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Since 2011, ChargeItSpot®  has been manufacturing intelligent kiosk solutions that solve real-world problems around mobile device charging, security, and large-scale device management.

Our thoughtfully-designed systems have been used by over 16 million people worldwide and in 2021, ChargeItSpot launched ARC™, a modular self-service kiosk that allows employees to check out a handheld device any time of the day.

From a recent case study, ARC helped an online fulfillment center achieve a 99% reduction in device shrink, a 97% reduction in time spent on device oversight, an 82% reduction in time spent on employees picking up and returning devices, and a 67% reduction in device swap out time. 

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 Press Releases

  • PHILADELPHIA, January, 2022— ChargeItSpot, the leading provider of cell phone charging stations for retailers, hospitals, stadiums, and other public venues, has launched ARC™— a centralized mobile device management kiosk that helps businesses reclaim control of enterprise devices.

    From retail to warehousing to logistics, an increasing number of industries rely on handheld mobile devices to optimize their efficiency and boost productivity. However, solutions to effectively manage these devices have remained shockingly scant. With some businesses stocking hundreds of devices but no systematic way to manage them, new problems have emerged: lost or stolen devices, wasted employee and manager time, suboptimal device functionality, and needless overstock.

    ChargeItSpot uncovered the severity of these problems through interviews with those who face them every day. “Multiple people would use any given device which resulted in devices not being charged completely, leading to down time, swaps, lost and broken devices with no one being notified, and scanners getting unpaired,” said Christopher Sterling, fulfillment center manager at Comoto Holdings, an ARC™ client.

    “A team lead spends a good portion of their day messing with these devices as opposed to doing anything else more productive” said Sterling.

    Evidence from ARC™ clients suggests that inefficient mobile device management results in 20% annual device shrink, wasted payroll hours spent checking devices in and out (1,000+ payroll hours per year, per location), reduced productivity due to non-functioning or uncharged devices, difficulty identifying, reporting, and replacement of damaged devices, and significant device overstocking to serve as “backups.” ChargeItSpot created ARC™ to solve all of these issues.

    “We wanted to develop an intuitive, self-service mobile device management solution that would allow employees to easily check out devices without any manager oversight.” said Doug Baldasare, Founder & CEO of ChargeItSpot.

    The ARC™ mobile device management system consists of a self-service touchscreen kiosk with expandable modular locker banks and a reporting & management platform. ARC™ is designed to release the device— be it a smartphone, tablet, or handheld computer— with the most charge, alert managers when a device has not been returned, and allow team members to indicate device damage at the end of their shift.

    "ARC™ also collects data along the way— boosting accountability, reducing shrink, and getting faulty devices out of circulation for repair,” said Michael Weinberg, Sr. Director of Product & Business Analytics at ChargeItSpot.

    In a case study conducted at Comoto Holdings, ARC™’s effects were felt in only a matter of weeks. Manager time spent on routine device oversight dropped by 97%, employee time spent checking devices in/out was reduced by 82%, time spent swapping out faulty or dying devices fell by 67%, and device shrink was eliminated.

    “These results are exactly what we were hoping to see. The accountability that ARC™ delivers finally gives us the confidence to invest in higher performance devices, and that investment is going to unlock even more productivity gains for our team.” said Sterling.

    ChargeItSpot was equally excited by the outcome and sees these results as a strong testament to ARC’s efficacy. “It’s incredible to see the impact that ARC™ is already having,” said CEO Doug Baldasare. “We’re helping solve a painful, long-standing problem for our partners at a time when minimizing friction in retail and warehouse environments is of the utmost importance. We’re proud to bring this mobile device management solution to market.”

    Founded in 2011, ChargeItSpot® has revolutionized the world of mobile device management, charging, and security. Our intelligent, locker-based kiosk solutions are thoughtfully designed to empower businesses and consumers alike. The ChargeItSpot® kiosk elevates the in-store mobile experience by providing free & secure phone charging for consumers. In return, businesses and venues drive engagement, increase dwell time / purchase amount, and capture valuable marketing data.

