KIOSK Information Systems

Louisville,  CO 
United States
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KIOSK Information Systems (KIOSK) is a global leader in self-service solutions, enabling retail organizations to digitally transform through automation platforms that are easy to use, adaptable, and supported by end-to-end Managed Services using IoT real-time remote monitoring. Schedule a meeting with our sales team at the show.

KIOSK delivers innovative, proven retail solutions for: 

KIOSK has 29+ years of experience helping Top 100 Retailers and Fortune 500 clients create and deploy automated retail solutions that increase sales and loyalty, improve operating / transaction costs, and enhance today’s customer experience. Visit our team at booth #5502 to connect with a retail consultant and learn about options based on your unique self-service deployment needs.


  • Self-Service Returns Kiosks
    KIOSK, in partnership with Doddle and Inmar, have created a market-ready Returns Kiosk to add customer convenience and drive in-store foot traffic. It provides an automated platform to free up retail associates and reduce returns overhead....

  • Deployed nationwide, this proven returns solution is a very unique and timely self-service option with enormous benefit to both consumers and Retailers.

    Automated Returns Kiosks enable Retailers to:

    • Drive substantial additional footfall into store, improving secondary sales opportunities. 
    • Reduce line time for customers, for added convenience and more time to shop
    • Increase insight via data capture into who is returning, what is coming back, and why
    • Reduce staff overhead and help resolve staffing shortages tied to over-the-counter returns
    • Reassure customers of return success with simple customer journey and digital receipts
    • Create positive brand associations: easy-to-use tech solves a frustrating problem

    Retail operators should also see this as an opportunity to drive footfall, better understand customer returns behavior, capture returns data, and streamline operations.

    To learn more, visit our KIOSK Self-Service Returns Kiosk Page.

  • Bill Payment Self-Service Solutions
    KIOSK Retail Bill Payment Solutions provide secure transactions in unattended settings (EMV compliant)....

  • KIOSK Bill Payment platforms reduce retail overhead costs and increase store revenues, enabling associates to focus on revenue-generating sales activities.  Few kiosk applications can compete with the ROI of a secure bill payment application that fully automates ongoing payment transactions.  Further, it provides reduced customer wait times and drives repeat in-store foot traffic.

    KIOSK platforms deliver secure, EMV and PCI DSS 3.2 compliant payments, reducing fraud liability with McAfee Security.  KIOSK provides a licensed bill payment flow with market-ready applications modules.  Flexible hardware models support integration of a full range of payment transaction components.  KIOSK provides proven platforms and turnkey managed services to facilitate the fastest and most secure path to market.

    To learn more, visit KIOSK’s Bill Payment Solution Page

  • Self Check-Out - Computer Vision & Traditional
    KIOSK self-checkout platforms make the retail check out process fast and easy....

  • With options for traditional barcode scanning and innovative new technologies like camera vision checkout, KIOSK has a self checkout solution for any retail application. Self checkout helps alleviate ongoing retail staffing shortages, and keeps lines short at checkout. Implementing self-checkout in convenience stores gives customers the grab-and-go experience they're looking for. Self checkout in specialty retail stores allows staff to focus on improving the customer experience on the floor. 
  • In Store Services - Cash to Card and Bitcoin ATM
    In-store services to drive store traffic and create additional revenue opportunities...

  • Cash to Card Kiosks

    As cash use has decreased during the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses have opted to do away with cash altogether. Cash-to-card kiosks enable cashless retail operations without losing business from cash preferred or cash dependant customers. Cash-to-card kiosks give customers the ability to deposit cash to a pre-paid debit card that can be used immediately anywhere debit cards are accepted. Retailers can add a cash-to-card kiosk as an additional in-store service or use it to become a cashless operation.

    Learn more about cash-to-card kiosks on our website. 

    Bitcoin ATM

    Although cryptocurrency can be bought and sold via an online exchange, it can take three days or more for transactions to settle. That means when selling cryptocurrency, sellers don't have immediate access to those funds. A Bitcoin ATM allows for instant settlement. In the case of a purchase, transactions are credited to a purchaser's wallet immediately and when bitcoin is sold, sellers walk away with cash in hand. For retailers, Bitcoin ATMs can drive in-store traffic and are a source of passive income. 

    Learn more about bitcoin ATMs on our website. 

  • Automated Online Order Pickup - iPickup Clip
    The iPickup Point system utilizing the iClip Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tracking tag is both a pick-to-light and put-to-light vision-based order fulfillment system augmented by audio guidance....

  • The iPickup Point system utilizing the iClip Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)  tracking tag is both a pick-to-light and put-to-light vision-based order fulfillment system augmented by audio guidance. It offers an intuitive way to quickly stage 100s of orders, pulled into the iPickup Point from the order management system, for a fast customer driven self-serve order pickup experience. The core processing of Position Imaging’s innovative tracking products are contained within the A1K, designed by Position Imaging in partnership with KIOSK. The A1K may be used in the full standalone configuration or the head unit can become a wall mount kiosk. In this way, the A1K serves both the retail Buy Online and Pick-up In Store (BOPIS) and Pick-Up/Drop-Off (PUDO) iPickup Point products, as well as the residential Smart Package Room.