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In business for more than 50 years, Jesta I.S. is a global innovator, developer and provider of enterprise software solutions for leading retailers, e-tailers, wholesalers and brand manufacturers specializing in apparel, footwear, and hard goods.

The Vision Suite is a leading, organically engineered, cloud-based, end-to-end solution platform that unifies and optimizes back & front end and supply chain operations from trade, product demand management to merchandising, POS and OMS/OMNI.

Jesta has been at the forefront of many digital transformations. By leveraging our unified commerce platform powered by AI-driven analytics, our clients attain real-time insights on customers across all channels. Armed with personalized views, businesses are able to segment shoppers and capitalize on system-suggested opportunities for converting them into loyal, 21st century brand ambassadors.

The Vision Suite eliminates the inefficiencies of disjointed applications and provides real-time visibility of inventory, cross-channel orders, and AI-driven CRM data.  It helps create seamless omnichannel shopping experiences and supports multiple brands, countries

 Press Releases

  • Jesta I.S. Inc., a leading developer and provider of modular cloud solutions and unified ERP for omnichannel retailers, wholesalers and brand manufacturers is excited to announce that Harry Rosen, Canada’s top luxury menswear retailer, has implemented and gone live on Jesta’s cloud Warehouse Management System (WMS).

    Following the recent transformation of its digital business with successful results, Harry Rosen embarked on a mission to streamline time-consuming manual tasks at its warehouse to accelerate omnichannel fulfillment. Jesta’s WMS will improve inventory management at Harry Rosen’s warehouse, including the inbound and outbound movement of merchandise. Jesta’s WMS will also allow Harry Rosen to eliminate paper-based tasks, enabling greater efficiency.

    Founded in Toronto in 1954, Harry Rosen has become a powerhouse in Canadian retail with 17 stores across the country and a robust e-commerce offering. Jesta’s WMS is transforming their warehouse in several ways:

    • Direct putaway enables warehouse staff to immediately move incoming inventory into their allocated spaces for maximum efficiency
    • Optimized picking paths make the picking and packing process faster for allocation and omnichannel orders
    • Mobile devices guide pickers to optimal locations and validate the pick, which accelerates all outbound movements including bulk transfers and omni fulfillment
    • The system supports the management of various product package types (hanging, flat, bulk), thus optimizing the pick, pack and ship process
    • Flexible ticketing and tagging capabilities speed up workflows

    Stephen Jackson, EVP and CIO at Harry Rosen, said: “Harry Rosen serves many customer journeys through our website, and we recognized the need to pick, pack and ship items quicker than ever. We’ve invested heavily in logistics and fulfillment technology, and we’re looking forward to how it will support our next phase of growth, which will include same-day and international shipping.”

    “Harry Rosen has relied on Jesta’s Vision Merchandising and Store solutions for many years and we’re excited to strengthen our partnership with their selection of our Warehouse Management System,” said Arvind Gupta, President at Jesta I.S. “Jesta’s WMS delivers real-time inventory visibility and robust mobile functionality, while integrating seamlessly with other systems. It optimizes inbound and outbound shipments whether single-parcel, direct-to-consumer omnichannel orders or store replenishment for better shopping experiences overall.”

  • Jesta I.S. Inc., a global developer of modular cloud solutions and unified ERP for retailers, e-Tailers, wholesalers and brand manufacturers, is excited to announce a significant upgrade to its Vision Suite software.

    Vision 22 introduces many new features and includes significant enhancements across its four foundational areas of focus. The powerful new capabilities will optimize supply chains and product journeys from concept to consumer by improving communication across global partner networks, accelerating new and bulk merchandise distributions, empowering consumers with cross-channel self-service and on-demand shopping capabilities, equipping businesses with robust analytics, and much more.

