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Are you struggling to gain control of your retail business? We’ve seen this many times in our 35+ years of working with midsized retailers, and we can confidently tell you: you're not at fault. It's your technology.

With our all-in-one suite of multichannel ERP and POS solutions, you get the complete picture of your entire retail chain – from your head office to your warehouse – and know exactly what’s happening at any given moment across all your locations. That way, you can manage your business in its entirety, not just individual bits and pieces.

Why us? Because we mix and match our solutions to fit your exact needs. Available 24/7, our support team consists of industry experts who know how to help you. They'll set you up and will be there for you whenever you need them after the fact.

So, if you’re tired of running your retail business using systems that can’t handle your growth and specific needs, consider Magstar's retail management solutions.


  • Magstar Total Retail
    This all-in-one system provides you with everything you need to run your business, serving as the technological backbone of your operations and growing with you as you expand....

  • Magstar Total Retail is an all-in-one omnichannel system that provides you with everything you need to run your business:

    • Head Office Operation: Manage and collect information from your various locations using daily automated updates.
    • Perpetual Accounting: Magstar’s accounting solution is comprised of Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and a comprehensive General Ledger.
    • POS and Store Management: Offer your customers the most up-to-date point-of-sale hardware and software solutions available.
    • Warehouse and Supply Chain Management: Distribution becomes smarter with the centralized data that Magstar Total Retail collects about sales and inventory at each of your locations.
    • Customer Relationship Management: Automatically gather customer data to improve the quality of your interactions with them.
    • Business Intelligence: Gain access to detailed information about the performance of your stores by documenting and analyzing their various functions.
  • Total Point of Sale (POS)
    Offer exceptional customer service by supporting your staff to provide customers with accurate product information and make targeted cross-sell recommendations....

  • The Magstar Total POS solution combines the best in hardware and the best in software to upgrade your stores with better business efficiencies and seamless omnichannel experiences for your customers.

    • Efficient age verification
    • Customer information capture for CRM and stock returns
    • Scanning of product bar codes, coupons and reward program redemptions

    We have an established partnership with many financial institutions, payment processors and technology partners.

    Whether you plan to keep your existing infrastructure or upgrade to new hardware, benefit from up-to-date standards and practices and easily integrate with Total POS.

  • Total Mobile Solutions
    Empower your staff to handle traditional POS, store management and warehouse/DC functions on the go, with the option to accept customer payments from anywhere....

  • In today’s retail environment, being tethered to a register or a pen-and-paper system is a serious disadvantage. Step into the future with Magstar’s comprehensive portfolio of mobile solutions, all of which can be built into a package with our core software solutions to support your business needs:

    • Mobile POS
    • Store Management
    • Warehouse/DC Management

    Magstar’s mobile hardware, supplied by our established technology partners, operates in a real-time environment. What you and your employees see on your mobile devices is always up-to-date and accurate, pulling from the same database.

  • Total Warehouse
    Employ exceptional warehouse management utilities for all aspects of warehousing: receiving, stock-keeping and order fulfillment. If you want, you can manage your warehouse through a mobile device, ensuring you’re never tied to your desk....

  • By running multiple warehouses on the same database, you can improve efficiencies through consolidation, combining goods from multiple shipping pallets into single pallets.

    No piece of information generated by your stores is wasted: it provides the insight you need to distribute the right products to the right locations at the right time, increasing revenue.

    Here's what it allows you to do:

    • Accurately track and distribute products
    • Shorten order fulfillment times
    • Manage receiving, stock keeping and order fulfillment
    • Turn cross-dock orders around efficiently
    • Manage put-away inventory with bin location management
    • Reduce inventory investment by improving order fulfillment ratios
    • Reduce overall costs and minimize clerical errors by eliminating paper usage
  • Total Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    Target market customers based on customer-specific interests and marketing program selection....

  • Gather valuable information about your customers by utilizing a combination of automatic and customer-driven processes, collecting data like phone numbers, addresses, purchase history, lifetime value and favoured products.

    Magstar’s consolidated CRM provides everyone in your business with instant access to all pertinent customer information so employees can make each interaction more personal and productive.