    In 2022, ChargeItSpot® launched ARC™, a centralized device management kiosk for securing, charging, and monitoring employee devices in warehouses and retail stores. ARC(™) not only minimizes device theft/loss and saves employee and manager time, but also boosts operational efficiency by ensuring only optimally-functioning handheld devices are in circulation.

    ChargeItSpot is constantly innovating and dedicated to empowering people to focus on what matters most. The company is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. To learn more, visit and

  • ChargeItSpotARC, in collaboration with Design 1st,  has been awarded the 2022 Bronze A' Design Award in the Office and Business Appliance Design Category. This prestigious award highlights designers, innovators and companies from across the globe that achieve an exemplary level of excellence in design.  

    ARC™, a centralized device management kiosk and software platform, helps companies maximize handheld mobile device availability and reliability while minimizing issues like shrink and downtime. ARC was officially unveiled at the MODEX Supply Chain and Automation Show in Atlanta, Georgia, in March of 2022.  

    The ARC platform was conceptualized by ChargeItSpot, leveraging their expertise in mobile device management to combat the need for systems that charge and manage employee devices. While ChargeItSpot developed the software and cloud-based platform in-house, they brought on Ottawa-based product design company Design 1st to design the physical kiosk and aesthetics that earned the award.

    "The talented Design 1st team of industrial designers and electrical and mechanical engineers was instrumental in translating our vision into a reality," said Sheri Tate, SVP of Product Strategy at ChargeItSpot. Both companies iterated on design concepts—including the shape of the housing, locker doors, indicator lighting and use of color— to achieve the desired branded look and feel. The final product design has been met with great enthusiasm from clients in retail, warehousing and hospital sectors.  

    "We are thrilled to receive this honor from the A' Design Award Judging panel in partnership with our client ARC," says Kevin Bailey, CEO of Design 1st. "This prestigious and influential design accolade is a result of two teams delivering on an ambitious nine-month accelerated timeline. Human-centered design and solid engineering principles, including rigorous testing, are at the core of the work that we do, and we look forward to further collaboration with ChargeItSpot as they expand their presence into the enterprise device management market."

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    About ARC

    In 2022, ChargeItSpot® launched ARC™, a centralized device management kiosk for managing employee devices in warehouses and retail stores. ARC not only minimizes device loss and saves employee and manager time, but also boosts operational efficiency by ensuring only optimally-functioning handheld devices are in circulation.

    About Design 1st 

    Design 1st is one of the most trusted full-service product design firms across North America, with a seasoned team consisting of diverse technical expertise, over 1,000 products developed, and 130 client patents secured. From Startup to Enterprise, Design 1st enables companies to quickly scale capabilities throughout their new product development programs by leveraging core competencies in human behavior, industrial design, mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, embedded firmware, and manufacturing setup. Design 1st's experienced team has helped clients transform their physical ideas into commercialized hard-goods products across a variety of industries and influenced millions of people globally.

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  • ARC (Asset Recharge Center)
    ARC™ is a centralized device management kiosk and software system that solves the challenges of managing employee devices. The fully-automated solution will store, secure and charge the devices you rely on most....

  • ARC’s intelligent software and fully-automated user interface streamlines operations so your organization can focus on what matters. The self-service kiosk allows employees and managers to check devices in and out using a unique identification number/QR code with no need for administrative oversight. ARC helps organizations reduce: shrink, loss of productivity, cyber security threats, and wasted payroll time. The system will automatically remove faulty devices out of circulation so they can be swapped for functioning ones.  From a recent client case study, ARC has helped the client achieve: a 99% reduction in device shrink, 97% reduction in time spent on device oversight, an 82% reduction in time spent on employees picking up and returning devices, and a 67% reduction in device swap out time. The fully customizable reporting is tailored to client’s preferred KPIs allowing managers to monitor device trends and overdue assets effortlessly.