    Jesta’s Vision 22 addresses the urgency for supply chain transparency, collaboration and agility, and allows users to act at every step of the product journey. Exciting features include:

    Sourcing & Demand ERP for Wholesale and Brand Manufacturers

    • Reduce human intervention through a centralized order management portal that consolidates B2C/B2B orders in a consistent manner for pricing, discounts, business rules and data enrichment
    • Resolve disruptions through real-time bidirectional communications across your supplier network to manage raw materials, cut & sew, and in-transit shipments
    • Discover additional sales opportunities through rapid order entry incorporating future product availability, pricing, tier discounts and marketing messaging in one location for the sales team

    ERP & Merchandising for Retailers and e-Tailers

    • Optimize pre-season forecasting, planning, receiving and channel allocation with the introduction of advanced forecasting, assortment planning and allocation formulas
    • Accelerate digital growth by leveraging new channel inventory reservations, and the ability to set and manage unique channel thresholds for true cross-channel availability
    • Fast track the adoption of paperless workflows among buyers, vendors and stores by leveraging the latest digital document management hub to digitally enrich product master, POs, RTVs, allocations, transfers, receipts, invoices and other transactions

    Omnichannel & POS for Retailers

    • Increase gross margin through an Endless Aisle catalog that allows associates to display and order products from a vendor to be dropshipped directly to the customer
    • Capture the attention of Gen XYZ through white-labeled mobile apps that connect e-Commerce and stores enabling item scanning lookup, self-service ordering, unified loyalty, real-time offers and shared baskets across channels
    • Eliminate lost sales and maintain presentations on the floor with mobile apps that locate products anywhere and provide real-time stock requests

    Business Intelligence & Dashboards for Retailers­­

    • Pinpoint shrink across returns, employees, voids, gift cards, loyalty and cash management through fraud detection dashboards and exception-based alerting
    • Refine  automated order fulfillment strategy with a centralized view of cross-channel orders (stores, warehouses, vendors), analysis of fulfillment site performance, and auditing of routing engine orchestrations
    • Know customers through dashboards that provide dynamic segments identifying consumer behaviors and buyer personas for targeted customer engagement

    Arvind Gupta, President of Jesta I.S., said: “Jesta’s Vision 22 is set to optimize vertical brands and retailers’ end-to-end supply chain operations worldwide. The Jesta solution stack seamlessly connects global networks and enables businesses to drive product journeys more quickly and effectively while simultaneously addressing the needs of the next-generation consumer.”

  • Jesta I.S. Inc., a global developer of modular cloud solutions and unified ERP for retailers, e-tailers, wholesalers, and brand manufacturers, has launched Vision Sourcing & Demand 22.0, a major upgrade to one of its four foundational software pillars. Vision S&D 22.0 is packed with new features, functionality and integrations to optimize product journeys from sourcing and procurement, material resource planning, product data and lifecycle management, demand forecasting and customer order management, and B2B/B2C sales and customer service.

    New product development tools include the capability to mass manage attributes for new and current products, including purchase, manufacturing, and current/future availability details, as well as the capability to assign images and extended text (fabric composition, care instructions, Amazon-specific description formatting) to multiple products for web stores. The tools boost efficiency helping manufacturers get new catalogues and products to sales channels faster. The new catalogues make it easy for manufacturers to include experiential product details to help consumers with purchasing decisions.

    New procurement tools include the capability to easily create and manage draw-down raw material purchase orders enabling quicker turnaround of procurement and distribution of raw materials to factories and supplier networks. Jesta’s new global supply chain collaboration hub is another significant advancement. It transforms how brand manufacturers and wholesalers work with overseas and near-shore production factories by facilitating direct, real-time, bi-directional communication. The collaboration tool boosts supply chain agility, and enables procurement and manufacturing to be quickly redirected to alternate suppliers and factories when challenges arise so global delivery expectations are preserved.

    Sales channel management and customer service enhancements include: rapid-order entry (a fast way to take telephone orders featuring comprehensive search capabilities and real-time information on current/future availability and volume-tier discounts); product closeout management (the ability to mass manage end-of-life promotions and closeout pricing, and generate sales orders at the discounted price) and a robust sales order API framework (a seamless and more standardized way to enter B2B and B2C sales orders into the Vision ERP resulting in fewer errors and rejections).

    Arvind Gupta, President at Jesta I.S., said: “Compressing the design-to-delivery time of new products and directly connecting wholesalers and retailers with overseas manufacturers through Jesta’s global, cloud collaboration platform will transform product journeys, minimize supply chain challenges, and offer brand manufacturers and wholesalers the agility needed to optimize time to market in order to meet rapidly changing consumer demand. All global users will gain real-time updates, and an open and accessible channel to ask questions and take action.”

    “Sales and customer service reps will be empowered as well, leading to better customer experiences, customer retention and increased sales,” he continued. “The V22 launch has strategically taken product journeys to the next level of agility.”

