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United States
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JCM is the leader in creating innovative and award-winning automated transaction technologies and solutions for diverse industries such as banking, financial, gaming, kiosk, retail, transportation, vending and specialty industries, lines of business where security, speed and accuracy are more than requirements – they’re necessities.

Our bill / coin validation technologies, printer technologies, system solutions and digital media solutions are world-renowned for helping customers make better connections with their customers. And we back up our products with a service program that our competitors envy and our customers love.



  • MRX
    The MRX offers unmatched flexibility and performance for banknote recycling, depositing abd dispensing....

  • Offering high reliability with drum recycling technology, the MRX ensures smooth, secure transactions. The option for either a single or bulk note feed also makes the MRX the ideal solution for automated payment transactions across a variety of applications.

    Supported Banknote Size
    • Acceptance: W: 60 – 85mm, L: 110 – 170mm
    • Dispensing: W: 60 – 85mm, L: 110 – 170mm
    Processing Speed
    • 2 notes per second (for accepting and dispensing)
    Note Insertion Slot
    • Single note insertion with metal bezel only
    • Bulk note insertion with plastic bezel only
    • Both include integrated shutter mechanism
    Note Return Slot
    • Up to 30 notes
    • Bulk dispense and integrated shutter mechanism
    • Up to 30 notes
    Retract Bin
    • Up to 30 notes
    Cash Box Capacity
    • Up to 2,200 notes
    Recycling Note Capacity
    • Up to 480 notes (60 notes x 8 drums)
    • 60 notes x 2 drums per recycling module
    No. of Recycling Modules Stacked
    • 0 to 4 modules (up to 8-denominations RC)
    • 0 (deposit only)
    Loading/Dispensing Module Capacity
    • Fixed width: up to 350 notes
    • Multi width: up to 120 notes
    No. of Loading/Dispensing Modules
    • 0 to 4

    Power Supply Requirement
    • 24VDC
    • USB and RS232
    • 0 FRAMES: 452mm (H) x 165 (W) x 440 (D)
    • 1 FRAME: 567 mm (H) x 165 (W) x 440 (D)
    • 2 FRAMES: 682 mm (H) x 165 (W) x 440 (D)
    • 3 FRAMES: 797 mm (H) x 165 (W) x 440 (D)
    • 4 FRAMES: 912 mm (H) x 165 (W) x 440 (D)
    • 1 Frame can hold a recycling or
    loading/dispensing module
    Optional Features
    Barcode Reading
    ICB® Integration


  • Next Generation Banknote Transfer System by Air and Magnetic

    Magnetic force links the shuttle that collects the banknote with the sailing that moves the air pipe's inner part.

    Stable transfer ability with affectinf banknote conditon

    Dirt and Malfunction Resistant and no filter is requied

    Identify trouble locations quickly by sensors installed

    Reduce running cost by collecting multipe banknotes at same time