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Kore.ai pioneered the creation and adoption of AI-native virtual assistants by enterprises 

across all industries and regions. Over the years, Kore.ai has emerged as the trusted advisor and preferred technology provider to automate conversational interactions for its Global 2000 customers.Kore.ai’s conversational AI product portfolio has and will continue to transform enterprises by delivering delightful customer and employee experiences with unmatched contextual intelligence.


  • Experience Optimization (XO) Platform
    Kore.ai's XO Platform is an enterprise-grade conversational AI platform that enables businesses to automate customer & employee interactions. We provide the tools to design, test, train, deploy, analyze and manage Intelligent Virtual Assistants, no-code.

  • XO Platform

    The Kore.ai experience optimization platform offers a no-code interface to design, build, test, deploy and manage AI-first Virtual Assistants and Process Assistants to automate front-office and back-office business interactions. Optimize customer and employee experiences alike with a variety of use cases.

    Key features:

    1. No-code Unified Platform:

    Ideal for business users to build and manage AI-first virtual assistants and process workflows without writing any code. CX and EX deployment capabilities support both internal or external facing use cases.

    2. Conversation Designer:

    The industry-first capability that offers a natural way to design conversational flows by simply feeding user-assistant conversations and automatically converts them into executable dialog tasks.

    3. ML + 2 NLP Engine:

    Platform’s multi-engine approach - Fundamental Meaning (FM), Machine Learning (ML) and Knowledge Graph (KG) engines accurately identify user intents and respond in appropriate natural conversation.

    4. Process Automation:

    Build multi-user, multi-step business workflows that can be conversationally triggered and intelligently operationalized.

    5. Omnichannel & Multilingual:

    The assistants built on the Kore.ai platform can seamlessly communicate on 35+ voice and digital channels in 100+ languages.

    6. Voice Capabilities:

    Infuse conversational capabilities on voice channels like IVR, Alexa and Google Assistant.

    7. Digital Skills:

    Deliver next-gen user experience with a rich blend of conversational and digital user interface components

  • SmartAssist
    AI-Native Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)...

  • SmartAssist

    SmartAssist is an end-to-end AI-native contact center as a service (CCaaS) that delivers the next generation of contact center experience to the enterprise. AI drives the customer experience, routing experience and agent experience from start to finish, an innovative AI-native approach. From automation to agent assistance to flexible deployment models, SmartAssist has everything you need to reimagine the contact center experience.

    Key Features

    1. Just Natural Speech:

    Instantly improve the customer experience by giving your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) the power to understand and respond in natural language in voice or chat.

    2. Automation: Intelligently automate, deflect to chat, or escalate to agents based on each unique use case through AI that understands the intents and sentiment of each customer.

    3. Virtual Assistant: Never make your customers wait for results again with an AI-first virtual assistant that can answer questions and execute requests.

    4. Empower Agents: Customer data and applications, session history and context, an agent virtual assistant, integrations and more are included in this workspace to optimize the agent experience.

    5. AgentAssist: Provide real-time AI-based agent assistance. Give agents real-time tips, next best action recommendations and empathetic response suggestions to drive speed and efficiency.

    6. AI-Native Supervisor Experience: Supervisors can view agent activity, completed interactions or even monitor and join live conversations. Glean insights, understand the incoming customer queue and identify opportunities to optimize performance.

    7. Flexible Deployment: Protect existing investments by deploying complementary SmartAssist components with your current solution or transform your contact center with the end-to-end AI-native solution.

    8. Omnichannel: Give customers the freedom to choose from 35+ channels to start a conversation and let them move freely across them while maintaining context. 

  • AgentAssist
    Real-time agent assistance with live conversational tasks and engagement....