  • Jesta I.S. Inc., a global developer of modular cloud solutions and unified ERP for retailers, e-tailers, wholesalers and brand manufacturers, is excited to announce that a leading global distributor and multi-banner retailer of sports and outdoor wear has selected Jesta’s Omnichannel Merchandising, Point of Sale, Mobile Store, Warehouse Management and Analytics solutions to drive its digital and physical channel expansion.

    The sporting apparel and footwear company has been in business for over 40 years. They were looking to upgrade to a modern unified commerce solution with extensive mobile functionality that would allow them to scale rapidly and remain agile in today’s ever-evolving digital retail landscape. Jesta’s Vision Suite 22 combined with over 50 years of expertise in supply chain, brand manufacturing, wholesale and retail enterprises, success with agile deployments, and proven track record for building long-term partnerships with clients proved to be an ideal fit.

    Jesta’s Vision 22 is packed with new features, functionality and integrations to optimize global product journeys. Some of the Vision 22 capabilities that resonated with this newest Jesta client include:

    • Rich retail merchandising capabilities that optimize product master, forecasting, planning, allocation and replenishment with a true Endless Aisle to expand product assortments, and ensure intelligent fulfillment from a warehouse, store, marketplace or vendor
    • A robust order orchestration system with real-time visibility of inventory and orders that communicates with order capture and fulfillment about all changes pre and post shipment
    • An intelligent order management system that strategically routes cross-channel orders according to a retailer’s pre-defined enterprise rules and most optimal supply source
    • A mobile solution that goes beyond POS and Inventory Management capabilities with features for pop-up stores so retailers can sell products and create customer profiles anywhere
    • Powerful mobile apps that locate products anywhere and address real-time stock requests
    • A white-labeled app that connects to a POS, OMS, CRM and Webstore that gives customers a 360-degree view of their interactions across a retailer’s channels and allows them to act

    Arvind Gupta, President at Jesta I.S., said: “Vision 22 empowers retailers with agile and modern capabilities to elevate the customer and associate experience with a focus on improving omnichannel and supply chain productivity. Jesta is proud to partner with a global sports apparel and footwear powerhouse to drive their expansion. With Jesta’s state-of-the-art retail and fashion technology, they will be able to quickly grow their product portfolio with Endless Aisle, optimize and accelerate multi-channel order fulfillment, and empower warehouse and store associates with mobile capabilities for improved productivity and customer experiences.”


  • Wholesale and Distribution
    Oversee Every Detail From Raw Materials to Finished Goods...

  • In order to stay ahead of varying customer demand while maintaining profitability, wholesalers need to efficiently plan ahead to purchase earlier, in bulk, and at lower costs, and deliver on time. This involves accurately tracking purchase orders, the movement of parts on the way to becoming finished goods, expected material delivery dates, production schedule, shipping and packing, and comparing it with current customer orders and forecasted demand.

    Benefit from Real-Time Visibility at Every Step: Importing > Manufacturing > Planning > Sales > Distribution

    For the ordering, manufacturing, fulfilling and billing processes to function smoothly, every detail needs to be tracked and accounted for. This way, you can correctly plan and automate the optimal timing of purchases and delivery to customers, keeping your customers satisfied while reducing your own inventory costs.

  • Retail Planning & Merchandising
    Give Your Customers What They Want, Anytime and Anywhere...

  • Retail Planning

    A store rack that’s often full of extra-small T-shirts, but consistently devoid of, say, mediums is a sure sign that someone’s retail planning is out of whack. When done successfully, retail planning makes sure that in-demand items in an optimal assortment of colors and sizes are always available in the stores that are likely to sell them fast.

    Jesta’s retail planning solutions ensure that T-shirts of all sizes get customer love by providing buyers, inventory managers and merchandisers with a centralized, 360° real-time view of stock, sales performance, store capabilities and selling patterns, and shopper histories. Decision-makers can then build precise market segments, product ranges and price lines to tightly align your offerings — T-shirts and otherwise — with the locations, channels and customers that demand them. Sales increase, markdowns decrease, stock-to-sales ratios equalize.

    In addition to exhaustive inventory planning, Jesta’s retail planning solutions provide end-to-end financial support. The integrated platform enables you to connect your OTB with your margin targets accounting for price, promotions and markdowns throughout the season, and allowing you to change course and explore other growth possibilities when desires shift.

