or web-based solutions.
  • Speakeasy
    For picking apps, receiving, cross-docking, and other tasks, adding voice helps workers keep moving—doing more, faster. Speakeasy can unleash the power of your mobile-productivity initiatives by voice-enabling your mobile apps....

  • There’s constant pressure to ship orders faster, and little time for big warehouse IT projects. Speakeasy can voice-enable the telnet and browser apps you already have, while minimizing risk and without disrupting your host applications. Add voice as part of a multimodal data capture solution to speed warehouse tasks, while keeping your workers in motion, so they accomplish more each shift.  You can add Speakeasy to existing mobile deployments, or new Android mobile computers through Velocity. With fast implementation, and faster training times, you can increase your perfect order rate and realize bottom line improvements in as little as three months.
  • Neurons for MDM
    How many types of mobile devices are in your environment? From how many manufacturers? With how many purposes? Ivanti Neurons for MDM is your single solution for task worker devices, corporate devices, front-of-store devices and backend warehouse devices....

  • Your business runs on a variety of devices: laptops, smartphones, rugged barcode scanners, wearables, and more. No longer is it sustainable to manage these technologies in separate systems. Discover, manage, secure and service traditional, smart, and rugged devices together, with automation that helps you maximize technology and user uptime. Have the visibility to know where devices are and each unit’s software vulnerability status in one platform. Know your devices are updated and in operating condition so your workers are productive all shift long. Neurons for MDM helps prepare your supply chain business for today.