  • AgentAssist

    AgentAssist is your agent’s personal intelligent virtual assistant. Freeing them to focus on delivering better, timely, personalized service and leaving transaction execution, information retrieval and other repetitive or time-consuming tasks to automation. AgentAssist uses AI to monitor the customer-agent conversation, to identify intents and sentiment – such as interest in solving a specific problem: buy and upsell opportunities and customer frustration – and to perform tasks and provide guidance to improve engagement. Agents also collaborate one-on-one with AgentAssist, asking questions or initiating tasks for AgentAssist to perform in parallel during live conversations with customers.

    Key Features

    1. Detects Intent: 

    AgentAssist, powered by Kore.ai’s market-leading conversational AI platform, monitors the conversation and detects customer intent.

    2. Suggests Responses:

    Suggests preset responses and automation for any intent detected. The agent has the option to select which to run and to pause and resume at will.

    3. Performs Tasks/Executes Transactions:

    Automates tasks and fulfillment for agents during the conversation such as balance transfer, book appointments, schedule field service, change travel, update policy, gather customer information and find and retrieve information from multiple systems.

    4. Detects and Conveys Customer Sentiment:

    Informs live agents by analyzing the sentiment of customers and provides agents with ability to personalize conversations with timely empathetic response suggestions for better customer and agent experiences.

    5. Automates Post-Call Wrap Up: Automates summary of conversations for live agents to edit and submit for more accurate and efficient call wrap up and record keeping of conversations in CRM or other systems of record.

    Conversations are automatically summarized for agents for review and editing, saving valuable time in post-call processing, aiding in compliance, and increasing agent and overall contact center efficiency

  • SearchAssist
    SearchAssist is the AI-powered search assistant that blends cognitive and conversational powers...

  • SearchAssist enhances and streamlines digital search experiences with an intuitive, intelligent platform.

    Key features:

    1. Search and Chat combined in a single search experience eliminates the need to navigate multiple screens and apps

    2. Knowledge AI transforms unstructured and structured data into actionable, identifiable Q&As.

    3. No-code interface and Workbench democratize development, empowering business users to build and refine experiences without IT engagement


    1. Personalize Customer Conversations

    Improve your customer engagement and satisfaction with personalized search results. Surface relevant information from across your enterprise within an intuitive, centralized platform.

    2. Automate the Sales Motion

    Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning automate customer engagements and drive sales. Create up- and cross-sales opportunities while reducing the time and resources required to support your sales motion.

    3. Connect All Your Data

    Connect and standardize data from all your enterprise sources and formats into a single SearchAssist interface. Unify your customer experiences with quick querying and analysis.

    4. Speed Time-to-Market

    Intuitive search setup and configuration empower business users to optimize search experiences. Get your virtual search assistant in-market faster.

  • IT & HR Assist
    IT Assist is a pre-trained, purpose-built Virtual Assistant for acts as a force multiplier for your staff and improves employees’ productivity and satisfaction levels.

    HR Assist is a pre-trained virtual HR Assistant for employees....

  • IT Assist is a pre-trained, purpose-built Virtual Assistant for acts as a force multiplier for your staff and improves employees’ productivity and satisfaction levels.

    Key Features: 

    1. Unified Platform approach provides rich, fast and easy-to-use IT support solutions for high-urgency, low complexity tasks

    2. Inbuilt ticketing system integrated with AI-powered virtual assistant delivers a fluid, conversational experience

    3. Knowledge Extraction and Ontology Graphs transforms structured and unstructured data into powerful knowledge bases, zero coding required

    4. Omnichannel support within a single point of contact for IT self-service with seamless connectivity across channels

    5. NLP+3 with Intelligent Context Management empowers business users to customize responses by channel, language, location and title

    HR Assist is a pre-trained virtual HR Assistant for employees that acts as a force multiplier for your staff.

    Key Features:

    1. Employee Services Management

    Centralize information access and support functions with a single, universal bot that unifies the search experience.

    2. Applicant Assistance

    Decrease recruitment sourcing and screening burdens with automated candidate workflows that speed hiring and onboarding processes.

    3. Custom Workflows Streamline the complex, the mundane and everything in between with automated administrative support processes, including multi-user and multi-level workflows.