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Serving Fortune 1000 companies globally, – now part of Zebra Technologies – is rethinking the way retail and consumer products companies use AI to solve business problems, empowering them to digitally transform their businesses and achieve substantial business results. solutions optimize inventory decisions with demand intelligence. From planning through execution, companies predict, shape, and execute demand by connecting decisions, removing uncertainty, and doing more with less.

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  • Forecasting, Allocation & Replenishment
    Forecast omnichannel demand by sensing changing market conditions using AI and machine learning....

  • Omnichannel Allocation Optimization leverages’s Demand Intelligence platform for an omnichannel view of demand that helps retailers balance capacity, presentation, labor and financial KPI’s to achieve the optimal business outcomes. The solution guides the placement of inventory in the ideal location for store sales and online fulfillment via real-time demand sensing related to where the customer will likely buy. The dueling considerations of minimizing shipping costs while accommodating different levels of demand across online and store locations are optimized through a multifaceted approach that balances customer service levels, local demand variations, omnichannel demand behavior, future markdown liabilities, store capacity limitations and prevalence of returns. As a result, split ships and order zone hopping  are minimized, and capacity issues at the DC level due to sharp increases in customer order fulfillment can be mitigated. Finally, the Allocation solution can maximize inventory efficiency by improving sell-through and lowering the need for clearance season markdowns. 

    Replenishment is a workflow and automation solution that leverages the power of’s Demand Forecasting. As part of an integrated suite of capabilities, Replenishment helps retailers plan their store and warehouse inventories so they can serve their customers in the most profitable manner. The solution uses purpose built integrated modules designed to enable management of the replenishment process by exceptions, and it provides end-to-end visibility of the inventory across the network, enabling planners to make better and informed inventory decisions. Using intelligent segmentation capabilities, the solution defines personalized replenishment strategies for the appropriate products. Seamlessly integrated with AI-enabled forecasting and planning capabilities, Replenishment empowers retailers with a near-term sense of demand and supply signals so that they can respond to the changes and disruptions in the market in the most profitable manner.

  • Lifecycle Pricing with Markdown Optimization
    Intelligently price product throughout the season, maximizing profitability by making smart, granular decisions across all channels and locations....

  •’s Lifecycle Pricing solution is a simple-to-use price management tool advised by a highly sophisticated Demand Intelligence platform that understands the interplay of demand and pricing at a granular level through-out the multiple phases of a product’s lifecycle. At the outset of product selling, sales growth and margin are paramount, but as the lifecycle nears end-of-season, it gradually becomes more important to control the inventory levels to maximize over-all profit and ROI.  By combining a multiple-life-phase optimization approach with fast learning models of demand, Lifecycle Pricing can help steer in-season promotions or clearance markdowns to proactively manage inventory to meet overall lifecycle business goals.

    Markdown Optimization, an integral component of’s Lifecycle Pricing solution helps retailers increase margins and sell-through with cleaner seasonal transitions. It couples a forecast that incorporates all demand drivers across stores, online fulfillment and returns with a workflow that enables planners to focus on the SKUs by location where demand is predicted to be most variable.

  • Demand Forecasting & Planning
    Forecast and plan for consumer demand in every location, for every SKU, using AI and machine learning....

  •’s Demand Forecasting & Planning solution revolutionizes the demand planning process. With the world’s best forecast and AI embedded seamlessly into the UI, the solution expedites collaboration, decision making, and troubleshooting. As demand fluctuations become more the norm than the exception - due to the state of the economy, post-pandemic readjustment or even the additional purchasing options for the consumer like online and click & collect - retail planners need a solution that will expedite decisions via AI-driven recommendations for “no-touch” and “low-touch” areas, and ability to highlight the anomalies that require “high-touch” review. Demand Planning delivers this exception-driven efficiency for retail planners through a resolution management UI powered with visualizations, rapid drill down, tagging and easy overriding when the plan and forecast are at statistically significant odds. 

    As a result, Planners are able to work at scale across tens of thousands of existing and new categories, reducing their cycle time while fostering consensus with Sales and the rest of the organization. Demand Planning supports every stage of the Planning Cycle – from Pre-Cycle sense-checking and outlier correction to In-Cycle demand driver analysis to overrides and plan approval to Post-Cycle deep-dive analysis and performance review. With Demand Planning, Planners will feel palpable workload relief thanks to increased operational efficiencies and have room for more challenging tasks thanks to productivity gains.
  • Demand Modeling Studio
    A data science and machine learning platform pre-loaded with pipelines specific to Retail and CPG, built for both sophisticated and less technical experts, to accelerate time to value....

  • Demand Modeling Studio (DMS) is a no-code, data science and machine learning platform for building and deploying scalable machine learning and data pipelines. DMS democratizes the use of data science, bringing its value to an ever-larger audience of less technical experts. It offers a shorter time to value by empowering more people across the organization through the ease-of-use and no-code, drag-and-drop experience of the platform. Compared to industry-generic modeling tools, the time to value achieved with DMS is further accelerated by built-in, pre-canned solutions for common vertical or horizontal use cases specific to Retail and CPG companies. DMS is an end-to-end solution for building high quality, scalable machine learning and data pipelines as well as deploying, operationalizing, and monitoring pipelines in production.