    Retail Merchandising

    You’ve pondered, predicted and planned, and now it’s finally time for Jesta’s retail merchandising solutions to kick your business game prep into play. Wholly integrated tools from Allocation to ReplenishmentPrice Management to Sales Audit will roll out the goods your buyers sourced, according to the market segments and quantities your planners defined, at the competitive prices your targeted customers will find hard to resist.

    Jesta’s merchandising solutions execute all of your strategic plans automatically for consistency, reliability and maximum efficiency, while also affording you the power to review and adjust algorithms when trends change and demands shift. Real-time visibility of your global inventory, sales, store capabilities and customer preferences further enhance the accuracy and speed of your merchandising processes from the warehouse to your omnichannel platforms.

    What’s more, Jesta’s retail merchandising solutions will strengthen customer loyalty. After all, shoppers will always find the items they want, in the styles, colors and sizes that speak directly to them, at the store locations that they prefer, almost as if things were sent there especially for them — which, in many ways, they absolutely were.

  • Omnichannel & Point of Sale
    Unify Physical and Digital Channels...

  • Modern-day shoppers have so much choice when it comes to where they spend their money. Some prefer shopping in-store, others go at it online, many go through mobile apps or social media. Jesta’s omnichannel solutions blur the boundaries between your different sales channels to cultivate to a completely immersive shopping experience regardless of your customers’ preferred platforms. After all, connecting with customers is key to capturing shopper loyalty.

    Jesta’s centralized omnichannel software features 360° visibility of your global inventory, cross-channel orders, customer profiles and individual store functionalities. Absolute transparency and real-time information translates into totally cohesive and personal shopping journeys no matter the channel. Consistency of all in-store and online pricing is another hallmark of our omni solutions.

    Jesta’s powerful order management module, e-DOM, ensures that in-store and web orders are fulfilled from the most optimal location for fast deliveries. Customers can buy from anywhere, have their purchases delivered to their preferred location, and exchange, return or inquire about their orders effortlessly anywhere they want.

    Seamless shopping journeys, fast deliveries, customer engagement that grows and grows.

  • Supply Chain
    Move Merchandise from Suppliers to Shoppers - Simply....

  • Remember the good old days when you’d meet your suppliers face-to-face? Today, your vendors are in Barcelona, Beijing, maybe even Brisbane, and you probably can’t put a face to any names. Jesta’s supply chain solutions can’t get you face time with your global vendors, but we can optimize your communications with them as well as with your agents, transport partners and logistics associates worldwide.

    Our supply chain solutions provide 360° visibility of the procurement process from day one. Global partners from the Eastern to the Western Worlds, regardless of time zones, have access to the same real-time order details, shipping and tracking information, and location statuses (whether orders are on land, water, air, at the border or warehouse) through one centralized platform. Every partner has the ability to add updates too.

    Complete transparency and a holistic methodology streamlines coordination and strengthens collaboration throughout the entire supply chain by keeping all external parties informed and up-to-date 24/7. What’s more, Jesta’s Vision Suite systems are automated and integrated so new orders in our Order Management omnichannel solution, for instance, are dynamically synced with our Vendor Portal supply chain solution instantaneously. No manual input, no mistakes.

  • Analytics
    Turn Your Business Data Into Business Insight...

  • Retailers are making data-driven decisions now more than ever. Today, customers are shopping in-store, online, through mobile apps and via social media. To stay ahead of multi-platform purchase behaviors and trends, successful omnichannel retailers are turning to their business analytics. After all, guesswork will likely get them nowhere.

    Think of Jesta’s Analytics Solution as your very own retail intelligence agency. Driven by Snowflake and Tableau, the wholly integrated tool collects and analyzes immense volumes of transactional and customer information from your multiplatform environments, then consolidates it into a holistic view of your global enterprise. Jesta’s analytics warehouse extracts nitty gritty, real-time data from multiple sources within its Vision Suite: Planning, Warehouse Management, Merchandising, Order Management, Point of Sale and more.

    The dashboards, reports and notifications are easy to use out of the box; alternatively you can build and customize your own. Your entire retail team will benefit from desktop and mobile functionality to adjust sales and marketing strategies as well as product road maps based on up-to-the-second store performance. Armed with this info, you’ll be able to make fully-informed decisions about actionable and repeatable processes to develop tailored buying experiences.